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SnipDock SnipDock

Quick snipping & image reference tool..... 3 stars
This tool is very handy when you need to refer to an image frequently. It's very easy to use. I do have an issue and I just cant find the image after snipping. It's supposed to be stored in Pictures Folder but when I look for it it's not there. I have sent a request to the developer to see what is wrong or if I'm doing something incorrect. I hope I get an answer because this tool will be very handy to have. Price: Free
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Pricepirates Pricepirates

Fast, easy & handy to have ... 5 stars
I wasn't expecting this tool to be so handy. After I used for less than five minutes I can see that this will save me lots of time searching on the net. Thanks for a great tool. Price: Free
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MadAppLauncher MadAppLauncher

Good but I have my way of doing this... 3 stars
This tool is really good but I have my own way of doing the same and this is how. On Desktop I open a new folder and name it Tools & Apps and then I create shortcuts and just drag & drop them in the folder. When ever I need one of my apps or tools I just go to my created Tools & Apps folder. It's really a simple solution and find it useful. Try it and see if it works for you... enjoy ... Price: Free
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QText QText

Good but i made my own ... 2 stars
After using for a short time I noticed that it was using lots of my memory for such a small app so this is what I did. On my desktop I right click and opened a "new folder" and named it "Notes", then I right clicked again and opened a new "Text Document" and named it (in my case) "Jobs" and just wrote down what I wanted and then dragged it to the "Notes New Folder" and it's saved there. You can create as many text documents as you like and save them in the folder. It's that simple. You just won't have the Icon that QText has in your Notification Area on your Task Bar. That small QText Icon uses a lot of your memory so opted to do what I have just explained. You can also do the same.... enjoy .... Price: Free
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IObit Uninstaller IObit Uninstaller

It's the best, don't look further..... 5 stars
IObit Uninstaller is the best uninstaller you can have. IObit will perform a "deep scan" to search for any left overs and remove them. You also have Geek Uninstaller which is # 2 in my opinion. And Revo Free is also good but hasn't been updated since 2013 and does not support 64 bit programs. Revo has put it's efforts into their paid version and the FREE version has been practically abandoned. Also, even if you use Windows Program Uninstaller IObit will perform a deep scan to search for left overs. There are others that have many options but if you want a "clean uninstall" of a program then IObit is the tool you need. Give it a try... enjoy ... Price: Free
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Foxit PDF Reader Foxit PDF Reader

Has reader, virtual printer, creator and writer 4 stars
This new version is an excellent substitute for Adobe Acrobat. It has a reader, virtual printer and creator/writer all in one. Has practically all the necessary features and options that you will ever need. The reader has a nice looking interface where you can even edit if desired. Try it is really very fast and won't slow your machine. I have set it as my default so just give it a try and all this is actually FREE. Enjoy... Price: Free
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LastPass LastPass

Just remember 1 password... 4 stars
This password manager is an excellent choice. It's quite easy to use, will take you a few minutes to run through it and get to understand but that's not a problem. You will need to remember only 1 password to access ALL your stored passwords and LastPass will automatically run your stored passwords. It's cloud based so you can access you passwords from any computer. I see that a few have commented that they don't want to use cloud service or share their passwords and have given LastPass an inferior RATING. If you don't want to share your passwords then you will need to use another password manager but PLEASE don't base your rating on that issue. Cloud technology is not bad and it's only a commercial name for marketing what really are servers which we have been using for decades. If your looking for an easy to use password manager then i would suggest LastPass FREE version .... enjoy Price: Free
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Efficient Diary Efficient Diary

Easy and efficient... nice interface... 5 stars
I've never had a diary so i just downloaded the free portable version to see how it looks. Was i surprised!!! This is an excellent diary tool. The interface is nice, it's fast and extremely easy to use. No need to fiddle around with the settings for it performs great right out-of-the-box. It's performs like a "word processor" so you can just write about what ever you like. The "pass-word" feature is a plus and very handy to keep snoopers out. What else can i say but "great piece of work" and thanks for inspiring me to start my DAILY LIFE STORY .... and thanks for the FREE version... Price: Free
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HDDExpert HDDExpert

Good but not necessary ... 3 stars
HDDExpert is a good tool and uses S.M.A.R.T. to analyze your hard drive. I personally use the feature provided by Piriform's Defraggler and have same results. I find no need in using this software but still it's a good tool if you want to check your hard drive. Price: Free
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DrawWiz DrawWiz

Basic templates and easy.... 3 stars
Extremely easy to use. Just pick the templates and away you go. Really not suited for the more advanced but if you are just looking to make basic and simple cartoons with a "no hassle" tool then this is it. Price: Free
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DesktopCal DesktopCal

Excelent for personal use, easy 5 stars
Have been using for the last 4 months and just updated to the newest version and this calender is perfect. You can change the color, size, week start day, transparency, past weeks to see and fonts. Set up is a cinch and really easy and simple. Just write down what ever you like in the day you want and that's it. If you're looking for a personal calender for your daily choirs and appointments this is what you need. Price.... absolutely FREE ..... enjoy ... Price: Free
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FotoSketcher FotoSketcher

