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FreeFileSync FreeFileSync

Very fast and easy! 5 stars
For years I've used another app that has a very similar name (not freeware either, but a *very* similar name), and this is one terrific free program we`ve got here. Unlike many programs like this, you don't get a "Remaining time: -5 minutes" that keeps counting up (when the program incorrectly estimated your process would be done). While this program isn't perfect at estimating completion time (I blame Windows for that), at least it doesn't go negative on me. The data transfer rate is very high, which makes me think the author wrote this in some high(er) level language to pull this off. Great job! There are still features I haven't even tested yet (that the "pay" software doesn't even offer), but for simplistic mirroring of multi-terabyte drives, this software works extremely well. Two thumbs up! Try'll like it! Price: Free
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UK`s Kalender UK`s Kalender

An amazingly powerful package 5 stars
First off, I'd like to recommend to the author that he changes the name from "UK Kalender" to something else. More than once I skipped by it previously because I thought it was for UK only (not USA). When you think you've exhausted all of this programs features, look further. This is an amazingly powerful package that sits very nicely in your system tray (I love it!). Between exporting as HTML, collaboration over a LAN, and tons of more features, this is one great little app (the best I've yet to find for the price). COMPLAINTS: None yet, which is a good sign since I'm a pretty fussy "Freeware" tester. COMPLIMENTS: There are so many configurable options, it's almost overwhelming (which is a good thing). As you get to learn the package, you slowly find more feature that fit your needs (and you then congratulate yourself on choosing this package. Kudos to the author! Price: Free
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WinDirStat WinDirStat

A great program thats easy to underestimate 5 stars
As one reviewer said, this isnt a program that youll use every day, but when you need it, its certainly one of the best tools for the job. First opinions are sometimes deceiving, and the colorful usage/distribution display at the bottom of the screen was a bit disconcerting at first. After a few minutes of playing (who reads help files?), I realized that what looks like pop-art is probably the most powerful feature of this gem of a program. After understanding what it meant and how it worked, I fell in love with this little gem. Anyone can make good use of WDS, but its especially useful for people who have others using their computer. Whether its parents with kids that are filling their hard drives with junk, or IT admins who need to monitor their users disk space. WISHLIST: It would be nice if you could drag and drop from WDS to a folder of your choice (not a big deal though). BOTTOM LINE: WDS is a great program that has significant value. Dont underestimate it. Price: Free
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ProVide Server ProVide Server

I really overlooked this 5 stars
Boy, I really overlooked this when I was looking for FTP server software. The ability to create virtual directories is 100 times easier in zFTPServer than Serv-U. And yes, it's faster too...not by much (about 10%), but I'll take 10% of anything that`s free. That`s the best part; quality software at an unbelievable price. Don't make the mistake I made and overlook this really great app! Price: Free
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CMailServer CMailServer

A great package with unlimited users/domains 5 stars
I've been using CMailServer for just over 12 months now, and love it. Support could be a bit speedier, but the author does respond and has even gone as far as to compile a special version to test/resolve an issue I was having. There are some very useful settings in the app's config.ini file that are undocumented, but very handy (it would be nice if the author told us what some of the others do). You WILL NOT find a complete email package as good as this for $99 that (to my knowledge) supports unlimited domains and users (I have 17 domains and about 112 great!). Moreover, the Webmail interface is ASP...great for customizing! What this product needs most is a support forum, so us happy users can benefit from our collective experiences. BOTTOM LINE: Thanks to this app, I am happily running my own email server for my (also happy) clients! Price: Free Trial ($99.95)
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eWall (Free Edition) eWall (Free Edition)

Great features+great support = great product 5 stars
If you're tired of dealing with spam on a word-by-word basis (how many times *can* they spell 'cialis'), then eWall is for you. On a scale of 1-10, features rate a 10. On a scale of 1-10, support ranks an 11 (sometimes you get an updated version of the software from a request you made the same day...unheard of these days). Sure, it does require some "playing" to get it configured, but with a 30 day trial, you can't go wrong. Plus, there's newsgroups dedicated solely to this product that provides a common area for users (and the designers) to contribute. {Example: The programmer responds to I'm guessing 98% of the posts made...I'm not sure how he spends the rest of his day} ;-) Flexible, extensible, upgradeable...I'm running out of positive adjectives to describe this product. Try it for yourself and see what I mean (and yes, you get support EVEN IF ONLY RUNNING THE FREE DEMO). What have you go to loose? Price: Free
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Royal TS Royal TS

Worked great before, but.... 4 stars
I tried Royal TS before and it worked great (though I didn't have enough servers to make it practical). However, now that I have a true need for it, I can't get it to load with .Net 2.0 (the only version that I could find available for download). BUMMER! Can we get an update that will use .Net 2.0? Price: Free Trial ($35.00)
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The software developer responded to this review on Apr 21, 2006: Currently there are some limitations using Royal TS on Framework 2.0. I am currently investigating the issues but I m afraid it s caused by 3rd party components I use which are not available anymore. But it s no problem to install Framework 1.1 beside Framework 2.0 to get it work. The individual Framework versions don t influence each other.

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