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O&O AppBuster O&O AppBuster

Awesome - app be gone! 5 stars
A wonderful tool to help remove applications from your system that are no longer needed. O&O has really made it easier then Windows Program and Features to remove software, especially Windows apps that are never used. The program doesn't require installation and so just click on it to run. Also, recovering extra disk space is always a plus. ;) Two-Thumbs Up! Price: Free
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New Folder Wizard New Folder Wizard

Simple folder creator 5 stars
This program worked great for my purposes. It does exactly what it says it does. I do like the flexiblity of creating a text file with your own structure. The features for a program written in 2009 is holding up. I agree with the other post that a couple more features would be nice but that is not going to happen. So for the features presented it works solid. The program does not require install and works on Windows 10 with no issues. Price: Free
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StartWatch StartWatch

Awesome program watcher tool 5 stars
Unfortunately, the program is not available from the originating website since it is down. But don't forget the registration key in the program description that is posted. You will need it to get full functionality. Great program! Price: Free
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Nmap Security Scanner Nmap Security Scanner

I see what is on my network! amazing utility. 5 stars
This is one of many tools but it is nice that with the Zenmap GUI I can visually see how everything on my network is connected. You can also see a list of all the IP's as well but the graphical representation is an added benefit that I really like. The GUI is intuitive for any user to understand what they are looking at. Pretty Awesome! Price: Free
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WizTree WizTree

Tree scan-tastic! 5 stars
I did a review a number of years ago on this but happened that they recently updated it, I needed to upgrade and test it to see what's improved. I'm testing it on a network share, you have to allow the drive share to be access through the software even though you might have it through your OS alread. This is nothing big and actually like that aspect. Onto the scanning, my Brave browser backup is taking 21GB and it scanned it in only 423.78 sec or 7 min. which for this NAS device is not bad at all. The display is similar to the previous version I used but enhanced at the same time. The interface is intuitive and clean looking. If you Righ-Click you can perform any function you configured in your OS. BTW, I found wasted space in a few cache folder thanks to WizTree. Price: Free
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NewMove NewMove

Command line got a new move 5 stars
I like to have a good set of command line tools and AnalogX has create a nice utility to help in specific circumstances. It can be run in a batch file or scheduled task if the need arises. NewMove has a lot of features rolled into one: Copy, MoveOld, MoveNew, Delete and has a TEST function so you can make sure your command line is correct before you actually run it for real. It's a solid utility to keep in your tool chest. Price: Free
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Multi-Monitor Viewer Multi-Monitor Viewer

Simply viewer - so useful 5 stars
This utility came in handy when using the free version of VNC Viewer on a system that has two monitors. In this viewer you only can view the main monitor so if a window opens up on the second you won't be able to see it. With Multi-Monitor you can at least see the second screen. The downside is you cannot click on anything in that windows but at least you know you can see the screen. If you find yourself in a similar situation you might find this of use as well. Price: Free
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BurnAware Free BurnAware Free

I still burn dvds 5 stars
For people still burning CD/DVDs this program will fit the bill for most people. The features provide everything you need and all for free. I'm impressed with the simplicity of the interface to the final product. Give it try and a review! Price: Free
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AutoRuns AutoRuns

Keeping things running or not 5 stars
I've been using this program by System Internals for years and found it be a key asset in looking into a particular area of your systems configuration. It also can be used to detect anomalies that may be system related or possible malware or other intrusion. The interface is easy to navigate and to adjust settings quickly. Use this power carefully as you can disable things you might not want disabled. Price: Free
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FBackup FBackup

Updated & amazing backup 5 stars
I remember trying this a long time ago but was not really impressed but they have improved it while keeping the interface pretty similar to it beginnings. The scheduling work well to assist in automated backup even in the free version which is a nice touch. Their upgrade has a lot more features if you need them and the price is reasonable to others. The basic features are great for people starting out to help keep their data backed up. It simple and pretty much walks you through the process. Price: Free
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VeraCrypt VeraCrypt

Best tried and true crypt tool! 5 stars
VeraCrypt is a proven implementation of encryption. It has been third-party audited and has been build on solid programming when it was TrueCrypt. I use it for both desktops and especially USB sticks of importance. I'd like to say thanks to the group IDRIX for carrying to the torch on this amazing piece of software. It's my go to encryption tool and its portable to boot. Price: Free
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Mem Reduct Mem Reduct

Simply memorable! 5 stars
Henry has created an amazing tool to help manage memory in Windows. Windows does not always unload memory space for new programs but with memreduct I don't have to worry about it. Simple to install, setup and run. Pretty Awesome! Price: Free
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Switch Off Switch Off

