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John`s Background Switcher John`s Background Switcher

Love it 5 stars
I create a lot of Fractal Images and it's nice to be able to have multiple images across several screens. Great software. Price: Free
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Nemp Nemp

This was a very simple install 5 stars
This was a very simple install, simply copy and paste the files to the directory or your choice, run the exe and drag your music directory to it and that was that! Click on your IP and your web browser pops open and that's it... just add your music to your players list and click play! Great way to share your music over your internal network! Price: Free
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Volumouse Volumouse

Excellent program 5 stars
This is a nice add on, the price is right and it's simple to use. If you're looking for easy control of your volume, this is an excellent choice. Price: Free
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NirLauncher NirLauncher

Nirlauncher 5 stars
Excellent software, and I only give it a Good for the Interface because a lot more could be done as an interface. All the Tools right at your finger tips! A little thought into the Interface and this Tool could be one of the best Utility Tools on the Market. Price: Free
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Any Video Recorder Any Video Recorder

Any video recorder 5 stars
Excellent software, small and does what it's supposed to. I can see me using this often to capture shot loops of video. Very handy piece of software! Price: Free
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Mouse Without Borders Mouse Without Borders

Just downloaded... 5 stars
I've been working with many computers for years, this is the first time I've come across a tool such as this. I've used remote programs quite a lot, but this is one of the nicest Free tools at this caliber that's as impressive as this, that I've seen in a long time. I have 3 other computers that I use quite often and it's always a hassle switching from one mouse to the other and then not forgetting to switch back. It's installed and will be getting Many Hours of use in the nearlong future! Two Thumbs Up! Price: Free
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Mixcraft Mixcraft

I purchased mixcraft 5 stars
I first downloaded MixCraft 6 here on SnapFiles, I also have used MixCraft 5, once I used MixCraft 6 for a week or so I had to buy it. I am totally blown away with this software, it's like I went from a Frequent Guitar Player to a full bandOrchestra over night! The old MixCraft had just over 3000 sounds, and the new version is over 6000, plus I've added another 1000 sounds I already had. If you have any musical talent and are able to mix some music, you'll be hooked on this right away. If you are doing some video and are looking to create some of your own music, this is certainly a great choice. More than worth the . Price: Free Trial ($89.00)
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