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Fantastic file renaming utility! love it! 5 stars by heyvern69793 Apr 15, 2013
I also created an account here JUST to post a quick review of this product. It's got a great user interface that is extremely easy to use, practical, 100 FREE and fantastic! I renamed hundreds of MP3 files that had an underscore in them. I replace the underscore with a blank space. The only downside is an occasional error message that pops up when it can't rename a file, and you must click "YES" to every individual error. It would have been better with a "yes to all" button. Even so, I strongly recommend this product for batch file renaming. For people who like to be organized (read: Obsessive-Compulsive about being organized), it's very fast utility, un-godly easy to use, and has some fantastic options!!! show Review details
Perfect tool 5 stars by hydrobug Aug 10, 2011
This program saved me the time and trouble of hand editing 4800 file names just to replace an underscore with a space. Would have been hell otherwise. show Review details
This rocks!!! 5 stars by JeremySanzone Feb 01, 2007
This program saved me hours on converting all of my .asp files for a visual studio upgrade. I was blown away at the ease of use and the quickness of the program. Can't beat free and you can beat this program. I am already telling people here at the office about it! Great piece of software. show Review details
This program is great! 5 stars by vidar808 Dec 13, 2005
Didn't see any very good reviews, so I felt like I needed to register and add my two cents. This little app is awesome for the mundane task of renaming large amounts of files it is great. It is easy to use and does most anything you need with renaming files. show Review details
Great for renaming 1000s of files at once 5 stars by Narberto Nov 30, 2005
I had to rename 1000s of html files into .txt I tried 5 other renamer programs before this one, and they all crashed (apparently windows programs try to "read" the HTML and so if you have 1000s of files it is very very demanding. This program did the job, was easy to use and was very stable. Great program for this kind of jobs! show Review details
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