Simple shutdown tool 5 stars
I remember first using this on my XP laptop. Worked great then and it works great now under w10. Menu's are very easy to understand, quick selection, then enable the task and your done. It has a small memory foot print, does not rely on .NET or other libraries to get in the way. Price: Free
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DirPrintOK DirPrintOK

Custom print is assume! 5 stars
I was using another application to perform directory printing but I found that DirPrintOK has a bit more options and looks great. I found the interface easy to use which allows you to select all field data or just a couple. You can rearrange the field names in the order you want which is common but like the ability to drag and drop functionality. I had issue with directory printers not seeing the Network Drives and DirPrintOK had not issues with that. I was impressed that you can output to file types like: txt, csv, xls. html, doc. The output file has headers which most don't apply which is a nice bonus. Last cool feature is that it has a portable version. I love having tools that I can put onto my PortableBootUSB and being able to run a program without installation. Price: Free
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Centralized urls 4 stars
I'm really very happy to use this utility. You can carry around your URL database with you. It features have improved nicely as you can verify your URLs to see if they link is dead or is alive which can help keep your database up-to-date and cleaned up. You can launch any URL to any browser. It's easy to navigate and move around in the interface. The only thing I would like to see if the export function as HTML. Currently it only does XML and CSV. If you happen to have stored your bookmarks from a system that not longer exist and want to export those bookmarks you will loose the structure because the XML and CSV are flat file outputs. They do reference the folder path where they came from but you would have to reconstruct the structure from the information provided. So with that slight improvement it will be the boom! Price: Free
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RegCool RegCool

Very cool regeditor! 5 stars
This utility has come a long way and has made editing the registry easier as in finding items, listing your changes, ability to backup the registry, Undo/Redo changes, and so much more. This give me a lot of confidence that if you make a mistake you can change things back or restore from a backup. Windows regedit does not give you any recovery options unless you had backed up the registry stores prior too. Check out all the features that this utility has to offer. I'm loving this utility plus it's portable as well so you can put this on your TechTools USB stick. I give it, Two-thumbs Up! Price: Free
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VirtualBox VirtualBox

Best of vm 5 stars
Since VirtualBox 6 the stability and compatibility has much improved. I run older environments like XP and now Windows 7 which are running stable in these environments. The major thing is the realize the amount of resources need to run multiple VM on your machine both CPU and Memory are the key factors especially if you are running them concurrent with your host OS. So far VirtualBox has had not hiccups as of yet! Another thing you might need is the Extensions Pack and Guest Additions which is Free for personal, educational or evaluation use under the terms of the VirtualBox Personal Use and Evaluation License on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris x-86 platforms. VirtualBox Extension Pack is a binary package intended to extend the functionality of VirtualBox like USB 3.0, WebCams pass-through, RDP, image encryption and other functionality. There is a lot of information on both the installation, configuration, adding of the extensions, and to setting up your first VM. It is easy, free, and give you an option to run multiple environments all on ONE machine. Have Fun! Price: Free
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DiskPulse (Free Version) DiskPulse (Free Version)

Knowing whats accessing your hdd 5 stars
It funny that you can see Windows just sitting there and the hard drive is just blinking away, you ask "What the heck is it doing?". We'll DiskPulse is the answer to the question, at least it was for me. Using the program I was able to determine what programs are running, the files they were opening and much more. This helped me determine if a program was necessary to be running in the tray or as a service. Most of the processes were for logging purposes I found but found some programs really poorly written abusing that privilege. Overall a great utility to help diagnose those nagging questions of why is that hard drive light going crazy when nothing seems to be happening! ;) Price: Free
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IPInfoOffline IPInfoOffline

Know your IP.. 5 stars
If you are in IT or just want to know what IP is you are going to and any information about it this is a simple but slick way of getting IP related information. The interface if familiar across all Nirsoft tools so it is easy to find and display the information you need. Wonderful tool as usual. Price: Free
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Delete.On.Reboot Delete.On.Reboot

Your deleted! 5 stars
Nenad Hrg has been putting amazing software and this latest one is really useful. On my test machine which I use to test software this tool helps me get rid of items via a script to keep my testing in check by getting rid of programs and file fragments may linger from install to install. Now I can script every install to then create a delete file once the computer reboots. Good utilities make life a little bit easier. Price: Free
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Windows getting wpd! 5 stars
I love to see that programs like WPD have made securing Windows easier then it used to be. Normally you have to go through a bunch of menu's disabling things, in the registry, and gpedit. But now its just a click slider interface. How awesome it that? It works great and have tested out the different options to make sure it is doing what it says its doing. Two-thumbs up here! Price: Free
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VMware Player VMware Player

