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Eh.... 3 stars by gimpguy Aug 25, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
At it's core, I see what they are trying to accomplish here and it's not half bad. I agree there should be some settings backup in place here. The program is nice to set custom items and quickly browses through programs and system options, however, do not hit the system options or right click and choose open, thinking you will get options like hibernate because it will simply put your computer into hibernate. It's alright for some custom settings but really, I don't care for it and find it to be just another program I don't need running, but that's my opinion, others may find this useful, can't hurt to try. show Review details
No back-up 2 stars by TwoEars Aug 28, 2006 (Read all my 26 reviews)
Couldn't find any back-up menu neither in the program neither described in the help file. Since I re-install my computer from scratch every year or so, for me JetStart is a no if I cannot re-import my settings from a back-up file. Beside that, it lacks elementary options such as the ability to choose the lapse before visibility for the edge menus. Since it is supposed to be a productivity tool, edge menus should pop much quicker than they currently do. show Review details
Jetstart 3 stars by Everard Dec 02, 2005
This seems very good but does not have a help file. Keep getting a prompt on start up about hotkeys not registered???? Could'nt use its UNINSTALL as it said "Jetstart was running" all the time?? Only way to get rid of it was to do a System Restore. Definitely needs a helpfile. show Review details
Nice little utility 4 stars by KenWeinkauf Oct 27, 2005
Easy to use. Easy to install. It found *all* of my programs and helped me to categorize them. Also, remembers the programs you have used recently. The pro version does more, but the freeware version is adequate. You are limited to four categories to put your shortcuts, but they cover just about anyone's needs. Tools, Internet, Office, and Other. There is also a hotkey function that is user programmable. I have not made use of it yet. Nice to have shutdown, restart and logoff buttons as well. All in all, a useful product worth downloading. show Review details
Pointless? 2 stars by Rodger Oct 27, 2005 (Read all my 99 reviews)
It does work well but why use it? No help file included and besides - [..] is much more friendly and easy to use , am I missing something here?? show Review details
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