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Best freebie I found. 5 stars by Chesto Nov 10, 2011
So while transferring someones data to a new PC I accidentally deleted there .PST file for their outlook. Six programs and two hours later I find Pandora Recovery. It was the only one that found the lost .PST file. I now have this program on a flash drive. I imagine it will save some data on many occasions. show Review details
Did everything I hoped. 5 stars by KTFaye May 20, 2011
One of my PST files just completely disappeared (I hadn't deleted it, something glitched on my pc). I tried two other recovery software before Pandora and neither of them could find it. Pandora found it by doing the surface scan. I later used it again to find some pictures that had been accidentally deleted on an external drive. Again, found them like a snap. It's free so you can't beat the price. It does ask on installation if you want to install the "" toolbar, but I simply unchecked the box and I appreciated that there was no sneaky installations. An excellent product show Review details
Excellent 5 stars by gimpguy Mar 24, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
My first encounter using this was quite a few months back where at our local college I was helping the computer repair lab as a volunteer and a woman brought in a laptop that a hard drive had crashed on. We hooked it up, ran Pandora Recovery and to my surprise it not only recovered her files but 2 previous owners' files of the laptop as well. Some people do not use the surface scan which will recover a lot more but does take a long time. So it depends how large the drive, how much information needs to be recovered, and how important the information is if you don't mind waiting, perhaps overnight but this is typical for any surface scan, it does take time but well worth the result. It does have toolbar install options at the beginning but nearly everything does these days and for this type of recovery software, it's far worth it. I have since used it to recover information from numerous crashed and working drives and I cannot believe how well it works, for free too. Pandora will dig it's heels in when data is tough to get back. I recommend it 100. show Review details
It recovered 75% of photos... 4 stars by JEBbbbb Mar 03, 2008
It recovered 75% of photos from a fixed hard drive It was easy and obvious to use and I rate it A1 show Review details
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