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Will not recover image files 2 stars by ftwalways Oct 06, 2011 (Read all my 2 reviews)
As indicated by a previous reviewer the program is very slow compared to competitors and unlike competitors does not recover image files which are blank. Difficulty may also be experienced recovering document files. show Review details
Saved my life 5 stars by Woobie Mar 10, 2010
I had hundreds of pictures stored on an external hard drive that crashed before I could back it up. It would have been a disaster but this program recovered about 98% of them. Huge relief. If you use it please make sure to leave them a donation. They earned it. show Review details
Does the job! 4 stars by Lisa2009 Nov 17, 2009
I am SO grateful that someone recommended this program when I accidentally "moved" rather than "copied" files from a flash drive and thought I'd lost them. I'm not a tech person, but was able to figure out how to use this program, and while it wasn't a straight "copy and paste" to my hard drive - which may have been due to my lack of understanding - was able to work it out and recover everything. Thank you so much, Snapfiles, for providing this freeware! It, and your service, is much, much appreciated, thank you! show Review details
Best program ever! 5 stars by issa02468 May 07, 2009
This program was amazing! I had `lost` all of my cell phone pictures that were backed up to my SD card and this program found them! They were pictures I could have never gotten back! It made me the happiest person EVER to get these pictures back. show Review details
One of two 5 stars by gimpguy Sep 20, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
This is one of two of my favs. It does what it says, recovers files and does it well. Delete something and now wish you hadn't? Well I think we all have and a tool like this may be free but still pricele$$. A must have in my opinion. It's easy to understand and use, very fast and recovers well. Great work on this one! show Review details
Not sure why this is so popular 2 stars by Ipatronius Jun 01, 2008
I thought this was great at first - took 4-6 hours to scan a 160gb disk, which is OK if it finds all the files, and it did find most that had been deleted (by stinking Microsoft). The problem is that you have to sit there and acknowledge every file that it can't recover. Ties you up for hours and hours. But the real problem for me was that it kept locking up. Had to CTL-ALT-DEL, then had to rescan all over again - another 4-6 hours. I'm 2 days into this now and have only recovered a fraction of my files. show Review details
For free it's excellent 5 stars by comicfan Apr 27, 2008 (Read all my 5 reviews)
I used this not too long ago, about 15 min ago on a drive that was a storage drive only, but had, ME, XPpro and Ubuntu on it prior. Then, I reinstalled an OS to it, deleted it, now put back to storage. I didn't think PCIFR would find anything yet, IT DID. Very surprised, very shocked, very happy. Tried many others, blah. Use this one, it's the best free file recover I have used. show Review details
Work by halves 3 stars by Leongeo Dec 10, 2007
Yes, It`s really easy to use and can find all my deleted files, some of which I even forgot when I deleted them. But when try to re-save them onto another disk, there is nothing in the photo files and only recognized code in the office files. Did I miss some work? show Review details
Works with vista (sd card) 5 stars by BigJohn Jul 17, 2007
Shortly after a family reunion, I intended to move my photos onto my laptop. When I realized files were being deleted, I stopped it (but not before over 40 photos were deleted). I decided to try this program even though it is NOT listed as compatible with Vista. The interface was a little confusing at first, but it worked great. All photos were recovered. Great little program! show Review details
Unbelievable results 4 stars by ignatios Jun 08, 2007
Such a good utility for recovering up of my accidentally deleted files. the interface though should be better. nevertheless this is not the angle of being a rather good and optimized tool. good work guys, much much better than lots of others. show Review details
80gig / 8 partitions saved! 5 stars by highlander Nov 18, 2006
