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unique countdown timer Hourglass is a simply countdown time that uses a unique concept to quickly create a new timing task by simply typing the desired countdown date or time into the small interface and pressing Enter to start the timer. Type a duration like 5 minutes or a date and time like August 11 at 8 pm to start your timer. Once the countdown reaches 0, the program can optionally alert you with a sound or popup window. Hourglass is designed to accept most common time and date formats, you can simply enter "5" to start a 5 minute countdown or use "120s" to countdown 120 seconds or type "5:00" to be notified at 5.00 PM . You can even type a future date (e.g 12/31/2016) to start a countdown to that day. Other features include and option to save timers for quick access, customizable colors and sound, full-screen mode and the ability to run multiple timers simultaneously. Copyright Snapfiles.com

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Publisher Orzeszek Development (2) Price Free
Version 1.15.0  history Last updated Dec 13, 2021
File Size 1.56 Mb Requirements None

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