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Crashed on first use 1 stars by rkoyle Aug 09, 2012 (Read all my 12 reviews)
I think this would work for very small jobs. I set frame sampling to 10 frames/sec. After running a couple of minutes it crashed with memory error. Just don't think it can buffer large jobs. See my other reviews for the product I finally went with. show Review details
Done in a flash! 5 stars by gimpguy Oct 08, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
How cool is this software?? VERY! I quickly recorded my desktop actions, threw in some shapes, some text pointing out actions, rendered, saved as flash, opened in IE, and boom, that was IT! Had a very quick and excellent small but high quality file that plays! FREE?? Wow. I am keeping this without a doubt! show Review details
Wish I'd known about this earlier 5 stars by Belatucadrus Apr 07, 2007 (Read all my 14 reviews)
All those tedious hours spent reminding people how to use bits on our purchase/Accounts package. A couple of minutes knocking up a Wink tutorial and I could have left them to sort it out themselves, much less stress. Absurdly easy to use, if you have a regular staff turnover in a PC intensive environment just check out this gem you'll start wondering how you ever did without it. show Review details
Excellent source for quality development! 5 stars by hYpHeNaTeD Mar 25, 2007
I registered at just to review this software. The installation was a breeze and the 2 tutorials in the help menu started me off very quickly. This program is well rounded with lots of extra features that are all organized well, so it is not complicated to use. I recommend this to anyone needing to create tutorials. Don't pay a company hundreds of dollars, you CAN do it yourself with this! show Review details
Wink is fabulous! 5 stars by getjef Jul 22, 2006
Having only discovered Wink recently, 7/15/06, I have put it to use several times already. I used the Help menu, watched the Tutorial 1 and 2, and was easily able to create How To files, resulting in HTML and SWF file formats. I took it one step further and loaded these newly created Flash videos to my company's Apache Web Server, creating help links on our intranet for staff to learn How To ... whatever on their PCs Some of our staff are unaware as to how to: use company email programs; download Windows security updates; run their anti-spyware and anti-virus programs; and defragment and scan disk their PCs. Wink has allowed me to record and present my own company tutorials, assisting the masses with the simple day to day PC tasks. This program is a life saver. Thank goodness for Wink! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WINK. show Review details
Outstanding program 5 stars by Sam_the_Man Jul 24, 2005 (Read all my 54 reviews)
A perfect gem for sharing information (i.e. tutorials, advertising, etc.) in a creative, animated manner. The two tutorials provided with the program, which are actually a demonstration of the program itself, plus a detailed manual make it easy to grasp the various functions of this outstanding program. Highly recommended. show Review details
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