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Disappointing 2 stars by Paddy_60 Apr 21, 2008 (Read all my 4 reviews)
Not all its cracked up to be, alas. Will NOT convert .mkv files out of the box, as previously mentioned. Also, if the file you are encoding already contains AC3 audio, the program will give an "AVS Video Tools has encountered an error..." message and close, unless you uncheck the AC3 option in "Advanced" before encoding. There are better options out there. show Review details
Does not support MKV 1 stars by infuriated Dec 12, 2007
Although it says it supports matroska it does not. Tech support wanted me to give them a bunch of info after uninstalling and reinstalling several times- What is the deal??? It seems like this product although you pay for it is in reality in the beta stages.....not impressed. show Review details
Better than most... 4 stars by mdean1954 Apr 27, 2006
Converts MP4s directly to just about any format imaginable. Pretty fast too! Not the greatest interface, but a good value compared to some of the other packages out there. It DOES work! show Review details
Miss something important 3 stars by Ghost_ARCHER Jan 28, 2006 (Read all my 10 reviews)
I've tried lots of video converters recently. AVS is among the best sharewares I tried. It succeeds in converting mpg to avi (with watermark). It supports more formats and allows resizing. However, I can't find cropping (or is it too implicit?) -- that is what I am looking for. Yes wmv can be converted into avi, cropped in virtualdub and then convert back to any format, but, is that a waste of time beside possibility of lost quality? On my computer, at least 1 hour is needed to convert a movie. I don't want to triple it. In my opinion, a good video converter should: a. support as many popular formats or leave places for plugin (ok); b. integrate basic function and filter during conversion (crop and more); c. provide some calculation /indication /advice /instruction on quality vs. output file size, make the configuration easier to avoid making a 1G avi from a 163M wmv! d. don't include BS's, e.g., burning, except you can do better than nero. show Review details
AVS converter--publisher offers -0- support 1 stars by curmudgeon Jan 24, 2006
Program at first seems to offer a lot of power for the money. Costs appear to be kept low, however, by publisher paying nothing to support AVS Converter. No replies to e-mail [problem was output limited to first six seconds of file]. User gets less than what he/she pays for. Spend more, get something useful. show Review details
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