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Was easier earlier 2 stars by hrwasp Aug 28, 2011 (Read all my 48 reviews)
The earlier version of Trillian were great. A straight forward multi IM client with a single login. Now, they are trying to add way too much in this little package. With all the multiple IM clients out there, there are many others that are a lot simpler and without all the fluff. show Review details
Long-term customer - high marks! 5 stars by Tristan Nov 08, 2009 (Read all my 5 reviews)
I've been using Trillian for a long time, and it's an excellent product. What I like most is the ability to communicate with everyone I know across a diverse array of messenger services, without having to run 7 different programs. That means my machine can run more efficient, and I can communicate more productively. If they ported Trillian to Linux, I'd ditch Pidgin in a heartbeat. I prefer Trillian's interface. show Review details
Multi IM coverage 4 stars by Rustyboy Jan 13, 2009 (Read all my 33 reviews)
Trillian (no ads!) covers a wide range of IM services and is easy to use and skinnable. It doesn't do webcam unless you upgrade, but when you want webcam you can always fire up one of those other adware messengers for a session. The other downside for the free version is that it doesn't merge users, so you have Fred@MSN and Fred@Yahoo showing up, not just one Fred. Oh, did I mention that there weren't any ads? :-) show Review details
What I use sometimes 5 stars by gimpguy Oct 14, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I don't use messengers too often but keep trillian around for just that. This way it's easy to connect to other clients and such and have everything right where I want it. It's simple enough for the average person to do what they need to do. I use it mainly to communicate with those who need icons for their software and such and it comes in handy, faster than email and supports numerous chat clients. 5 star from me. show Review details
Just wish Trillian Pro was free 5 stars by pwguru Nov 21, 2007 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Long time user love it you need to try it too show Review details
Still the best multi-im out there.... 4 stars by oboglo Jun 06, 2007
Trillian is still the best IM program. And the upcoming Trillian Astra will hopefully be even better. I just read some articles about it on a news page and it sounds really great. Too bad I have to stick with 3.1 until the new version is released to the public. The server-synchronized contact list and settings alone are worth the upgrade, it will be so much easier to use Trillian on both, my work and my private PC. show Review details
The best 5 stars by BurningRopeCom Sep 10, 2006 (Read all my 13 reviews)
Without a doubt the best way to use IM. Yes, it has a few flaws. Yes, you are best advised to keep the genuine clients on your machine for the things that Trillian can't do. But for multi-protocol chat it is all you need. There have been issues when changes are made to MSN or Y! systems, but there is always an update (fast and free!) to make it right again. The lack of video chat in the free version is a shame, but if that is important to you, get the pro upgrade. They guy who commented that he can't see what system people are on needs to change his skin, most skins use different icons per system! The range of skins available is amazing. I like a small, basic interface to keep my desktop clear - Trillian gives me this with all the features I use, I cannot recommend this program highly enough! show Review details
I think this program is great. 5 stars by summer_dreamz Jun 07, 2006
I think this program is great. Instead of having to switch programs all the time to check msg's or see whos on, it's all in one program! I love it! I have already recommended everyone I know to try this program! It's an awesome program. show Review details
Great job! 5 stars by egalfanatic Mar 08, 2006 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I LOVE Trillian...I have friends on Yahoo!, MSN, and AOL and I was tired of having all three running at once. Trillian combined all three into one! About time someone got smart! Thanks a Trillion Trillian!! show Review details
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