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Works in certain circumstances 3 stars by gimpguy Sep 29, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I have a lot of downloads, all separated into folder categories. First of all with the wizard, it would (no matter what settings) rename the folders in preview, to what they are ALREADY named. Also, no matter what rules I created, it would not allow for new folder naming, says it failed. I then tried this on a few folders I purposely created, to see how it would work, still renamed them the same as original name. It did however work for files. I have used others that work fine and this was quite buggy or maybe just the way it works, I don't know. I went over most of the possible issues it could have and I didn't find anything to apply to my renaming issue. I ended up creating a batch file that created a string of folders, all sorted with names,etc... and if ever they get messed up, I can simply re-create them with the click of a button or go in and change the names all at once. That said, it may just be something that doesn't want to work on my system but if someone else can get use out of this, it looks like it would be a decent renaming utility. show Review details
Awesome utility 5 stars by Wudenboat Jan 14, 2008
Interface is clear and wizard is very intuitive. A must have if you are dealing with a large photo collection. show Review details
Excellent - thank you! 5 stars by MelaMar22 Dec 10, 2007
This application saved me about 6 hours of work! I had to add a prefix to all of my 2,000+ .jpg images. With NIYoW, I did it in about 2 minutes with ease. Highly recommended! show Review details
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