I run a overclocked box with 5 drives/6 fans (160GB, 3x80GB, and a 10GB). 2 drives: NTFS -single partition each; 3 drives: FAT32 - 2 to 8 partitions each. PC has 3 OS's (98SE, 2000, XP) for computer programming purposes (C/C++, VB6, VB.NET 2005, C#.NET 2005, Assembly Language, Win32 API, SQL, MSDE, MySQL5, SQLite3, postgresql, etc) and multitrack audio recording/mixing/mastering. An 80GB FAT32 drive, with 8 partitions, developed a bit of a corruption problem. Program worked great for saving data with multiple issues: cross-linked clusters, cyclic redundancy issues, and lost both FAT32 tables on 1 of these partitions). Seems to do actually do what it says it will do (I tend to be an extremely skeptical programmer). Could've written my own in C/C++ and Assembly, but with several programming projects I didn't have time for a drawn out headache. Interface isn't greatest, but it does what it says it will do. ALL data recovered - kewl program. show Review details
Recovered from flash memory 5 stars by fotosel Nov 17, 2006 (Read all my 8 reviews)
Recovered accidentally deleted photo from SD card. some other files it recovered looked corrupt, this was because they had already been partially overwritten. very useful software. show Review details
Saved the day! 5 stars by sheltered Oct 20, 2006
We had a family tragedy (a pet cat was put to sleep) and my distraught kids had one last visit to see their buddy. My wife and I were frantically taking photos and deleting old pictures and the camera's battery died causing the SD card to error out. PC Inspector opened it up and restored probably 90% of the files. The pit of my stomach is no longer in my throat! My kids have at least a few more lasting memories of their beloved cat! Thanks! show Review details
A very good utility 5 stars by HankManz Jul 28, 2006
Although the interface is not as intuitive as some and it seems to be slower than many, the results appear to be much better than many of the commercial products on the market. With it I was able to recover several files from a bad floppy disk. While working on the problem, I tested five commercial programs costing $25-$50. Only one of the commercial programs worked at all on this floppy and it recovered just one additional file. show Review details
Recovered some files... 3 stars by kenjanball Jun 21, 2006 (Read all my 2 reviews)
PC Inspector is a pretty good utility that could be just what you need. My friend's hard drive crashed and she hadn't backed it up like she should have. I tried this utility first and was able to recover about 250 pictures (out of around 3000). Still it gave me hope that the files weren't lost. The interface is not very user friendly and I wish it had a search feature for particular file types. It locked up on me once and gave me an error once (out of using it 3 times). It takes a long time to run. Recovered files are bigger than the original file size, which takes up a lot of space. Still, it's free and the hard work in developing it shows. Try it, you probably don't have anything else to loose if you're looking at recovery tools. show Review details
Great software! 4 stars by archenemy Apr 30, 2006
After an accidental disk format, this wonderful program saved a lot of pictures and data. I want to thank to the developers their work with this useful and FREE tool. show Review details
Recovers deleted photos from cam memory chip 5 stars by marsh_0x Feb 26, 2006 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Yep, tested and did recovery all 37 erased photos. And Freeware. Marsh show Review details
Geek squad approved! 4 stars by Lostcause64 Feb 01, 2006
Under the category of 'For what it's worth', I'm giving it my Geek Squad seal of approval. I had a notebook return from one of our service centers for hinge replacement, but for some reason it had been restored to factory settings. Obviously, the customer was very upset, so I offered to do what I could to retrieve her data. After seeing all of the reviews in favor of this program, I gave it a shot. In about 90 minutes, I had recovered 36GB of data, which I migrated to one of our network PC's from within the program, better than half of which was usable, including nearly all of the family photos that were lost! It's not the most user friendly program I've seen, but I was able to get thru it pretty well. Since the restore that was done was probably just a 'soft or quick' restore, without seriously formating the HD, I'm sure that helped, but I've got to give serious kudos to the creators of this software... Great Job!! show Review details
A true bliss 5 stars by LeoHald Dec 26, 2005
Saved my day after accidentally deleting some invaluable files on a XP PC. Downloaded it, installed it and undeleted a few hundred files flawlessly within ten minutes. The interface is not typically MS-like, but if you just take time to read the instructions as you go along, it's impossible not to succeed. My highest recommendations! show Review details
