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Excellent product of its kind 5 stars by bhsumida Oct 26, 2009
This application is far superior to the Windows uninstall. It will remove files, folders and registry items that windows would have left behind. The uninstall procedure is a two pass process. The first pass calls the an application's provided uninstall routine. After this pass Total uninstall resumes the clean up process. I have used this program to uninstall more than 50 programs and have not experienced any problems. I recently ran an image restore (Image for Windows) and found that Total uninstall was broken. I emailed the author, who responded within minutes and helped me to fix the problem in 20 minutes. Great product; great service. I highly recommend this software. It's well worth the $29 price. show Review details
The best! 5 stars by PaleMoon Aug 27, 2007
I had been looking for an Uninstall Install program that would show the registry changes and then be able to install it and then uninstall any program and leave behind no details of the install or the program. TOTAL UNINSTALL does all of that and it is totally AWESOME!! Get this program you won't be sorry it is worth every penny you spend!!! show Review details
Very good, but not 'total' 3 stars by Toulinwoek Jul 21, 2006 (Read all my 2 reviews)
This is a very good program, but it often does not actually remove EVERYTHING an installed app does. To test it, I used TU to install an app. Then I uninstalled it using TU (plus, I had to manually remove some folders). When I installed that same app again, it "remembered" such things as the install location and some other settings. How could this be if TU really 'TOTALLY' uninstalled it? Apparently, it left something behind. Also, as you have more programs, the scan time increases; at one point it was taking over 15 minutes to create the snapshot, which I found a serious barrier to continued use of TU. If you don't have a lot of programs, or if 100% removal of installed apps is not an issue, then TU is an excellent choice. But I install and test some 20-30 programs a month, and for me, it's only 'almost' total. show Review details
Excellent installation monitor 5 stars by ctwist Jul 01, 2005
I previously used the freeware v2.34, but v3.32 is far superior (much better interface, much faster), and is well worth the purchase cost. I use it mainly to verify that an installation did not damage anything. Frequently a badly written installation program will replace shared files with older versions, or add duplicate files (e.g. search your hard drive for mfc42.dll), or mess up some registry entries, or install unneeded components (e.g. language files). After an installation, I always read through the Total Uninstall log, and for about 30% of the installations I find something that needs to be fixed manually. I have used its logs to trace the source of a DLL that is problematic; this can identify software that should be removed to improve the PC's stability. On the few occasions that I have run the uninstaller, it has worked flawlessly, and has often removed additional components that were missed by the application's built-in uninstaller. show Review details
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