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Musicbee and 1by1 are the ones! 5 stars by henerey773 Aug 14, 2016 (Read all my 37 reviews)
I have thousands of songs already organized into Win7 folders. Both MusicBee and 1by1 saw the folders as they are and didn't fiddle with any unwanted re-organization or worse. That's my number one requirement in music players. Leave my collection alone, get off my lawn!! Sound of course matters but I cannot distinguish. When I just want to hear some tunes I use 1by1 but when I want lots of extras with a sophisticated UI it's Musicbee. show Review details
Simply the best! 5 stars by Solfire May 17, 2015 (Read all my 9 reviews)
It has custom views and sorting galore, mini and compact player modes with great GUIs. It's customisable, and you can add extra function buttons. It can identify tracks by their sound, has volume levelling for quiet tracks, by track EQ's... I could go on! Music Bee is simply the best music player for someone with loads and loads of MP3's :D I am so happy I found this last year! never looked back since! show Review details
The bee is for me! 4 stars by Smeagal1965 Jan 21, 2013 (Read all my 13 reviews)
Like many people I have tried and loved many media playerorganizers over the past years. 20 or more years actually. I've tried all the big names and many obscure ones also. That said, MusicBee has all of the good qualities of them all without the downside to any of them! It Is very easy on system resources compared to 90 percent of the big names. It is highly customizable in appearance as well as sound. This is accomplished with skins and highly configurable layout options. The visualizations are superb. There are DSP plugins and a graphic equalizer. It handles large libraries very fast when updating added or removed items. If there is a con, it would be that MusicBee takes some time to learn how to use to it's full potential. MusicBee will work right out of the box however (so to speak). This is my all time favorite music player/organizer. It has excellent sound and I can set it up just the way I like it. I recommend this to anybody with a large music collection over any of the other similar products bought or free. show Review details
Awesome media player 5 stars by Tantalus Jul 06, 2012 (Read all my 7 reviews)
I've used a number of music and media players over the years. Most recently I was using MediaMonkey Gold (paid version). I never really 'liked' MediaMonkey and looked for something else. I stumbled upon MusicBee and decided to try it because a portable version is offered in addition to an installable version. I found MusicBee to be incredibly easy to use. The previous reviewer complained about difficulty finding the tagging menu, but all I did was right click on a file and there it was in a context menu. Tagging is so easy that I've tagged a couple hundred songs so far -- including lyrics and album art. I've also customized MusicBee with different skins, menus, panel settings, and columns -- all without any trouble. One of the features I especially like is the ability to have a panel open so that song lyrics and album art are visible while a song is being played. Another awesome feature is that MusicBee will automatically search the Internet for song lyrics and album art if the file tags are accurate enough. (It also allows you to imbed this data into the file so that you it even when not connected to the Internet.) I've only been using MusicBee for a week, but I like it more each time I use it -- the opposite of the other players I've used. Time will tell if I stick with MusicBee or go looking for something else yet again. show Review details
Very good but complicated 4 stars by Caroline Apr 20, 2011 (Read all my 7 reviews)
Nice interface, can be customized to different layouts. Skin colours are nice though not really necessary. Has some great features: getting album cover art & lyrics, syncing computer music files/folders with an mp3 player. However, many things (i.e. tag editor) weren't initially easy to find. I had to wade through the busy interface to find what I wanted. The help file was no help at all here. I do like it, it just seems that the focus is on customizing options rather than on ease of use. Overall it's better than I'd anticipated, and has some features that many other free tag editors don't have. For freeware it's amazing and a lot of work has obviously gone into it. show Review details
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