Get vmware and play! 5 stars
VMware had grown to be common place the the VMware Player added to our computer experience. The Player has become more stable over time and is showing it maturity. This is great when you need to run different environments like Linux or older versions of Windows for testing or gaming purposes. If you have a need for a virtual environment this is the best way to go. Price: Free
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WinUpdatesView WinUpdatesView

Updates found! 5 stars
Windows like to hide information and Nirsoft helps to allow users to see what's going on under the hood. WinUpdatesView single purpose is to show you all the update information on your Windows machine. It reports all updates that succeeded or failed in a install date time line. You can use the command in a batch file to export the data to a TXT or CSV format which can be scanned for issue or for the latest security patch update. Very wonderful tool! Price: Free
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Revo Uninstaller Revo Uninstaller

Easiest uninstaller to use! 5 stars
The design of the user interface for Revo Uninstaller is just wonderful. It is simple use as just an uninstaller but also has so much more. The free version is pretty useful for most people but the Pro version has command line functionality which more advanced users would appreciate. Check out the Tools menu option which has Autorun Management, Junk File Cleaner, Windows Tools, Browser Cleaner, MS Office Cleaner, Windows Cleaner, Evidence Remover, and Unrecoverable Delete options. I have other tools that handle a lot of these but useful to that they provide additional removal tools to bring more value to this utility! Price: Free
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O&O ShutUp10 O&O ShutUp10

Windows, shutup! 5 stars
I just starting using this tool and it nice to see how automated shutting down all the telemetry that is embedded in Windows. I was doing it manually before which was a pain for every new system that brought up. I appreciate that O&O has put this out for free! This has help secure my systems fast and easy through their menu system. Thanks again to O&O. Price: Free
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Gadwin PrintScreen Gadwin PrintScreen

Best screen capture tool - ever! 5 stars
I really enjoy using this tool. It's menus are straight forward, small memory foot print, and the On-Screen capture tool is awesome. I have tried similar screen capture tools but so far Gadwin PrintScreen is the best. The programming is solid and works in every occasion that I've needed to use it. Add it to your list of go to utilities! Price: Free
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Tor Browser Tor Browser

Loving tor 5 stars
Tor is a great way of protecting your privacy when looking thing up on the Internet. It's a good stop gap measure in the meantime. The previous commenter has mention a lot of good points both Pro and Con which have not changed. But the Tor Project is trying its best to provide a browser which does not track you and limits others from tracking your as well. Price: Free
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FullEventLogView FullEventLogView

Fast eventlogviewer! 5 stars
Nirsoft keeps putting out really amazing utilities. FullEventLogView is awesome since I keep tabs on the event log quite a bit. It is also portable so I can carry it without having to install it on all the machine I take care of. It allow a one screen view of what you need to know and can sort or find what event your looking for. A IT's little helper!! Price: Free
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LosslessCut LosslessCut

Clip, save and done! 5 stars
I've been looking for a replacement to Vidcutter and LosslessCut does the job. Similar functionality but more capabilities since the other utility is no longer updated. The interface is easy to understand and move around. You do need to have it full screen to take advantage of the slider bar for the video time line. Granularity is everything! I works well, has a small memory foot-print and is fast. Price: Free
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Love multi-boot 5 stars
I have YUMI through a lot of its iterations. They keep updating and adding compatibility for different version of Linux and other ISO's. With bigger USB's now days it is easy to put multiple versions of Linux or ISO's on one thumb drive. This is just a wonderful evolution the software. I use this for both installation and Tools ISO's all in one. It just makes sense. Price: Free
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mp3DirectCut mp3DirectCut

Amazing and quick mp3 editor 5 stars
I listen to podcasts and a lot have them have introduced commercials in the download version of their .MP3's. This can get really annoying when you're listening to one in the car and you have no way to advance past that section. Being able to have a small, fast, and accurate editor comes in hand. It make quick work of any .MP3 job that I have tried it against. The program slide bar allows you to find the areas, in my case commercial content, set the beginning and end marks, cut then out and save the file. It just took about a minute. Pretty awesome software! Price: Free
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Open Shell Open Shell

Make windows start button work! 5 stars
If you have used XP or Win7 you had a function menu system that gets you to what you need without being Advertised to. The simple design worked for everyone not with Win8,10 it got complicated, more scrolling, and advertised flash tiles with things you don't need. To bring things back to an simpler time Open Shell does the trick. It is simple to install, you choice what you want the button to look like and can enjoy a menu system that you were accustomed to. The embedded Win10 menu is not gone if you ever want to use it so if you want to but in the end you'll forget about it had get to using your system. It is a GREAT addition to your new system! Price: Free
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Windows 95 Windows 95

