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All show no go 1 stars by ftwalways Oct 06, 2011 (Read all my 2 reviews)
360 failed to find any files while competitors found hundreds. You'll find my copy in the Recycle Bin. show Review details
Thank you 4 stars by gman413 Sep 12, 2011
This program saved a lot of recreating my work! show Review details
Not all that good 3 stars by gimpguy Jul 26, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
As stated in the main review, it doesn't do a great job at recovering tough media, something that has writes or a deep scan being needed. This is great for something you just deleted and better get back soon and what separates this type of recovery software from others. So all in all, it was OK. If all you need to do is recover something off media that was just deleted or something easy like SD cards, it's great, (provided it's not written over at all). If you are looking for a more thorough recovery tool, this isn't it. Most recovery software seems to get high ratings from users who deleted their pictures off memory storage. I suppose to new users, it's amazing but in truth, most any recovery software can recover pictures deleted on an SD or some other memory card (if the capability is programmed in of course) On that note, if that's all they need, then Undelete 360 is perfect for sure. Just not for in depth recovery. show Review details
Perfect for lost data recovery 5 stars by babylover May 22, 2011
I accidentally deleted some of the important files in my SD card. I found Undelete 360 and I was amazed how easy and how fast it works. It saved my craziness of losing my pics! show Review details
Great utility 5 stars by TDuk27 Mar 26, 2011
Recovered deleted photos from my SD card in under 1 minute. Awesome! show Review details
Fantastic utility for digital photographers 5 stars by SimpsonWPC Mar 23, 2011
When I realized that I had deleted images from my SD card that I still needed and didn't have anywhere else my heart sank. However, my Google search turned up a link for this program and once I ran it I was truly thankful and amazed that those deleted photos were still there. For such a simple program it's performed a huge job for me!! show Review details
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