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Outstanding font utility 5 stars by DoogieH Sep 08, 2011
This program does precisely what I needed it to. I have hundreds of fonts, and I wanted to print out a sample of each font; that way I would be able to leaf through a few pages to see how each font looks, when I'm trying to choose one for a project. Also, I have hundreds more fonts that are not installed on the computer (they just live on a DVD right now). This program had no problem finding and loading them almost instantly. I looked at some of the big commercial font managers, and was amazed at their prices. This program does precisely what I needed, so the expensive programs can't be better; at best they can be equal. But this one is free. I used it in Vista (64-bit version). The file is tiny and there is no installation required. This program really couldn't be better. show Review details
Good viewer 4 stars by gimpguy Jul 28, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
With risk of being redundant, has a good set of filters, lightweight, plenty of options and does what it's intended to do. If you want something a bit more, look elsewhere but for most font viewing needs, this will work wonderfully. show Review details
Nice filters - no registry mods 4 stars by RobOppen Jun 12, 2009
Dp4 has filters that let you view sub sets of fonts, such as: only monospaced, by serif type, bold, condensed, etc. Very helpful. You can download a zipped version that does not need an install. Very small program. I like it. Could have more display options (like show all the font samples at once), but hey, its free. show Review details
Small footprint (green) program 4 stars by FreeWareUser Jul 19, 2007 (Read all my 2 reviews)
- Small footprint, very compact program but Very Powerful!! It's a computer resource-saving GREEN program. - It SHOULD come with a scrollable window/page.... displaying all fonts found in a directory on a one font per line display basis with font name and sample fonts taken from the font file. It makes life much easier for the end-user/designer to compare and choose fonts. - It should also have optional window displaying pertinent font info that comes with the font set as end user may want to chat with font designer. -this program can clearly view a lot of the graphic fonts and foreign language fonts which cannot be read by programs that come with a price tag. (Just make good use of the options of the program ) - this (caterpillar) program should eventually evolve into a beautiful butterfly. -Keep up the good work ! show Review details
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