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NoteTab Light NoteTab Light

An excellent (free) text editor .. 5 stars
You just can't beat this --free-- editor for features. You can buy the standard or pro versions, but do try the free version first. You might be pleasantly surprised and find the light version is all you need. try it, you'll like it. Its way ahead of window's notepad. Price: Free
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Spybot  Search and Destroy (Free) Spybot Search and Destroy (Free)

Good and free .. 5 stars
Been around for quite awhile and does a good job of scanning and detecting malware of all sorts. You should really have this on your computer and keep it updated! Price: Free
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Mass Downloader Mass Downloader

Been using this for ages .. 5 stars
I've been using MD for a very long time. It does everything I want and more. Can't go wrong for the price. Check it you'll be glad you did! Price: Free Trial ($19.95)
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Paint.NET Paint.NET

Keeps getting better 5 stars
Great free program that keeps getting better. I would recommend this program to anyone who needs to have something that can do layers and isn't overly complicated or expensive. It is free and there lots to like about PaintNet. It has plugin support and there are lots of plugins available for download at the PaintNet website. Very nice free program! Price: Free
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SpaceMonger SpaceMonger

Simple, works great, stand alone and free .. 5 stars
SpaceMonger will show you where all that space went on your hard drive. Get it and put it in a folder and run it. It is as simple as that. There is no setup, it's a stand alone program. I put mine in c: oolboxspacemonger and put a shortcut in quick launch. Great free tool for the toolbox. Thanks to the author. A keeper! Price: Free
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PasswordFox PasswordFox

Another great little tool ... 5 stars
This program does just what it is supposed to. I downloaded and extracted it to the folder I wanted it in and then run it. (Stand alone program - No setup required) It quickly generated a full list of my login details to various sites. Pretty nifty! I was able to save this data to a file. Now I'll store this away and keep it safe. Thanks to the author for a nice free program. A keeper! Price: Free
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Eusing Free Registry Cleaner Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

Easy and works great ... 5 stars
Another free program the runs good and works like a charm. I never had any problems with it. Get it, run it, check for problems, tick to select items or select all, repair issues and done. Another good one for the toolbox. A keeper! Price: Free
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Gimp Gimp

Gimp is excellent and free ... 5 stars
Just about any powerful program has a learning curve and so does the GIMP. You can find many tutorials on the web and video tutorials also. Find one that will take you through the interface and you'll already have a good start. Many people have left Gimp in the early stages of learning, because of lost or closed docks. Once that happened, they couldn't get things back to normal. Once you have learned the interface and understand it, you'll be much happier with the Gimp. Here is a good way to search video tutorials or just tutorials with a search engine. Type these words with the plus sign like so -- GIMP+tutorials+video or just Gimp+tutorials. Do some of the tuts and don't do them when you are tired. Learning is not easy when you are tired and sleepy. The Gimp is the most powerful graphics+ program out there for free. Get it, figure it out and you'll be very glad you did. Excellent and Free. Price: Free
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AAA Logo AAA Logo

A good program .. 4 stars
This is good program and it does a fine job. It isn't super rich with bells and whistles, but it has what one needs to get the job done. You get many logo styles to pick from, or you can create your own. You can also use the different parts of the pre-designed logos and resize just about any part or section of an existing logo. You can also import .bmp files to be used. Text can be turned, flipped, rotated or even curved around an object. There is lots of help and tutorials, so one shouldn't have a problem figuring something out. Over all, the program is quite nice. My only beef is price. I think the price is to high. Price: Free Trial ($49.95)
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Revo Uninstaller Revo Uninstaller

Always does the trick ... 5 stars
I've been using this for quite awhile and it works fine. I haven't had any problems with it at all. I'm using (fully updated) Win-XP pro and the latest version of Revo Uninstaller. Sometimes RU will remove programs the Windows uninstaller could not. A big Thanks to the author for another good working free utility for my toolbox. This program is also very easy to learn and use. A keeper! Price: Free
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RockXP RockXP

