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Powerful and fast converter 5 stars by robertnaab12566 Apr 24, 2012
I use the Pro version - it is one of the most comprehensive, powerful and easy to use conversion software I have found. Converts any video files for my MP4 player, and it does it all at a pretty decent speed. It also has a pretty nice feature of where I can just let the program run its course with a long list, and having the program shut the computer down when it's done converting. show Review details
Good quality for Media Center file conversion 5 stars by StephenFitzgerald Nov 19, 2011
Digital Media Converter Pro works well with my Media Center files. Tech support is responsive and offers excellent advice on the best settings to use for the best quality output. DVR-MS and WTV to AVI looks good if you use the settings provided by support persons. show Review details
Extremely convenient 3 stars by rasongrak Feb 10, 2009
I do web design work and I produce videos for websites. Recently, I purchased Digital Media Converter and this product has flawlessly converted all files that I have received from customers, including DVD's, and Media Center PC files into perfect web-ready WMV's. The big plus is that you can convert all the formats from a single program and do all different formats in a batch operation - extremely convenient. The extensive list of built-in profiles make great quality videos and save a lot of time of trial and error. show Review details
Poor quality in converting dvr-ms files 2 stars by JimGordon Nov 11, 2005
My kids record a lot of TV programs on our Windows Media Center PC. The programs are recorded in DVR-MS format. One hour is usually about 3 gigs. I bought this program hoping that it would be the solution for converting the DVR-MS files to AVI - which I hoped would result in a significant space savings. It would be a misnomer to say the program works. It does convert a 3GB DVR-MS one hour show to a 2GB AVI file, but the quality is way to poor to watch. Bottom line - it shrinks the file only by 30% or so and the converted file is too low quality to watch. I guess I'll try Powercompress next, but there aren't too many options for converting DVR-MS to AVI yet. I can NOT recommend this program if you're looking for a solution to convert DVR-MS files. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Nov 23, 2005: AVI files use compressors to reduce file size. Selecting a different AVI compressor would have allowed to reduce the file size significantly. I should also point out that converting to other formats such as Windows Media Video gives good quality at extremely small file sizes and is fast becoming the most popular choice for e-mailing video content, posting videos on a website, and as a format for permanent storage on a PC for later viewing. More information is available in the following article:
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