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Firefox Browser Firefox Browser

Not what it used to be 1 stars
It used to be my favorite, but after it refused to work with java, I had to give it up and was surprised to see that new generation brosers were better in many respects. Price: Free
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VLC Media Player VLC Media Player

One of the better media players 2 stars
I have been using VLC media player and some others for some time, but after my last update I noticed all my settings were gone. I have two acoustic dips and a peak in my room and in an old version I set up correct settings after considerable effort, then saved them. Old method of saving these won't work anymore. so I just gave it up as there are many more alternatives with better interfaces, features and use less resources while not forgetting user adjustments. VLC forgets graphical and parametric equalizer settings at each exit among other things. I wouldn't recommend it over the others. Price: Free
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Folder Size Folder Size

Does exactly what i need. 5 stars
Very useful utility. The only problem is when a directory is very large, say 200 GB with thousands of subdirectories. Then, it takes time to calculate and display dirsize. However, built-in right-click and-select-properties method also works slow, so it is probably why MS people omitted such a feature. Price: Free
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Opera Opera

The best browser with so many features. 5 stars
I tried almost all of the web browsers and all of them have their good and bad points. Opera is my favorite at the time. It is clean, fast, has almost all the features I need. Its only problem was "Bad Request (Invalid Header Name)" message I encountered frequently, even for Snapfiles' website. However, turning its "turbo" feature off got rid of the problem and even without turbo it is still the fastest with one exception (K-Meleon, which is also a good browser). It also works with 64 bit W7. It doesn't hog system resources too much and keeps the screen free for really needed browsing space, with completely customizable features. It's password manager, extensions for email, Youtube, etc. make it even better than Firefox which used to be my favorite, but seems to be bloatware and so slow for me after using Opera. Price: Free
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Nuance PDF Reader Nuance PDF Reader

The best PDF reader I tried. 5 stars
The reason for trying Nuance PDF reader was mainly to see if it had some extra features and if I could avoid troubles I had with some other PDF readers because of my 64 bit W7, and I was happy to see that not only it worked perfectly well with useful extra features but was as good as their other products like OmniPage too. It even allowed to enlarge prints to full page size which was very useful for me. The only down side was the slow start, which wasn't a problem at all for my 3.6 GHz PC, but it was a problem on a 1.2 GHz netbook. Price: Free
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Avant Browser Avant Browser

Still the best. 5 stars
I've been using it years and although I tried some others with one or two better features such as built-in download managers, more plug-ins, etc, Avant is still the best. It is very fast, safe, easy to use with many features and IE compatible. It could be the perfect browser as it used to be if a couple of minor bugs (they were not there in older versions) could be fixed. It remains memory resident even after quitting (have to use task manager to end the process), CPU is used all the time (if you check cpu usage using windows task manager, you'll notice it) even without any web pages open. Price: Free
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