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Decent 5 stars by gimpguy Sep 28, 2013 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I was a bit surprised at how well this was actually put together. It took a bit of getting used to but once you do it's easy to set up tabs and such. I wish you could simply add a tab from right click but have to go into options to do so. Cannot set user folder from desktop within tab directly. Nice to be able to change color, skins, icons, etc... very customizable and out of the way. It still may not be what I keep as a main but it's very nice in my opinion. show Review details
Excellent 5 stars by Solulic Apr 22, 2010
An excellent one! I tried a lot of launchers, but this is the best! show Review details
A perfect launcher ! 5 stars by brunetu Nov 02, 2009 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I've always wanted to get rid of the clumsy desktop and the bunch of shortcuts on it, but every application launcher I've found before turned out to have many faults. Ideally, an application launcher should be very customizable, light on resources and fast, look at least nice and have a minimalistic user interface, change shortcut groups by category dynamically (on mouse move over tab) and maybe automatically import common applications from the existing installations. I imagined an application launcher like this (in my imagination it was round and looked like a helm and when it was turned it would display a different set of shortcuts), but they were all far from having most of these features. sTabLauncher has all of them and I can't believe I've found it and it's free. show Review details
Ouch! 1 stars by misstakeprone Oct 12, 2009 (Read all my 2 reviews)
STabLaunchers look and feel is very Apple-like, if thats your cup of tea. But even Apple fans might want to pass this one by. After installation, Task Manager showed sTabLauncher churning close to ONE MILLION page faultsyou could here my disk in the next room! After uninstalling sTabLauncher, the disk head still makes an occasional unsettling loud ping. While testing some sTabLauncher features, I checked the option to retract the tabs fully, which resulted in no longer being able to pop them up, or even to uncheck the option or do absolutely anything else. Needless to say, the next option I chose was uninstall (using Vistas Programs control panel). If youre looking for a well-structured, bug-free utility that gives you very convenient, no-click program and folder shortcuts, take a look at Snapfiles utilities Traybar or Folder Guide in fact, they make a great combo with many nicely complementary features. show Review details
Excellent app 5 stars by BarryFox Apr 16, 2009 (Read all my 8 reviews)
What else can I say - It's wonderful! The only problem I have had since it became available on this website, is not being able to download skins or other items because the bandwidth os always -0-. The site continually exceeds it's bandwidth and hasn't been available to days. Until this is corrected, the skins and visuals can't be seen or downloaded. I guess we'll just have to wait. show Review details
Tried the rest; this is the best 5 stars by megabob6666 Apr 15, 2009 (Read all my 19 reviews)
I've tried a lot of app launchers over the years and found a few I liked, but this one is by far the best I've found so far. show Review details
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