Windows 95 is back 5 stars
This is pretty amazing to have a Windows 95 environment to use. Its Windows within Windows, literally. I still have some old utilities that run on this environment so it will be nice to try out and see how I can get it all to work. But the functionality of the Windows95 is stable and have no issues running the basic applications. Overall this is pretty impressive to make available this environment again. Thanks!!!! Price: Free
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VidCoder VidCoder

Digitizing fun 5 stars
I have a few binders of DVD movies and wanted to add them to digital collection. VidCoder really helped out with that process. The program is simple with tons of video formats to choose from to create my library. I do like the preview feature which gives you an idea based on the setting you have chosen what the quality of the end result will look like. I can save my settings so the files are consistant for my TV and devices. It does take time to process the DVDs but that is not an issue due the slow readers. Overall I give it two-thumbs up! BTW, I appreciate the portable version as well. Price: Free
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Everything Everything

Amazing search utility 5 stars
I just started using Everything and have found it to be just amazing fast! I'm not sure how it does it but found it performs better then windows search. The install gives you a few options but I like to have it running as a service so you know it will be available when needed. The interface is easy but set up a Windows hotkey so it will be easy to launch, Tools->Options--General->Keyboard. The default setting will work for most people but can be tweaked for the more advanced user. Also, another cool option is the Bookmarks menu allows to you remember searches that you use most often without having to type it every time. Overall a solid search tool!! Price: Free
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Rainlendar Lite Rainlendar Lite

Robust calendaring! 5 stars
I just wanted to say that Rainlendar has been constantly improving their Calendar program to allow customized event, tasks (To-Dos), alarms, and views. It is unique in the way it does things but it well worth it. Out of the box it works, easy to configure and use. The look and feel is wonderful with the transparency overlay on the desktop. The cpu and memory usage are minimal while running in the background. Have fun customizing our own calendar! Price: Free
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ExeWatch ExeWatch

Watching exe on all drives 5 stars
If you want to know what may be going on in your computer either during an update or installation of a program ExeWatch is great. It is a very small "portable" file which can be run at startup and notifies you visually both at the corners of your screen along with the system tray. It is only momentary for the corners so not to annoy anyone but the system tray will continue to blink. It is really well done. Note that it is an EXE watcher so no executables will not be tracked. Lovely program and works on Windows 7-10 with no issues. Price: Free
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DSynchronize DSynchronize

Totally in sync 5 stars
DSynchronize is a simple and pretty straight forward sync utility. I love that it has different modes that it can in, for instance: Real time, as a Service, Timed Intervals. The program is small and takes very little memory which is always a plus. After a month of testing I has not seem any issues whatsoever. Another feature that it has is this a DSynchronize Controller which allows you to monitor all your installations of DSynchronize. You can configure the port address if you happen to have a port conflict. This is pretty unquie and awesome for sure! I wanted to thank the author Dimitrios for putting out this really awesome and evolving sync tool. Price: Free
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Aura Aura

Turn you pc into a nature sound machine 5 stars
This program really surprised me. The timing and integration of the birds, grasshoppers, woodpecker, insects, and of course the RAIN Now sounds are simply amazing!!!! The blending of all these into a relaxing natural rhythm took a bit of time I'm sure. This project was last commented on in 2011 and it is still going in 2019 just goes to show that us city dwellers need to bring some nature back into our lives. There are a number of selections in the "Control Board" to set any mood you would like. It can start up with Windows, perform sounds from set times (fromto), select different animalinsectwindrainbrook sounds along with their frequency for each, and it has guitaraccordionflute selections. You have the option to add your own sounds as well. I just wanted to thank the author AGlazkov for a really surprising and delightful sounds of nature. Very impressive.. Price: Free
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ShellBag Analyzer and Cleaner ShellBag Analyzer and Cleaner

Shellbag be gone! 5 stars
In Windows, it store a lot of things and Shellbags are one of them. This tool allows you to clean up items that no long exist on your system and there is no need to maintain this history, in addition, it bloats the registry. I do have to put out a word of warning since it does modify the registry that you should know what references you are deleting!! There are some items you may want to be maintained such as network drive path, for example. On of the features I like in the GUI is that it is hierarchical displayed in a vertical tree style. You can select the ROOT of that item and it selects ONLY that branch. A very welcome feature for sure. It does have filter you can select, it does backup the changes as part of the default settings and instructs you more on some Windows Explorer setting once everything has been cleaned. Overall a very easy and clean experience. Price: Free
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SMTP Mail Sender SMTP Mail Sender

