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A star in the night 5 stars by Bert_IT64 Sep 04, 2008
When we are lost into the night of the crap formatting that move around with our clipboard data, there is the light of Hovtext, to save us from the dark continuos search for the crippled function "paste special", or form pasting forth and back to the notepad to have clean things. :-) It stays quiet in the tray, removes silently all formatting only when YOU wants. Saves from office quirks, avoiding all these search for the crippled "paste special" funct, or bridging copy-paste by notepad. Easy config, full install or exe only. Open source, safe as it doesn't trigger VirusTotal or Jotti scans. You can change behavior easily. Very wonderful, you might prefer to use configurable shortcut to disable it when working in same M$ app and enable it when pasting cross-app. Ui clear and easy, help good, site working, feedback working. Ui icon bad, but easy configurable. Good wonderful piece!!! The star that save us when sailing in the dark of the M$ excessive features. show Review details
This is perfect 5 stars by pcs800 Jun 08, 2006 (Read all my 222 reviews)
I work for a company where I update a website frequently. Most departments send me their updates in word.doc format, so I have to copy the text, paste into notepad to get rid of the formatting, copy again and paste to the web page. Obviously this app takes out a few steps for me. Great little green box to have in your clocks corner if you do web editing or anything else that takes copy/paste from one doc type to another. show Review details
Hovtext should be standard on all computers 5 stars by leland Jan 16, 2006 (Read all my 3 reviews)
In this world where so many people use special formatting, it is nice to have a handy little program like Hovtext to remove this formatting. It can be quite aggravating to paste some text into a document and have it change your formatting, but with Hovtext, that problem is gone forever. It is very easy to install and use and I have never found it to cause any problems. One of my favorite little freeware utilities. show Review details
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