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clipboard manager Clipjump is a multiple-clipboard manager that automatically keeps track of everything you copy to the Windows clipboard, regardless of the format. You can then easily recall any previously copied item and re-paste it as needed. Unlike many other clipboard managers, Clipjump uses a unique approach that makes use of the standard Ctrl+V key. Instead of simply pasting the last copied item (which is the default Windows action), Clipjump brings up a small dialog that lets you scroll through all recently copied items and select the one you want to paste. Other features include support for multiple clipboard channels, a built-in history manager (search, edit and delete items), customizable hotkeys and more. Copyright

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Publisher Avi Aryan Price Free
Version 12.5  history Last updated Apr 16, 2016
File Size 975 Kb Requirements None

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Really useful - but read the helpfile first. 5 stars by patwolves Apr 13, 2014 (Read all my 7 reviews)
I've been looking for something like this for ages so first off, many thanks to the Author. Overall, Clipjump works really well and it has a wealth of features that pretty much cater for everyone's requirements - I appreciate that the Author is trying to satisfy everyone, even if my own personal requirements are rather more mundane. The interface is functional but rather basic and it could perhaps be a bit more user-friendly - 2 things come to mind: 1. Couldn't CTRL+V pop-up a larger window of your clips to then cycle through with CTRL+C or CTRL+V rather than showing them in small window one at a time and having to remember if certain clips come before or after the current one in the clip list. I find that I am often having to toggle CTRL+V and CTRL+C to 'hunt the clip' I want, rather than being able to easily see it further up or further down in the list). 2. Cutting and Copying to the clipboard is possible using either keyboard or mouse. However, pasting is only possible using the keyboard (CTRL+V). Couldn't mouse (right-click, then paste) display the same pop-up window of your clips as suggested in 1) above. That way, the User then has complete freedom to wholly use either keyboard or mouse. I appreciate that there may be programming reasons why the Author hasn't taken such an approach and the above suggestions shouldn't in any way detract from what is an excellent piece of software that I wouldn't now be without. show Review details
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