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A forgotten pioneer 2 stars by realbull2009250 Apr 09, 2015 (Read all my 60 reviews)
Comical was once one of the popular e-comic readers and helped pioneer the software genre. It has a simple user interface with basic features. It's cross-platform and only supports .cbr and .cbz files. The user interface is good and simple to use, but since it has not been upgraded for years some advance controls are absent for example the use of the mouse-scroller. It is only a viewer so it lacks a library organizer. It is a bit buggy. If you have ecomics with HD images(which are common nowadays) it may not be able to extract the image and an error message will appear indicating that the image may be corrupted(but it is not). Also while receiving that error message it fails to create thumbnails of some images for the explorer on the side. It is better to use ComicRack or YacReader which are the superior e-comic readers with the most advanced features. Or, if you want something simpler I'd recommend HoneyView, SumatraPDF or STDU Viewer. All of these are updated regularly. Having not been updated in over 9-years, missing many advance features and buggy, it is difficult to recommend Comical. Perhaps someday the developer will raise it from its grave and update it. For now it is not worth using when there are better e-comic readers to choose from. show Review details
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