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Excellent cd-to-cd feature! 5 stars by kathy025 Jan 09, 2014 (Read all my 17 reviews)
ISO Recorder can easily perform a direct (on-the-fly) disc-to-disc copy using a single optical drive. (1) Mount source disc, (2) let ISO create a temporary image file, (3) remove source discmount blank disc, and (4) let ISO Recorder burn the temporary image file. This very light program integrates so seamlessly, you would not even notice it is there. Simply right-click on your optical drive and you will see the options it offers (which also includes creating an image from the inserted disc). Surely it does not have features like other ISO giants have, but ISO Recorder is definitely great for those quick CD-to-CD copies. I mainly installed it for that purpose. All in all a good program to keep. show Review details
Not bad for basic 3 stars by gimpguy Apr 22, 2009 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Well, to start, yes, it's a basic iso writer that integrates well. For users who want a very basic iso writer, this could work. However, I still like Imgburn best and was still much faster at ISO burning than ISO recorder by a few min which isn't that big a deal, but to some it may be. Imgburn is just as easy to use, open, select image, burn and for advanced users it has a TON more options. To me, ISO Recorder isn't really any easier to use but may save a click or two. So if looking for something easy that will just burn ISO, it's good, not as quick as others, but good. That said,one issue was not being able to remove the ISO Recorder associations after install no matter what I did. Any time I accessed an ISO for any reason, I would get an error and couldn't use the ISO to even burn or open in ISO buster. I solved it "somehow" and all is well. Still a decent free ISO burner. show Review details
Easy to use, but there is a bug... 4 stars by Muad`Dib Apr 19, 2009 (Read all my 6 reviews)
There is a bug that users should be aware of: If you try to burn to a CD that's too small (i.e. using a 650mb CD, when you need a 700mb), ISO Recorder will falsely tell you the CD is burned without displaying an error message (though in my case, the burn happened VERY quickly - in under 3 minutes - so I was already suspicious. Therefore I wasn't surprised when I couldn't create a new ISO from the CD (but this was the first time I had used the program, so I didn't know quite what to expect)). Many other programs that burn discs from ISO files (I use AShampoo Burning Studio), warn you BEFORE burning that the capacity is too small. Yes the program is very easy to use, but make sure the disc can hold the files, or at least make sure you can access the files properly from the CD before you erase the source ISO file. And if anything strange happens (very fast burning, strange disc capacities, etc.) be suspicious and try another program or a bigger CD! show Review details
Great, got the job done. 5 stars by Diatonic_Muttley Aug 15, 2008
I had to burn an ISO file to CD. I tried a couple of burners one even got 5 stars but it didnt do the job for me, so I tried ISO Recorder. Yes it's basic, but it does the job its designed to do, and that is all that matters. If all you want to do is burn an ISO occasionaly then this is the one to get, simple dependable click and go. show Review details
Simplicity at it`s finest! 5 stars by btk1w1 Feb 19, 2008 (Read all my 5 reviews)
This software, if I were to make a comparison is what Foxit pdf reader is to Acrobat! Right click the .ISO file and select this wonderful little utility to open with and you're off and running... it's that easy! I challenge the software developer to make it any easier! *tongue in cheek* I'm impressed, it's just sad that I had to trial some bloatware before I found this, but it was worth it and it's the only one I'm sticking with. For all the Vista users out there I am currently running this on Vista Ultimate and have not encountered any hiccups whatsoever! Thankyou Alex Feinman you have done a wonderful job!... Cheers show Review details
This truly is for dummies... 5 stars by HandyTech Aug 15, 2007
I couldn't have found a better solution to this problem. Why can't every software developer make it this easy? It does exactly what it says, it's just that simple. show Review details
My mother can use it.... 5 stars by sweden Apr 08, 2007 (Read all my 7 reviews)
This program do that the say its doing. My mother can use this if u need to burn iso much. show Review details
No gimmicks 4 stars by point4zero Apr 17, 2006
Very simple and straight forward. Does what it was meant to do. Exactly what I've been looking for. show Review details
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