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create fractal images Fractal Zoomer can be used to create fractal imagery from more than 100 built-in fractal functions. You can use custom or randomized color schemes, chose plane transformations and apply several image filters to create unique fractal designs. The initial fractal is generated from the mathematical function you choose (Mandelbrot and many others) and does not look overly impressive at first. However, once you start playing with the color schemes and zoom deeper into the fractal areas, you will open completely new dimensions with truly unique fractal compositions. Much of the options are based on mathematical formulas, so, unless you're familiar with them, you'll just have to start trying different options to see what comes out. We wished there was a button to randomize the fractal design (as it can be done with color schemes), as this would make it a lot faster to experience with new designs. Once you have found a fractal image you like, you can save it as a project (.dat) file or export it as bitmap file. Check our our screenshots for a small gallery of fractals we created during the review. Copyright

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Publisher Chris Kalonakis Price Free
Version  history Last updated Mar 30, 2024
File Size 10.7 Mb Requirements Java

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Good software, easy, fun and entertaining ... 5 stars by melen001 May 03, 2014 (Read all my 20 reviews)
I have never used software like this and i must say that it's entertaining and easy to use. It has thousand of combination that you can apply that i can probably use for a couple of years and still have thousand more to discover. I see that their is no limit to what can be done with the tool. I will have to educate myself to get the best out of it. Lots of mathematical terms not familiar with or just plain forgot. You should try it... its fun and easy..... show Review details
Good fractal generator in portable format 5 stars by nuiparishi26 Aug 27, 2013 (Read all my 13 reviews)
This one made me re-install Java on my Windows 7 again because i really like Fractals and read the review, saw the amazing screenshots and decided that it was well worth installing Java. I play with fractals since 1987 on my Atari STE computer and it had a program very similar to this one except it was way slower rendering (CPU 8 Mhz!!!) and had not this many mathematical functions. The options to save to jpeg or other formats make this an amazing creative tool. It's an excellent program and i will keep Java to use Fractal Zoomer because I love it's simplicity and available mathematical depth. show Review details
Definitely a great frac software 5 stars by gimpguy Aug 19, 2013 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I created some cool fractals in not too much time but there are so many combinations, variations, formulas that it could make your head spin. But that is a GOOD thing. It's really quite limitless in combinations and I would urge anyone who hasn't worked with fractal software before to do plenty of reading but you won't be disappointed when you learn to control these fractals and come up with some pretty amazing patterns. Yeah, definitely one of the better fractal softwares I've used, a keeper and a 5. show Review details
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