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Wonderful 4 stars by gimpguy Aug 03, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
First of all, this is easy to use, plenty of naming options which can be customized. Very easy to set folder A and folder B, source, destination, you get the point. Fast? Indeed. 5 gigs in a couple of minutes. I have near 30 gigs of pics but stopped the process which I'll explain. I would give this a five star without a doubt, EXCEPT there this one big problem with this... You can't select X amount of folders. Either one folder at a time or a whole source folder. Meaning, I have numerous folders, basically, sub folders. Some I want to sort, others I don't so out of say 100 sub folders under the Saved Pics folder, I would have to choose 50 of them, one at a time, run the process, then sort all of them under one folder. CTRL or SHIFT while choosing is not an option here. This would be a perfect picture sorter, one of the fastest and easiest I've used and it's simply hindered by the one fact, no sub amount of choice. Either all or one. I do want to note: sure, I can move all my folders under a main folder, then sort them but I still feel that instead of doing that, it would be nice to just multi select. I hope to see this fixed or added rather in a future release because I truly love this photo sorter. show Review details
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