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Dropbox Dropbox

Good tool to keep data in sync 5 stars
I have to work on Linux and Windows-powered computers. I need to sync data between them, and Dropbox handles that quickly. For those reluctant to keep sensitive data on Dropbox: I use encrypted filesystem, encfs, which is actually synced via Dropbox. That gives me the feeling of better safety and some insurance that my data will still be more or less protected from third party eyes if human error happens and my storage can be accessed by someone else. Its mobile versions aren't that smart, however, especially Android one. Managing files with them can be a nuisance. However, even its free plan gives me enough disk space to keep my development and mail archives in sync. I should also admit the developers take security seriously and react quickly to whatever problem the program and its service had. Price: Free
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IPHost Network Monitor IPHost Network Monitor

I like its stability 4 stars
Primary reason why I use this monitoring program is stability. I can leave it without checking for weeks and find it still working, without anything to take immediate care of. Except for alerts, of course, when it informs me of something wrong with my network. I haven't yet tested the latest version yet, since I do not upgrade a program just because there's an update. My experience taught me to upgrade when there's extremely serious reason to, such as security or stability issues. Note that it also has a freeware version, so you can test it without much problems. Apart from some monitors type not present in program, I had just few problems with it. Also, it goes pretty well with all the security software I use (doesn't generate false security alerts). Price: Free Trial ($199.00)
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Spybot  Search and Destroy (Free) Spybot Search and Destroy (Free)

Still is worth its price 3 stars
I use Spybot for years; the recent changes in program are not encouraging. The program nags too often; it can open its warning screen while computer is locked and consume pretty much resources with it, for reason unknown to me. Currently, all the important actions are manual; interface became too complicated, memory footprint has become very much. Yet still its efficiency as scanner is good, I just do not allow it to stay running in background, to save resources and nerves, it's appeals to pay are just irritating. However, it was once extremely good piece of freeware, so I still recommend it. Just use something else with it, for fuller safety. Price: Free
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CCleaner CCleaner

Saves time required to keep computer tidy 5 stars
My program of choice for many years. When used together with Eraser, allows keeping computer free of excessive clutter. Default settings of Windows do not really prevent it from getting overburdened with temporary files and the like. For a free piece of software it's amazingly efficient and compact. From my viewpoint it's just too powerful, so pat attention when you confirm cleanup and/or program deletion - to avoid irreversible actions. Good tool. Price: Free
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Eraser Eraser

Simple and efficient cleanup tool 5 stars
Eraser definitely does what it promises to: efficient and safe cleanup. For the absolute majority of cases, it is sufficient. For better safety (or less paranoia), I would advise to a) erase your temporary files folder on shutdown with Eraser, and b) use encrypted filesystem such as encfs to even more reduce chances to recover whatever sensitive data you could have on disk. Price: Free
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