Recovered cf card data from nikon coolpix 4 stars by Louie921 Dec 03, 2005
This isn't the software they specify for digital camera media, but I used it anyway, then I used their media recovery sofware 'smart recovery' I liked this one better because it keeps the original picture numbers, so you can confirm that you got all the pics you're looking for. Very excellent, about 90%+ of the Stones concert recovered. show Review details
Very useful, great value 4 stars by colm_fitz Nov 18, 2005
I had trouble with a memory stick which was no longer being recognized by Windows or Mac OS after a crash involving a pdf file on the memory stick. Retrieved all the files I required with very little hassle and no corruption (I think). A little difficult to use, but it does its job very well and its free! Ideal for the small mishaps with data. show Review details
Based on another program but good. 3 stars by peanutbutter Nov 10, 2005 (Read all my 2 reviews)
This program was based on another program that was still in betas when it died (person stoped working on it) so i think for a program that should be beta is is pretty good. show Review details
Pc inspector works! 4 stars by guy9663 Oct 11, 2005 (Read all my 7 reviews)
This is great freeware. I have just used it on a 10GB hard drive and recovered about 90% (5.2GB) of the data on the drive. Big deal, it takes a bit of time, but you are recovering lost data for free. If you bother to learn about the interface (which is not the best) and the features, most users should be fine. PC Inspector will do as good a job as anything else out there. It's FREEWARE, enjoy. show Review details
Very good one 5 stars by lotron Oct 04, 2005 (Read all my 2 reviews)
For me It is standard program installed on new PC. In a few occasions I had problems running this program, but if it works (it is most frequent case) it works great! Reviews in PC magazines shows only one "disadvantage" to other (inclusive commercial!!!) products - it is slow. BUT!!! It founds almost everything. Personally, I'll wait with pleasure, if there is real chance to get my data back. There is GREAT chance! One remark: Some users reports, that recovered files were bad. It is possible, if records about allocated file space were damaged. I that case ANY soft must something assume, I. E. that sectors are in sequence. It is true for files, that are not fragmented. So, until is Your disk GOOD, defragment it regularly. show Review details
First time... 4 stars by GrantP Sep 13, 2005
.....lost some data on a floppy disk, file appeared deleted - PC Inspector got it all back - very impressive, very pleased and thank you..... show Review details
Recovered, but incomplete 2 stars by jerryhung Sep 04, 2005
It recovered my 2.26GB folder (shift-deleted) fine, but turned out some files inside are corrupted and cannot be played (RMVB). Oh well, I can live with it, but surprised that it recovered incompletely. But for a freeware, I think it's amazing and I believe it can recover lots of stuff show Review details
Used for xp recycle bin recovery 2 stars by jackfig Aug 29, 2005
The interface was passable. The tech writing for the instructions was pretty limp (not written by fluent English speakers?); they didn't even tell you what the colors of the folders meant (between the yellow and green). It would freeze every time after a recovery attempt and I'd have to use task manager to shut it down. However, it did retrieve some mp3 files for me (not all of them, unfortunately, and it would only give me an error message for those I couldn't retrieve that just said there was a "violation"). So, I wouldn't pay for this application, but if you want to experiment and don't want to cough up the cash, this is your kinda software!! show Review details
High my credit 5 stars by HodiaZacharia Jun 29, 2005
2 days ago i have boss that very dissapointed because his data on his external hard disk, 150GB Seagate external hard disk, has lost. It happend when he shutdown the disk without umount first from his e-Mac, so when he plug to PC or Mac again it said "Unformatted", but the data he sured still on it. 2 days i looked on internet is there a conclusion or not, not found it, then I went to webattack, like I always do, and found this software, i gave him, and he glad... thanks a lot this software really useful specially not big, not harm or bother other applications, and the most is FREE :) show Review details
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