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Great 3 stars by onlinetimesheet Oct 24, 2017
Microsoft Office Starter 2010 gives home users who are buying preloaded PCs the ability to perform the most common and basic productivity tasks right out of the box. Office Starter consists of Microsoft Word Starter 2010 and Microsoft Excel Starter 2010 only, reduced functionality versions of Microsoft Word and Excel with advertising. show Review details
Unbelievable! 5 stars by realbull2009250 Feb 16, 2013 (Read all my 60 reviews)
I can't believe MS offers this for free, but here it is. I just upgraded to a new computer and this is what I needed. If you just need something to do some simple processing then this is what you need. Especially that this is a product from MS and can create compatible files guaranteed. Many of the features that many people use are here, but there are some advanced features not in it. But many people won't notice it. If you are a college student or home user then this is all you need. The only let-down is that a PowerPoint Starter is not included. show Review details
Better than nothing 5 stars by gimpguy Jul 27, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
First off, I had issues installing this stating that the files were not found to install and the error lead to the fact that it needed an OEM preload in order to install this. I was first very unhappy thinking MS was just giving this to OEM owners (which in some respect prior was correct)but now, it's completely free. After trying other installs, etc... I uninstalled Office 2007, this now installed so I'm not sure what the issue is there but regardless, it worked. All that aside, it may be scaled down, have ads but at least it gives people(especially college students who struggle to get word 2010)a chance to use it without restriction in that regard so I have to say, this is a good thing. Open Office is of course a great alternative, however, many colleges won't accept you using it in class or otherwise since they stick to standards. Again, that's why this is a GOOD thing. The setup is very quick and painless and so far, the ads are very non-intrusive and don't hinder any work whatsoever. I have to be honest and give this a 5 star. Don't forget, you also get Excel, Picture Manager and others with this so yeah, it's not extremely hindered. show Review details
Exellent 5 stars by freeclick Feb 07, 2012 (Read all my 32 reviews)
I think it was a good gesture from MS to offer this free, Love it! show Review details
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