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Free Window Registry Repair Free Window Registry Repair

Easy and powerful 5 stars
Pro : Strong and easy product, perfect results very deep scan of registry problem. Fix problems quickly. On the best registry cleaner available (the best in freeware at least). Good standard options available : restore point, backup, etc. No ads, no nag screen, etc. This soft deserve a good future in the freeware jungle ! Cons : Online small documentation. Price: Free
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Duplicate Cleaner Free Duplicate Cleaner Free

No duplicates again ! 4 stars
Smart app very useful for MP3 enthusiasts ! Bypass the proplem of "delete only" feature : clean you bin, launch the app, open your bin after process, rename and move (yes it's possible). Price: Free
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BartPE BartPE

A must have tools for investigate crashed sys 4 stars
An excellent tool to always keep in a safe place. Sometimes Windows cannot recover properly the system after crach, with this app, and serious knowledge of the problem (virus, etc) you have everything to finally access you computer in order to fix it and recover your favorite OS (not the exclusive purpose of the app, but one of the most interesting). EXCELLENT alternative to the same king of app available for $ !!! Price: Free
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PSPad Editor PSPad Editor

The one. 5 stars
Simply a must have. Trying is is using it... Price: Free
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Corel AfterShot Pro Corel AfterShot Pro

Love photography, need an efficient raw tool? 5 stars
Excellent for professional use, affordable. Stable, honest in CPU usage, efficient in all its features. Good quality application. Price: Free Trial ($59.99)
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Random Labs Random Labs

Strong an secure 4 stars
Remember : pure real random DOES NOT exist for computer, but this tool is probably one of the best now. Interesting to use, interesting to try. Stable, fast. Need one like this, download this one ! Price: Free
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12Ghosts Complete 12Ghosts Complete

The price 2 stars
Interesting features, that's true. A lot of features, true too. BUT. This not worths the price anyway, some freeware do the same job. The gadgets are all in one, yes, but a couple of hour on the net will satisfy you and your wallet. Testes on 5 configs : the main app crash often, the gadgets stay in the tray, so, in the memory, impossible the maximize the apps. You can try freely all the pack before you buy, a chance. Price: Free Trial ($49.95)
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BullZip PDF Printer BullZip PDF Printer

Another free pdf printer solution ... 2 stars
Easy to use like other PDF "printer simulation" app. Easy to use, easy to install. Lack of important features like watermarks and document protection. Good but nothing really special. This is a serious good application, working great but no innovation. Price: Free
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Auslogics Disk Defrag Auslogics Disk Defrag

Fast and furious ! 5 stars
Clean, fast and effective defrag tool. Very easy to use. 50% faster than original Windows tool. Tests made on 5 different configuration. Does not need a lot of resources and can be use as a background application. Stability : Excellent on all configs tested. A very good application. Price: Free
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Trellix Stinger (McAfee Stinger) Trellix Stinger (McAfee Stinger)

Does the job ! 3 stars
Be aware that that tool scans only for a limited number of viruses and variants but it do it well. Fast but need a lot of system resources. No sufficient upgrades, so for the well-know viruses this is ok but for the rest ... Price: Free
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Free RAM Optimizer XP Free RAM Optimizer XP

Nice, useful 2 stars
Standard features for this kind of softs : clean memory, defrag memory, crash the system 4 times on 10. Tests made on 5 configs. Don't use it under at least 512mb. This is a software, not a miracle. Let XP controls his memory is sometimes the best thing to do. Price: Free
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FreeCommander XE FreeCommander XE

Power tool for everyone ! 5 stars
Excellent tool ! The synchro feature is absolutely GREAT ! Ideal to compare directories, update backup files or directory, USB key content ! Amazingly easy to use, this is one of the great features of this wonderful soft. Compare directories, sub directories by date or CRC !! A must have ! Price: Free
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Eusing Free Registry Cleaner Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

One of the best 5 stars
At least a good quality software for registry ! And at least for free ! Simple to use, backup and restore features, fast and very accurate. Do more than around 20$ softs ! A perfect product you have to download NOW ! :) Price: Free
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XP-Utilities XP-Utilities

Shortcuts ... another one ! 1 stars
This is only a couple of shortcuts and small utilities. Most are tools already in XP. Great for those who just discover their OS... Price: Free Trial ($19.99)
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FileZilla FileZilla

Absolutely the best ! 5 stars
Easy, powerfull, efficient ! The best FTP you can find out there ! Price: Free
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myWIFIzone myWIFIzone

A total disaster ! 1 stars
This is exactly the good example of a useless and dangerous program. Tested on 2 desktops and 3 laptops, from 1,6Ghz Centrino to P4 3,2Gh with XP, a total disaster. Severe mismatches and conflicts with Windows Defender, Firewalls and very big troubles with IP's windows' management. And the worst is that is a complete useless soft since you have a good config between your router and you CPU's with an encryption key. The config menu does not work at all, aggressive popup's crashed one of the Centrino. This is a total lost of time ... taking one hour to reinit my machines to retrieve the router's connection. Completely foolish alerts like IP is trying to connect to you computer ? How can we develop that sort of thing ? Price: Free
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XL Delete XL Delete

In security we trust ... 2 stars
It was possible to recover files in good and simple condition so try before you buy. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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The software developer responded to this review on Sep 04, 2006: It is more likely that the user recovered an older file that was not deleted by XL Delete or a file that existed in several locations on the hard drive. We have tested our product against the top data recovery tools in the industry and have been able to defeat them. We invite everyone to download our free trial and test for themselves. We stand behind our product 100% and would not be selling something that did not work.


System crash ... 2 stars
Test results made on several configurations and always the same, system crashes ... On a P4 3,2 or a dual core avoid this soft and prefer to improve real physical memory. If you don't like blue screens, be careful... Price: Free
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Google Talk Google Talk

Easy to use, for fun or pro use. 4 stars
Google comes another time with a beta version, but as usual, a great software and a great internet service. Google Talk is fast, secure and completely different : simple but good interface, no ads, no spy, no annoyances of all kind. Just Talk, communicate easily and efficiently, messages, voice, etc. Log with your Google e-mail account, download it and enjoy. Receive e-mail notifications, etc. Manage your Gmail space, etc. Well, a Google tool you must have. The Google talk community is growing and plug-ins are now available by dozen : skins, transparency feature, auto-answering capabilities and many more. The ultimate messenging soft and service for fun or prof. use. You just have to be a Gmail registered user, this is the only little problem, no possibilities to browse and search in a users directory. Beyond this restriction, that's perfect. Price: Free
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AuctionSieve AuctionSieve

Could be better but ... 3 stars
Good : Search not limited to US auctions, complete sorting features, for a freeware this is not only a bargain search tool but a great marketing tool if you want to use it to watch a big lot of diff. items. Ebay users will know quickly how and why to use it. Simple and efficient software. Stable, safe (don't need to provide Ebay ID or pass). No ads, no spy. Worth the download, try it. Could be better : probably needs a fast connection, slow search (because you'll get a lot of occurences). This problem can be solved by restricting you search with smart keywords. Bad : I don't really like the interface. Price: Free
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