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Well done! 5 stars by flocanu69 Dec 11, 2023
Quad-core CPU has no problem at all, everything is fluid and smooth. Very useful and very beautiful! Fully customizable. 10 points out of 10. show Review details
Perfect launcher! 5 stars by henerey773 Jun 01, 2016 (Read all my 37 reviews)
Been using this for years with no problems such as Gimpguy mentioned in 2012. for me it runs in under 29 megs. no slowdowns. maybe it's because i keep the eye-candy at a minimum, no animations, no sounds. YMMV but i highly recommend this dock. show Review details
Would have been grand 3 stars by gimpguy Aug 01, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
The Good: Win Step Nexus has more features and effects than you can shake a stick at. Water ripple, fire, magic, etc... believe me, the list goes on. It also boasts numerous docking options and all in all feature wise, likely the best dock out there. The Bad: 100 cpu usage when simply hovering over icons. Tested on two machines and on virtual. On my main machine, I began getting horrible slow downs shortly after setting the Nexus settings and double windows opening. If I opened Ccleaner, I would get two Ccleaners, same for Firefox, VLC, Windows Media player. That said, I uninstalled it. The slowdowns continued. I could no longer shut the computer down except by cold shutdowns, hung on the shutting down forever. Could not do a restore, nothing. Safe mode allowed for a restore which I then used a virtual environment to test it on. Lo and Behold, the same thing repeated itself. It seems it does not access the graphics card for it's resources. (And YES, I have plenty of resources to run this) If I can run Skyrim on Ultra without a hiccup, there's no reason this should do this. Maybe bad programming, reminds me of another software that did the same, sucked up all resources for nothing. This can be an awesome dock but it needs a lot of work. Tried on my son's system who has 4x the resources most have, same thing, 100 cpu usage, slow downs. Fortunately, and uninstall solved it for him. show Review details
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