A big Thanks to the author 5 stars
A very nice working and easy to use program. It does its job well. A big Thanks to the author for providing this nice software for free! Price: Free
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Foxit PDF Reader Foxit PDF Reader

Nice pdf reader 5 stars
This is a really nice pdf reader that does all I need. It isn't a big and bulky resource eater like some of the others. Works well and integrates into browsers nicely. Price: Free
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Gadwin PrintScreen Gadwin PrintScreen

This is a great program ... 5 stars
Gadwin PrintScreen is a slick working and very reliable program. It is easy to use and setup. It's a great screen capture utility. I would love to see GadWin add the ellipse (selection tool) to their already great screen capture / printscreen program. Price: Free
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Hidden Menu Hidden Menu

Great app... 5 stars
Just what I wanted to get all those icons off my desktop. I remember the old days (dos) when we used menu based applications to run our programs. This is pretty much the same thing. Just drag your shortcuts over the bar and drop. I have mine placed in the upper right corner of the screen. when I want to run a program, I just slide my mouse pointer up there and over the program name and then clink. I tried about all of these type of programs and even purchased some shareware versions. I like this one the best. Does what it is supposed to and is easy to setup and use. Get it and give it try. A great free program. Price: Free
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AutoRuns AutoRuns

Autoruns ... excellent ... very powerful ! 5 stars
This is a a very powerful program which shows a lot of details. Take some time to get used to it before you make any changes to your system. This one is for advanced computer users. Excellent .. A keeper! Price: Free
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TaskSwitchXP TaskSwitchXP

Very nice ... 5 stars
This is a what the taskmanger should be in the Win OS's. I've Been using it for awhile now and it's never given me problems. If I really like certain program or programs, I call them keepers. This is another keeper. Excellent program! Thanks .. NTwind software! Price: Free
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Rainlendar Lite Rainlendar Lite

I like this one ... 4 stars
A very nice Calendar program with a To Do and Evens list. I like how one can drop the calendar down to a show a single date and still the day and month. Over all, a very nice and easy to use program. When you unzip it, you might want to do so in a directory / folder of the same name; meaning - Rainlendar. There is no install. You can create a short on the desktop for it, or just run Rainlendar.exe. Another keeper! Price: Free
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HFS - HTTP File Server HFS - HTTP File Server

This is a nice one ... 5 stars
Very easy to use. Does what it is supposed to. No big learning curve to deal with. This progrm is all I need to share files with members of my family and friends. Works very well and has both easy and expert modes. Overall, A very very nice program. Another one for my list of keepers! Price: Free
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FastStone Photo Resizer FastStone Photo Resizer

A very nice program ... 5 stars
This program does everything its supposed to and them some. Get it, try it, you'll like it. A keeper! Price: Free
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Mp3Tag Mp3Tag

Mp3tag .. free .. nice. 5 stars
I've tried quite a few of these programs and I like Mp3Tag the best. It is easy to work with and it supports other formats. It has freedb and has many other good things going for it. A Good program, works well and it is free. Can't beat that! Thanks for doing it. Price: Free
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jetAudio Basic jetAudio Basic

Jetaudio ... i like best !! 5 stars
Great Player and Ripper. I have used this program for years instead of Media Player. It does everything that I need to do and more. I liked it so much, I bought the full version and extra packages. Got everything for $29.95. You can read about the program and add-ons at the JA web site. Right on the front of the player is Playlist and you can add what songs you want by pointing to them. Once in the playlist, press CTRL-I and point to the song. You can also right-click on file and hit - Add to playlist or add to new play list. Overall, I have been very pleased with JA and have never had any problems with it to date. I used it for a very long time, without the add-ons and was happy with it. I got them when I wanted more options. You can't go wrong with this program. As others have stated, it can rip to many formats and various kbs. I like to use bar mode when playing as it puts all the settings for JA in bar on the bottom or top of the screen. Lots more .. Great!! Price: Free
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