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find duplicate photos DupDetector is a utility for finding and removing duplicate and near duplicate images across one or more folder structures. The program offers customizable match methods based on color an luminance that enable you to find duplicates, even if they have been edited, converted to B&W or resized. You can further set match restrictions based on the image size or aspect ratio and require a minimum match percentage.DupDetector scans your image folders and creates a database of all your photos, which greatly speeds up subsequent searches and produces results within a few seconds. You can review all duplicate image pairs side-by-side and delete or move superfluous photos with the click of a button.Other features include automatic and semi-automatic delete options, comparing of multiple data files, and more. Copyright Snapfiles.com

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Publisher Prismatic Software (2) Price Free
Version 3.30.2  history Last updated Jul 08, 2011
File Size 1.04 Mb Requirements None

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Best duplicate finder out there 5 stars by kpaddler Dec 03, 2011 (Read all my 3 reviews)
I am so glad that the programmers updated this program so that it works with windows 7. I actually was spending a lot of money keeping my old computer working, just so that I could still use this program! I have tried every other program I could find to see if I could come up with a replacement for dup detector to work with the new OS, and I will tell you that no other program comes close in ability of finding duplicates, or thoroughness. A previous reviewer stated that you could only find 1000 duplicates at a time, this is not so if you go into the options menu, you can set that number as high as you like. My only gripes with this program is that it is a bit slow, and the program stops working if you are using the automatic delete, and don't minimize the program before doing anything else on the computer. Otherwise LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! show Review details
Essential, but not for the faint-hearted 3 stars by LongSoft May 04, 2011 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I have been using this software for a couple of years now. With a collection of over half a million images there are bound to be duplicates. DupDetector makes the process of eliminating them so much easier. The software really scores however in finding those images that are essentially the same, but have been manipulated, resized, compressed and generally messed-about. This app finds images that LOOK the same even though wildly different at the byte level. Where it falls down however is in a clunky interface that is less than helpful and wastes much of its potential because it is hard to see what parameters are needed where. Once you have got it working it works incredibly well, but newcomers could be put off by the complexity of the interface. Searching 22,000 images per hour on a 2Ghz laptop seems standard. Going through the matches on by one afterwards is the lengthy bit and causes some eye-strain. Thankfully there is an option to move dupes rather than delete them - which has saved me from hair-tearing mistakes many times over. Points to note: only 1,000 positive matches can be processed at a time, so if you get more than that in any search you have to keep reprocessing. Making decisions is made harder because the file information for each match is printed on opposite edges of the screen, meaning a lot of eye-flickering as you work out which image is the best. In spite of this I love the software and could not live without it. I just wish the interface was better. show Review details
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