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3CXPhone Free Edition 3CXPhone Free Edition

Nice! 5 stars
Nice free softphone with a clean, intuitive interface and support for multiple accounts. No frills features, but great if you just want a working PC-based phone. Discussion in the forum about including video support soon! Price: Free
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SUPERAntiSpyware Free SUPERAntiSpyware Free

Recommended - vital tool 5 stars
User "catmaster" pretty much covered it. This is a great addition to your anti-spyware arsenal. I use this to fix my friends' computers and recommend the professional version for enterprise clients. This program does what it says it will do, especially for professional technicians. Price: Free
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Free Window Registry Repair Free Window Registry Repair

Highly recommended 5 stars
I've used Free Windows Registry Repair on about 5 or 6 separate PCs now and have complete confidence in the safety of "removing all" of the entries it finds. I have found that running a 2nd scan after the first "remove all" will find subsequent errors you can remove, although not nearly as many as the first. A 3rd scan also finds errors, but again, not as many as the first or second. My guess is this has something to do with the registry not allowing deletion of some entries. Other fine points about this program include the ability to save a restore point before removing any or all registry entries it finds. The interface is clean and straighforward. The program is fast on PCs with a processor greater than 1GHz. Use this program followed up by another freeware program, Auslogics Registry Defrag and you should expect to have a lean, mean system registry within minutes! Price: Free
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SequoiaView SequoiaView

Good, but there's better... 4 stars
This is the original visually-intuitive hard drive-mapping software. I've used this for years and have been very happy with it. I've noticed after a while that it's installed, however, that this program will sometimes take much longer to finish gathering results, usually appearing to have frozen or locked-up. I've since used WinDirStat (also available here at SnapFiles). WinDirStat is largely inspired by SequoiaView and has improved on the interface and function. Whichever program works for you will get the job done nicely either way. Price: Free
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PSPad Editor PSPad Editor

Perfect! 5 stars
Quite simply, this program is fantastic! Clean interface, powerful features and stable. And who says you can't get something for nothing? PSPad Editor makes life so much easier when it comes to editing raw HTML files. Download with confidence and donate if you found it worthwhile! Price: Free
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WinSock XP Fix WinSock XP Fix

Vital! 5 stars
This program is an essential part of my technician toolbox! While WinSock XP Fix is not your every-season and every-reason fix-all for every computer, it has a very valuable purpose. In most cases, this utility will work when your computer doesn't seem to be picking up a valid IP address, has lost the ability to connect to the Internet and otherwise seems to be functioning well (not running too slow, free of viruses, pop-up and other malicious evidence). You simply run it and click it in the end. PC reboots and viola! It works again. I have encountered errors while using this program before, however when a computer is messed up, it can sometimes be hard to determine the underlying cause. As far as I'm concerned, though, there is nothing else out there that's as lean and mean as WinSock XP Fix for the price! Price: Free
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HDClone Free Edition HDClone Free Edition

Doesn't do what it says it will do 2 stars
I wrote a negative review of this software at Snapfiles before and it was not published because I may have been a little harsh with expecting that the version of this software would copy to the same size or smaller drive when in fact it did not (the title page had since been revised to point out this limitation). So in all fairness, I decided to give this software another try by cloning from a smaller 250GB drive to a larger 300GB drive. It did not work this time either. The window title "Drive recognition" states "HDClone is scanning for connected drives . Please wait a little". Well, if "a little" is more than the 45 minutes I waited, no thanks. It doesn't lock up and doesn't work after rebooting/retrying. I'll try another program. It should be noted that on this same PC, the program was previously able to identify the installed hard drives enough to tell me that it would only support copying from smaller drives to a larger one. Price: Free
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WinDirStat WinDirStat

Nice improvement 5 stars
Very easy to install, stable program, sexy interface (I really dig the animated pac-man icons moving to show progress). Author gives credit where credit is due for treemaps used with SequoiaView software and improves the interface and functionality with WinDirStat. Recommended! Price: Free
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Asterisk Key Asterisk Key

Works perfectly! 5 stars
I use this program all the time! Once you install it, you can simply copy the contents from the folder it creates under "Program Files" to another system and use, if you like. Highly recommended! Price: Free
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EaseUs Disk Copy EaseUs Disk Copy

It works 3 stars
I didn't see a need to actually install the program when all that it does is create a floppy disk, but nonetheless, thumbs up for effort off the starting blocks. I couldn't use a floppy disk in the system, so I used Nero to create a bootable CD, enabling the advanced bootable floppy options and keeping the defaults. I copied the files from the floppy to the hard drive, and added those files from the hard drive to the CD contents. The CD I created from the files and boot sector on the floppy booted the system without a problem. The program didn't offer the most intuitive interface I've ever used, but if you know the difference between your source and destination drives you should be ok. A 200GB drive with Windows XP Pro copied to another 200GB drive in about 110 minutes. Displayed was Reading Error, Writing Error, Elapsed Time, Remaining Time, Progress, Current Sector, Total Sector and "Esc" to cancel. Recommended. :) Price: Free
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