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Application in publishing scientific work 5 stars by laszlo.orloci83 Apr 13, 2016
CaptureWis is a God sent, as it were, to assist in creating complex scientific manuscripts for publication, and in everyday work too, of a scientist. Congratulations CaptureWiz! show Review details
Magnificent ! 5 stars by stevestafford111 Feb 28, 2016
I have never been so happy to finally find a software that is user friendly in recording videos, ease of adjusting audio and frame speed as well as conversion to other formats....BRAVO ! show Review details
Great little utility 5 stars by jim.bullard868 Jul 03, 2015
I use this almost daily, often multiple times a day. show Review details
Favourite program 5 stars by amba757 Feb 05, 2014
I could not live without this program, use it every day, and the support if you need any is second to none. show Review details
An out of common program. 5 stars by oflodor896 Nov 23, 2013
I had always wanted to have a program that could catch still images from a video AND THE VIDEO ITSELF. CapWizPro does this and much more with a very friendly and elegant interface. A FIVE STARS PROGRAM without any doubt !!! show Review details
CaptureWiz is brilliant ! 5 stars by martinjnmcdonagh628 Jul 03, 2013
I have used CaptureWiz for several years. It is one of the few applications which really does what it says and is invaluable for anyone wanting to record pictures, video or audio from the world wide web. It is very easy to use and is worth every penny you spend on it. show Review details
Excellent value 5 stars by lendertim217 Jan 05, 2013
I've been a fan of Capturewiz since 2001 on my old 386. It does what it advertises and does it simply. It amazes me how easy the program is to use. When I want to capture a screen shot and print or email, it's done. Nice. show Review details
Excellent tool -- use it every day! 5 stars by tkelley205 Nov 09, 2012
I have not found a tool like this that can compete. It is well worth the price! Try it and you will be hooked. show Review details
Good program! 4 stars by librarianman Oct 28, 2009 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Well designed tool. Highly recommended. A great deal! show Review details
Capturewiz is a winner 5 stars by klawmas Jul 09, 2009
I've used Capturewiz for the past two years and find it very efficient, productive and simple to use. The best screen capture program I know of. When Capturewiz offers an update I immediately get it. Latest release is 4.10 which offers even more great features and usability. show Review details
Superb 5 stars by StanMoffat Jul 07, 2009
Great quality, easy to use, user friendly, absolute top drawer product. I have used this software since it was first on the web, and it is the very best out, plus the support side is second to none! show Review details
Not the easiest to use, but a darn good app 4 stars by pcs800 Jan 16, 2008 (Read all my 222 reviews)
I have 3 others I use regularly. this one I mostly use to capture myspace video as it plays. The interface is sort of confusing if you are not used to it, there are multiple screens to this app and each one has different sections. for example, the help screen on one window shows something different than the help screen in the configuration window. But I did like it enough to buy it, so there you go. I still use mwsnap for instant screen shots that save automatically. show Review details
The best of the rest. 5 stars by yassertariq Dec 04, 2007 (Read all my 90 reviews)
I have tested a number of screen-capturing utilities but this is the one to which I revert again and again. It can also capture screen action to video file (AVI). I wish it had a freehand capturing tool too. This is the niftiest of them all. Go for it, you would not regret. show Review details
You may not know what you are missing 5 stars by Ruarke Nov 30, 2007 (Read all my 6 reviews)
I used to just use the Print Screen button and paste it and edit it in Paint Shop Pro. This software is amazing. It does things I didn't ever even think possible like automatically scrolling down and capturing lists or web pages that I would have copied and pasted together manually. Clicking on a window and sending it directly to a printer is another one of my favorites. Features like these, and some I probably haven't even discovered yet, are why I registered this after the trial. Give it a try, you may not know what you are missing. show Review details
I now rely on it 5 stars by Flowta Aug 12, 2006 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Used for 12 months. Very handy utility, especially if you do any transacting on the web. Receipts, transactions, or just screenshots I need to send on, all are easily managed using this tool. Strongly recommended. show Review details
Best screen capture program 5 stars by Gunslinger Jun 20, 2006
This is the best screen capture program I've ever used. The setup is easy. The tutorial walks you through all the components of the program and does it very nicely. A child could use this program with ease. The user interface is very simple to use. I like the idea that it can always be open and hidden until you need it. show Review details
Definitely a must have! 5 stars by TheConsigliere Feb 26, 2006 (Read all my 7 reviews)
I have been playing around with numerous screen capture programs until now. I read the reviews on this program and was a little skeptical. After about two days experimenting with its capabilities I was completely impressed. There will be no more searching for any other program such as this. This program is worth it at twice the price. It does everything as advertised and more. If you do tutorials as I do and sometimes just text explanations do not cut it, I highly recommend this program to anyone who does any type of screen capture. show Review details
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