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An awesome tool for me 5 stars by jplviasat182 Dec 05, 2011
Advanced Launcher beats all other launchers I've tried, and believe me I have tried a bunch of them. You can have it hidden, on top, docked, in the tray, and you can have more than one bar and all can be customized individually while running at the same time. I have had Advanced Launcher as my number 1 go to app for about two years now. When I saw it in Snapfiles I could believe it was rated so poorly, so I signed up (joined) SnapFiles just to write this review. This app (advanced launcher) is very easy to configure and best of all it's free. If you feel like I do, that Advanced Launcher has been given a poor rating and deserves better, then do what I did and write your own review. If you have not got this application yet, my advice is get it right now! show Review details
Windows can do this a lot easier... 2 stars by ice_magistrate Jun 28, 2009 (Read all my 14 reviews)
I've tried using apps that does the basically the same thing..launches apps that i use often..but with every clean re-install of windows you always have to set it up again...what i did was...create folder in another drive named "shortcuts" and in those are folders and named them into categories..ex..browsers, office, web, etc...and in those are shortcuts to my apps that i use often. after which i click the taskbar and add a new toolbar and point it to my "shortcuts" folder and voila..the same thing...and each time i re-install...since it was on another drive i can always point it back there...easy as pie. no installation needed. show Review details
Very handy 4 stars by Henry8 Apr 28, 2009 (Read all my 37 reviews)
If you work with several programs and more than one project, this may well be a precious tool to divide programs into groups. You can make "I don't know how many" groups of toolbars / buttons, each with their own icons in the tray, etc. Very good, I recommend it. You can probably build just about everything around it! show Review details
Best office shortcut bar style launchbar! 5 stars by ruudboek Feb 27, 2009
If you are looking for a way to store some shortcuts to programs, files or folders, but you don't want to use a keyword launcher or a launchbar that consumes precious Quicklaunch or tray space, but you do want it to be visible in every application, so you know where to aim your mouse at, an office shortcut bar style launcher that fits into the title bar is probably the best way to go. From all freeware office shortcut style bars, this is the best, look no further. Those multi-level menu's are brilliant, because they display the full name of the shortcuts to your programs, folders or files. The old Microsoft office shortcut bar only displayed icons that made you guess which button was the right one to click (folders or word documents always have the same icon). The brilliance of those multi-level menu's don't even stop there, it gets better! You can also create a menu of "My Computer" which displays all your drive letters. Highly recommendable. show Review details
Not bad 2 stars by Tao2005 Jun 02, 2008 (Read all my 30 reviews)
Nice little program, however windows can perform this task. True it does harness some features, that windows doesn't allow you to do with out a run around. If your looking for an application launcher, the stick to freeware. The web is loaded with thousands of them. If I maybe so bold to recommend Vista Startmenu. Does what this does, then some, all in a start menu, and it uses less resources. show Review details
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