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No go - frooze after setting 3 alarms 1 stars by HonestJohn Jan 28, 2014 (Read all my 10 reviews)
I can't recall disliking and uninstalling a program this fast. I note that in the pop up after the install, it advertises for another, new version, but I would not try it after this flop. In short, I set 3 alarms and the program froze. I had to kill it in the task manager. I tried again with similar results, and setting alarms or events is not easy or repeatable as I expected. This is like having to set your bedside alarm clock every night. There is no "Close program" or exit - you have to kill it from the task manager. I can't recall giving a program such quick judgement, but it is a single focus program - I want to set reminder alarms and it did not work for me. I also found the interface awkward and ill thought out. There are tabs for different settings, but you have to press another key within a tab to see other functions. I am kind of astounded there are no better alternates for this. I usually have sympathy for software authors but I don't' have much here. show Review details
Doesn't work for me 2 stars by Sheldon Oct 01, 2007
It seems that this program can't handle high resolution laptop resolution is at 1920 by 1200 and the right side of the main interface window is cut-off and inaccessible. I can just see it but can't access any of the note/reminder options on the right side of the window. Maybe it's just my computer but based on that I wouldn't recommend this program. show Review details
Very handy alarm and note utility 5 stars by rowal5555 Dec 04, 2006
I have used WinAlarm for quite a while and find it a great help. It sends me to bed, reminds me to put out the rubbish and check the bank each week, as well as reminding me of any one-off items I would otherwise forget. Strongly recommended. show Review details
Old version is better 3 stars by kanger Oct 25, 2006 (Read all my 5 reviews)
New version is not as good as the old ones, right click in the system tray brings trouble in new version. show Review details
Performs the required task quick and easy... 4 stars by DarkStreet Feb 13, 2006
I've been through numerous programs looking for something small, quick-loading and easy to use. I just wanted a reminder system without any additional unwanted frills. This program is perfect. It does what it says, the interface is very intuitive and easy to use. One downfall I have, however, is that I couldn't import my v1.1.0.103 alarms into the new v1.2.0. Other than that, this program delivers and it does it well. Looking forward to any future releases from this author. show Review details
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