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protect yourself from data profiling TrackMeNot is a Firefox add-on that can help you maintain your privacy by protecting you from data profiling by the major search engines. Most search engines will track and use search history to create profiles that serve targeted ads to the user - naturally there is a legitimate concern as to what else this data could be used for. TrackMeNot uses a clever approach that hides your real searches among a large number of bogus search queries that are periodically sent to the major search engines (AOL, Yahoo!, Google, and Bing), significantly increasing the difficulty of aggregating such data into accurate or identifying user profiles.You can review and edit the list of dynamically generated search terms, adjust the frequency of the searches and also disable TrackMeNot at any time. Copyright

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Publisher Daniel C. Howe, Helen Nissenbaum Price Free
Version 0.10.2  history Last updated Jun 12, 2017
File Size 144 Kb Requirements None

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Great for privacy 5 stars by gimpguy Aug 20, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
This kicks out fakes, fooling Google and others as to what you are really browsing. While nothing is 100 percent, this definitely helps. I am a believer that we should not have every ounce of our lives tracked just because we are in the digital age but unfortunately, many get away with it so we have to do what we can to keep our privacy. Anyone can spout, "well, if you're doing nothing wrong", not the point, point is, innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around and search giants are not the LAW. TrackMeNot is one of those ad ons that aid in our right to our privacy. show Review details
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