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It's great 5 stars by gimpguy Aug 28, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I have to say, AM-Notebook is pretty neat. What I liked was the spreadsheet ability, that was different. It's not up there with Efficientpim but it's still an excellent software and should be plenty for what most people need in one great package. AM seems to have some very good software. show Review details
Awesome 5 stars by ruthless Sep 06, 2011 (Read all my 39 reviews)
After many desktop note programs, I finally found this one, it's way above the rest. There is so much to this, notes, to do lists, calender contacts, alarms and much more. For me the best thing about the program is that I can put images in my notes, you cant do that in word! I can not fault it, and use it every day for something. Get it! You too will be amazed. show Review details
Consolidates notes! 5 stars by fractured Sep 19, 2007 (Read all my 3 reviews)
This program is excellent if you have a folder full of little text documents you need organized. show Review details
Unobtrusive, productivity-centered 5 stars by TwoEars Feb 03, 2007 (Read all my 26 reviews)
Back-up/restore and spreadsheet notes are among the chief features here. Nothing fancy, just plain productivity. You will soon buy the pro version which enable hierarchical notes tree. show Review details
Excellent and free 5 stars by kebler Mar 12, 2006 (Read all my 5 reviews)
This is an excellent little utility, simplicity itself both to use and install. I had previously used Handy Notes to jot down information from web sites and to make memos, but the print-outs from that program were often garbled. AM-Notebook Lite gives excellent print-outs (you can even adjust margins)and it has the additional bonus of a left hand column that automatically lists all your notes in alphabetical order so that any note can be accessed immediately.(You are asked to provide a title for each new page). The working surface, which can be moved anywhere, is large enough not to be cramped, but small enough to leave plenty of the main screen free. I have found it an indispensable tool and it's a freebie! show Review details
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