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file renaming utility Rename Us is a file renaming utility that enables you to rename and move or copy a group of files. You can combine multiple rules to change case, add/remove a suffix or prefix, add increment counters, replace strings and other name modifications.The file name changes can be previewed in a test run without changing the actual file names. Your renaming rules can be saved so that they can be quickly applied at a later time. Other features include renaming based on Regular Expressions as well as predefined functions based on the file properties, MP3 tags and other file details. Copyright

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Publisher Vitaliy Levchenko (5) Price Free
Version 4.2.4  history Last updated Jan 11, 2020
File Size 2.47 Mb Requirements None

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Useful renamer 5 stars by aslan.kerindi933 Sep 17, 2017
This Rename Us looks simple, but can do manu useful things. I customized it to delete my backup files with . extension, which I have speaded between many folders, and to work with MP3 files. What I miss there is EXIF functions, but anyway it is the best renamer I tried so far. show Review details
Fabulous renamer!!!! 5 stars by busybusy Jun 18, 2015 (Read all my 262 reviews)
After searching, installing, and trying a number of rename utilities over the years I somehow skipped over this one but FOUND IT! It is the only one that allows you to manipulate the file names in such a way that be scripted and run at a DOS prompt. My suggestion is the start with the HELP file. Once you read through the documentation, which is short, but gives you all the information to make this renamer dance. It not as straight forward as other renamers that have quick screen change options but for more advanced users is allows youto build a method of different actions to be performed on based on your mask given with a preview execute option. This allows you to see the output before changing it. You can manipulate multiple files, add, insert, string options, use file tags, and more. The HELP file shows what it can do. Get it, use it, rate it. Two-Thumbs Up. If I had more I would add them! Simply an amazing just now found and it was last updated in 2010 show Review details
Glad I found it! 4 stars by Henry8 May 19, 2009 (Read all my 37 reviews)
I've been using ReNamer, but I came upon a problem with my screen captures. The time during which they were taken included a few Windows reinstallations, as well as trying several programs to take the captures with. Thus, they were named and numbered in a pretty chaotic way. The only way to get them in order was by date. This is the only Renamer I have found so far that was capable of organizing the files that way. After that it was a piece of cake to get them renamed, and now they all stand in a nice, proper queue. It's a very nice and clear program. The only complaint I have is, the numbering of files should be possible to start from something else than 1. But otherwise... what can I say? I have a few thousand renamed files! show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on May 21, 2009: It is possible to enumerate the files starting from custom number. Just specify that number in the enumeration schema. Another way is to use expression like + 100 , for example.
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