Smtp made easy and portable 5 stars
It is a nice piece of software for when you need to send an email and don't want to use a web browser or you don't have an email client installed. The configuration is simple and straight forward. The interface has everything you need to get the job done with the added benefit of adding an attachment. In addition, I took a look at the config.conf file and found that the HazteK team took the time to encrypt the user name and password which is outstanding. Such a simple thing to overlook but increases the sense of security and the use of this application. Price: Free
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LockHunter LockHunter

Stubborn files - unlocked!! 5 stars
Wow, can't believe I just not have seen this program. I run into this a lot with applications that fail to release all the files it uses. This program now has taken care of that issue. Not it is just a Right-Click away to solving your locked file issue. This makes it so easy to use. Thanks for Crystal Rick for making such a needed program!! Price: Free
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Screamer Radio Screamer Radio

Got radio? now i do!! 5 stars
This is a nice minimal radio screaming application. It has enough features to allow customization of what you want to listen to. The program is small and the streams require very little bandwidth. It will notify you if there are updates and self-upgrades, nice!!! The feature I love the most is when the desktop locks it will stop playing. Loving it! Price: Free
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Open Visual Traceroute Open Visual Traceroute

Whois and where! 5 stars
This is a wonderful program for visualizing from where data is coming or going to from your system. Instead of just a number this adds the benefit of seeing what path and the destination of the packets. Pretty awesome!!!!! Simple, easy to used and enough features to have some fun with.. Price: Free
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HelpNDoc HelpNDoc

Amazing help editor-converter 5 stars
I love this program! Sometimes you come across help file or documentation written a while ago in .CHM format but this only works on Windows. But with this HelpNDoc I can convert them to the now standardized .PDF format which has been a life saver. It is amazing how many documents, book, and how-tos were written in .CHM format. Now I can just convert it, easy as that! The software has tons of features to create or modify existing file format like: HTML, CHM, PDF, DOC and PDF. It is easy to use, has an up-to-date look and feel utility ribbon, and give you options to work on multiple project at the same time. New features and export formats have been added. Overall pretty amazing software. Price: Free
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balena Etcher balena Etcher

Super simple flashing 5 stars
My thanks to balena for putting out Etcher. It is simple, direct and works. For my Raspberry Pi OS's it works fast and had no issues with any images written to the SD card. One nice things is that it is Portable so running it from your USB Portable Apps drive is a bonus. Price: Free
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vmPing (Visual Multi Ping) vmPing (Visual Multi Ping)

Awesome ping 4 stars
This is a pretty nice tool for checking computers or websites to see if they are up. The only thing I was having issues with is the email notification. I was trying to authenticate but failed the test. With all email going through some level of encryption I'm not sure if SSL or TLS is supported, but other than that I love the program. Price: Free
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HashCheck Shell Extension HashCheck Shell Extension

Simply hashed! 5 stars
This program is so easy to use and can add another level of security to track file changes. Select your files or diectory, create a checksum file and then double-click on it to run the utility to verify if any files have changed. So easy and can be checksum file will be overwritten to ensure that the checksums are accurate. Pretty awesome! Price: Free
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Simple & easy to use on local networks 5 stars
This is a wonderful utility for small to large networks for people to communicate with each other. The installation and configuration is very straight forwarda along with minimal resource usage. I like the interface which is easy to get around and understand. Overall it is once of the best network based messaging programs available. Price: Free
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MJ Registry Watcher MJ Registry Watcher

Best overall system monitoring tool 5 stars
MJ Registry Watcher is a portable application which is wonderful addition to ones USB Tool Kit. It provided insight and reveals into a windows system that usually remain hidden behind the scenes. The interface is clean and easy to read. The default key selection is pretty good but if you feel something is missing you can add any registry key to monitor as well in the OPTIONs menu. So really it is ready to go once it is launched. To really understand this utility spend the time to read the internal HELP. This is a very detailed tool so for beginners it will take time to understand all the features and registry structure. There are many web pages devoted tot he breakdown and understand of the Windows Registry. The programs internal HELP is written very well and describes all the features, Registry Notation, and definitions to make this program as useful and easy to understand for any user. On Mark Jacobs website he has instructions on how you can configure MJ Registry Watcher as a SERVICE. This is an advantage for those who want to have it running at start and continuously monitoring changes on your system. It has alert sounds to notify of any changes made to windows files or registry entries. Kudos to Mark Jacobs for putting out such an amazing utility! Price: Free
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