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KuaiZip KuaiZip

Good as it gets 5 stars
As good as the paid versions of almost identical software, no problem with this one, just does what it is supposed to. Price: Free
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Avast Free Antivirus Avast Free Antivirus

Great product 5 stars
Hadn't tried it lately but it's still as good as ever Price: Free
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Maxthon Maxthon

Best browser I've ever used 5 stars
This browser is the best ever, fast, the features are just right, could not get much better. Thanks for this one!!! Price: Free
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Microsoft Office Starter Microsoft Office Starter

Exellent 5 stars
I think it was a good gesture from MS to offer this free, Love it! Price: Free
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Tags 2 Folders Tags 2 Folders

Located and moved 16.4 gb in about 10 minutes 5 stars
I have been looking everywhere for a program like this. I know you can download programs like Real Player and they will scan you system and external drives for music files but they are not easily managed. It scanned, located and moved 16.4 GB to a folder in just a few minutes and now I can actually see what I have since I had a mess before I found Tags2Folder. Thanks to the developer of this one, it's not good it's great!!! Price: Free
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AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

Very much improved 5 stars
I had used AVG and then Avast for years and one day a couple weeks back I decided to try AVG again. I ran a scan after I just uninstalled the other and it found several threats and it seems to spot more dangerous threats, For real, new and improved! Price: Free
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RED (Remove Empty Directories) RED (Remove Empty Directories)

Great job 5 stars
I have never ran an app that cleaned empty directories or if so I can't recall. In any case found almost 500 empty directories on my little old 80GB drive and no problems after deleting. I think everything is safe as long as the system files are not included in your search and that is the default setting as you'll notice on the settings tab. Great Job, no problem after deleting suggested files. Price: Free
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neoSearch neoSearch

It does what it says and super fast 5 stars
I have tried several of these type search apps but this one indexs your files in NO TIME. Before you know it you are ready to search and neo search can find it faster than any other search tool that I've tried. Not to concerned about moving files etc. just want to find what I need and this is the one that gets it done! Price: Free
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Simple Duplicate Finder Simple Duplicate Finder

Better than good, it's great 5 stars
Deleted almost 11,000 dups on an external drive and didn't even flinch like all the others that choke down when trying to perform this task, this is one my friend Price: Free
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Free Window Registry Repair Free Window Registry Repair

This is the one 5 stars
I just ran this app behind two other thought to be great registry cleaners and it found almost 800 invalid entries. In my mind this is the best free registry cleaner available. Highly suggest you choose this app for your registry cleaning.. Price: Free
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Efficient Diary Efficient Diary

The snap file rating is on the money, a five! 5 stars
Looks like MS Word with a tree file look where you can create groups, change the interface look, has all the bells and whistles. All my favorite features, upload files, insert images, create tables, like I said all the bells and whistles. Great Job Price: Free
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Perfect 5 stars
I have always wanted to create a site that I could show illustrations on how to care for your pc. This is the answer to my prayer. I even went and spent 32.00 for a decent mic so it would perform as well as the program. Hey thanks for this one. Price: Free
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Secunia PSI Secunia PSI

Nothing too say except works to the tee 5 stars
Thanks for this great piece of software. Checked 68 apps and found three that needed updating and set up the updates so all I had to do was click my way out of there. Updates installed done deal. Price: Free
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Telescope Telescope

Much better than the average bear 5 stars
I format my pc pretty often since I check the software out before I post it on my site and telescope is always on the list to reinstall asap after the format. Like I said, it's much better than the average bear or in this case search engine. Price: Free
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StudioLine Photo Basic StudioLine Photo Basic

Not a trial 4 stars
My first impression when I opened the program was I had downloaded the wrong version. It indicates a thirty day trial without activation code which means you will only need to register, no problem. No great pros or cons that I can comment on. Price: Free
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iQ-Notes iQ-Notes

Equiped 5 stars
Lots of bells and whistles for a sticky notes program but it's still easy to use, simple to sync, just fill in the blanks and you are ready. Another thing that caught my eye was the ability to tile you notes. Other stickies may have that feature but I don't recall it and it will maximize to full screen so make the note as long as you want without using the scroll bar. Price: Free
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Total Organizer Total Organizer

Easy to use 5 stars
I really don't understand the previous post. I have downloaded a few of these for my site free pims and when I saw the post about how difficult it was to use I went ahead and installed it to see if I had missed something when I checked it. No, there are a row of tabs that are labeled, general, notes, contacts, to do's,and schedule. All you do is click the tab you wish to insert information in and click the add button. You can close the program and it automatically saves your work and lays in the system tray for easy access. I think it is a good piece of software and a real good PIM. Price: Free
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Local Website Archive Lite Local Website Archive Lite

Great program 5 stars
Just open up Website Archive and there are the sites just as you saved them. I use it along with co-citer, I don't know which I prefer but both are super programs. Price: Free
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IEHistoryView IEHistoryView

Remember the past 5 stars
This is a very simple program that has been around awhile but I don't understand that it never has been rated. Hey, if you been surfing and can't remember one particular site and can't find it in the browser history, this is the answer. Works great, simple to use and free. Price: Free
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Index.dat Analyzer Index.dat Analyzer

Right on 5 stars
Does exactly what it's there for and is simple to use. I can go behind some well known cleaners and still find files that need deleting. Price: Free
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GreatNews GreatNews

Excellent 5 stars
Just like the great evaluators at Snap Files said: EXCELLENT!!! Price: Free
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ZigZag Cleaner ZigZag Cleaner

Simple 4 stars
Does exactly what is says and very simple and handy if you want to get to your desktop in a flash. Price: Free
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CM DiskCleaner CM DiskCleaner

It's free and more 5 stars
I don't understand what this product is doing in the shareware section unless the author has just changed it to freeware. On the site it asked for a donation and no more. In any case it appears to be a super product. I ran these registry cleaners in front of it (Easy Clean, Eusing, Tune -Up) and it still found 172 entries. At first I was afraid to delete them because some registry programs give you definded entries as in green delete or red no. This one I just deleted all and everything is fine and dandy. It must have dug pretty deep and the other scanner results were very good. Good cleaner. Price: Free
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True X-Mouse Gizmo True X-Mouse Gizmo

Does exactly what it says 5 stars
This is a simpler,quicker way of copying text to the clipboard and True X Mouse Gizmo does exactly what it says. If you use the clipboard a lot then it's a must. Price: Free
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Chaos Manager Chaos Manager

Simple but powerful 5 stars
I offer over 190 free PIMs on my site and this just happens to be the one I use. Why? I think it's the best overall. Sure some have more bells and whistles but this one has the ones that you need to get the job done. Price: Free
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Active Security Monitor Active Security Monitor

Recommends cures 4 stars
The program scanned my system and I received a 90. It gave recommendations on how to better my score and I change two settings which brought it up to a 94. For me to get a better rating than 94 it suggests I install a back up for my PC. I think it is a valid program which is very helpful. Price: Free
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Belarc Advisor Belarc Advisor

Recovery 5 stars
If you are fixing to format your drive and want to make sure you remember all your software downloads this is a perfect way. If your memory is anything like mine the info needs to be on paper.... Price: Free
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Eusing Internet Window Washer Eusing Internet Window Washer

Good, fast, simple 5 stars
Very, very easy to use. Just choose what area to clean with wash settings and click clean. The job is done in no time. Good program.... Price: Free
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