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Wonderful program! 5 stars by busybusy May 09, 2015 (Read all my 257 reviews)
This is a wonderful utility that seamlessly integrates into the explorer shell. I like the use of color verses changing the icons to some symbol which make folders easy to identify. show Review details
Pretty good mostly 3 stars by Wastrel Jul 01, 2009 (Read all my 17 reviews)
The program itself is pretty good. The only place it really comes up short is with the icons themselves for the larger/tile icons--no transparency (ragged edges). A more precise color picker might be nice. All in all, if you want "prettier" folder icons with different colors, then you can download icon sets or create them yourself (and create your own desktop.ini file for each folder). If you want a simple, free process for colorizing folder icons and you use the list/detail views instead of large/tile views, then you should like this program well enough. Otherwise, I'd suggest Folder Marker (shareware) or "roll your own" icons. show Review details
Just fun 5 stars by JMMannion Jan 10, 2009 (Read all my 25 reviews)
This little program brings a touch of class and pleasantry to a dull page of program folders. It is just fun to use. show Review details
Great for marking backed up folders 5 stars by Jeff92677 Dec 25, 2008
After backing up directories it's VERY helpful to tag the directories with a color, and put the same indication on the backup (external) drive. Also, with the popup "hint" text, you can indicate when you last backed up a directory, or any other hint you wish. The interface also allows multiple directory tagging, just check all the directories, set a color (or use the last color, create a color, or grab a color from the screen) set the hint text and it's done. It puts an ICO file in the subdirectory (hidden file) which works great. I strongly recommend this program. And to the author, thanks for writing it. show Review details
Didn't find it overly exciting 3 stars by gimpguy Oct 17, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
While I found this slightly OK, I found it tedious. I had to keep restarting the app to get settings to take effect plus noticed the icons were looking like Win98 icons, and of poor quality. I looked at the screenshot and did a double take and noticed how it looks up there, is not what I got from the download. I checked for update, no go. So why it shows a nice smooth icon in the screenshot but not what I get in mine, I have no idea. Over all if you want to color your folders, this will do it and is free which is good. I just found this a bit buggy. show Review details
Color your folders and add tooltips 5 stars by drosenstark Apr 18, 2008
This program is pretty close to perfect. I have added it to my right-click explorer menu and it rocks. Yet again, "why doesn't Windows have this built-in?" Thanks! show Review details
Terrific small free handy and useful 5 stars by ruthless Jan 25, 2008 (Read all my 39 reviews)
Two reasons for getting this easy to use.. free program..one because your folders will look much nicer in color...hundreds of colors available..and the second reason is that it makes it easier to recognize color coded files....you have the option of xp of vista styles..I have used this program for ages on xp..no probs ever and now on vista..no probs..easy to use..highly recommended.. show Review details
Great program 5 stars by beltman713 Oct 21, 2007 (Read all my 6 reviews)
This program allows me to color code folders so that I can identify them quickly. You can also customize the style of a folder not just the color. This new version make it so much easier to use. show Review details
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