Fast, simple and easy to use ... 5 stars
I've been using for a few years and it has developed into a very good tool. Easy to follow instructions and has many features to choose from. Any one can use it and it's also fun to use. They're others tools the do the same but you have to put out a few and this is completely FREE. Give it a try and enjoy yourself...... Price: Free
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SpeedyFox SpeedyFox

Extremel good with no issue what so ever..... 5 stars
Just ran SpeedyFox latest up-dated version and it does work and it did speed up my FireFox. You can also compact FireFox database using CCleaner. Just check the Compact Database option under FireFox and youre done. What ever SpeedyFox does I haven't read on yet but it does speed up your browsing a lot. Nice to know that give it a try and try CCleaner Compact Database option and let us all know what you experience. Does FF hog much of your resources (memory) try Firemin, this little tool will free what ever FF hogs and it is extremely light and does what its meant to do. Been using it for a few months with no issues what so ever. Price: Free
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AnyDesk AnyDesk

The easiest I've used... my go-to tool ... 5 stars
I find AnyDesk an excellent tool and it is easy to use, 1 second download and install, stable, reliable, a no fuss tool, uses very little resources, can set password protection if desired and quite frankly the easiest remote tool i have ever used. Been using TeamViewer for quite a while but find this to be much better with no hassling around... Just one thing, it's BETA so will have to see how it works out and when the stable version arrives i assume that it will have some features limited but still it's my go-to-tool for the moment... so easy my 97 yr old mom can use it...... Price: Free
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Immunet Protect (Free version) Immunet Protect (Free version)

Added protection from cloud..... 4 stars
The protection offered is cloud based so it doesn't interfere with your anti-virus software. Most of the premium features are not available in the free version but the added protection offered in the free version is sufficient enough to merit it as additional protection. Very light on resources so that is not an issue.... i would consider recommending as an additional line of protection to run with your antivirus software.... Price: Free
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FlashBack Express FlashBack Express

Fast, easy and effective...... 4 stars
Very good recorder considering that it's free. Easy to use, nice interface but could use more options. Has it's own play back tool which is convenient and I find it's not a resource hog. I would recommend this recorder for it's ease of use... Price: Free
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ArsClip ArsClip

One of the best if not the best....... 5 stars
Arsclip, which is an extension of the clipboard, is so easy to use.... has all the necessary features and the ne i like is the "permanent clip" feature... you can't bet the price (free) but i would pay for it though, it's that good and handy ..... was using Ditto and both are excellent .... the truth is i just changed to Arsclip to test it out but Ditto is just as good... I would call it a draw.... Price: Free
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Fractal Zoomer Fractal Zoomer

Good software, easy, fun and entertaining ... 5 stars
I have never used software like this and i must say that it's entertaining and easy to use. It has thousand of combination that you can apply that i can probably use for a couple of years and still have thousand more to discover. I see that their is no limit to what can be done with the tool. I will have to educate myself to get the best out of it. Lots of mathematical terms not familiar with or just plain forgot. You should try it... its fun and easy..... Price: Free
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Firefox Browser Firefox Browser

Firefox v. 29 new interface - australis- 5 stars
Well I just got the new FF Australis interface page and, to tell you the truth, it really doesn't look that bad. Actually it might take a little time to get accustomed to but it seems okay. The whole problem is that we are accustomed to do things a certain way and when change and new technologies arrive we resent the fact that we might have to "start all over again" and that's understandable. As part of our learning habits that is not unusual at all. Changes and innovation are usually difficult for us to accept and "learned habits" is just part of our psychological traits on how we think and act so, if you really think about it, after awhile, getting accustomed to the new FF is really no big deal. Sure we've lost a few things that we liked on our homepage, but can you imagine if we still had the "original FireFox" and all that "old technology"??? Let me put it this way, I can remember the first car I had a 1963 Chevy Impala and no AC. Do you think that I would change my 2012 Lexus GS 350 for the "old, trustworthy and beauty" of the Impala? Yeah, it's a nostalgic felling I guess and I loved that Impala but you get the idea. I got over it and I'm sure that you will too. Technology and innovation has it's sacrifices but the positives out weight the lost.... so I welcome you Australis and thanks FireFox for a job well done... Price: Free
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Geek Uninstaller Geek Uninstaller

Fast, easy and effective...... 5 stars
Geek Uninstaller is a formidable tool when you speak of uninstallers. It's simple GUI has few options if any and the information it collects on installed software is sufficient and if need more just right click and use Google and you'll have what you need. It will perform a deep scan by default and remove what ever is left behind. Having problems uninstalling a program? , use Force Uninstall or Removal option and your done. Really not much to say except that Geek Uninstaller gets the job done with no hiccups...... very handy to have when others fail..... Price: Free
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