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Microsoft Snip Microsoft Snip

Easy to use 4 stars
If you already have a screen capture program that you're comfortable with, I would recommend that the user just stay with it. However, if you're looking for a screen capture program that's easy to use with no learning curve this one fits the bill. Personally, I like the voice recording feature and the ease of emailing what I've captured. I can't think of anything negative to say about this one. Sooooo, unless you're looking for more extra features, I'd say this program will meet your needs. Price: Free
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NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner) NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner)

Simple to use 5 stars
This stand alone program makes scanning a breeze. It's simple with little instructions needed to use it. Pleased to have found it and highly recommend it. Price: Free
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HTTrack HTTrack

Great program 5 stars
Saves a lot time being able to access the needed information that a website has without having to print it out or be concerned that it may not be there in the future. Price: Free
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Pale Moon Pale Moon

Exactly what i needed 5 stars
I run several browsers on my computer, but this one beats them all in speed. I was having some sites take forever to load up because of a ton of ads, flash videos and graphics. Not so with Pale Moon. I like the interface, as well, with the short cut icons. Very useful. I can't say enough good things about this browser. Price: Free
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In My Diary In My Diary

Well thoughtout program 5 stars
The developer put a lot of thought into this program. I like having a program that can contain a storehouse of personal info that is easily accessible. It installs with no problems and sits within your task bar for you to use when needed. A very useful program and highly recommended. Price: Free
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Media Player Classic Home Cinema Media Player Classic Home Cinema

Glad to have found this one 5 stars
An excellent player with lots of play back options. I'm very impressed. A no hassle install, as well. Price: Free
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Thunderbird Thunderbird

Good alternative to windows mail 5 stars
An easy to install program that's loaded with lots of extras. And, because it's open source it's continuously being upgraded. Highly recommended. Price: Free
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oCam oCam

A real gem 5 stars
If you're looking for a wonderful screen recorder without a ton of options to configure, then this is it. The simplicity of this program makes it a delight to use. I love it. I already have another great screen recorder with all the bells and whistles, but I'll use Ocam for all my quick needs. The operation is basically just three buttons: record, stop, playback....a five year old could do it. Price: Free
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STDU Viewer STDU Viewer

Does what it's supposed to do 5 stars
I needed a program to open an XPS file. This did the trick. I'm glad to have it. Easy to use. Price: Free
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Flame Painter Flame Painter

Unique 5 stars
I like art programs and have a bunch in my collection, but nothing like this unique program. While there are no tutorials that I can find, the program is easy to learn as you explore the various options and experiment. I would encourage the new user to go to the web site (the Help file) and look at what other users have done for your inspiration. Price: Free Trial ($29.99)
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Shutter Lite Shutter Lite

Does exactly what I want 5 stars
I've switched back and forth between this program and AMP WinOFF several times and have finally settled on this one as the shut down program of my choice. The AMP WinOFF program kept staring back over with the time count down on computer inactivity. As a result, the computer would many times not go into sleep mode although the computer was not in use. I've had excellent results with Shutter. I set it up so that a 10 second warning appears on the screen with the option to keep it from going into the sleep mode. The option to add a sound effect as a shut down warning is a nice touch (I have it playing a snoring sound). Shutter is easy to set up, with no instructions needed. The program requires no installation. Price: Free
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Hippani Animator Hippani Animator

Easy to learn and easy to do 5 stars
Ive used several animation programs over the years (both 2D and 3D) with most giving reasonably acceptable results. Hippo goes beyond the norm with many added features. First, the installation was quick and smooth with a minimum of clicks. You are given a desktop icon, (always a plus), but no uninstall option (a negative). The interface is clean and friendly; not a lot of clutter. The program comes with a dozen video tutorials and an equal amount of written tutorials all laid out for easy reading. A person will certainly not have any trouble learning this program. In addition to making animated gif files, you are also able to produce movies up to six minutes long. By using an additional program, such as Any Video Converter (there are other such programs on SnapFiles, as well) you can stitch together several six minute movies into a longer one. Your finished movie animation is saved as an avi file, but using another program, say DVDVideoSoft Free (again, available on SnapFiles) you could convert it to the Flash format, if desired. The program also offers several special effects, sounds and multiple scenes. In addition, Hippo gives a number of drawing tools to produce your own art work prior to inserting into your animation. Personally, I found it easier to use an art program that I was more familiar with and importing the illustrations from my computer. There are numerous worthy features included in this program that I haven;t touched on here. Im extremely pleased with this program and highly recommend it. Price: Free Trial ($50.00)
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Lots of options 5 stars
The program gives you lots of options and allows you to run several of them at one time. The descriptions of all the tools in the help file is a big plus and a good place to start. Although it took me some time to figure out exactly what I wanted it to do, I found it fairly intuitive once I understood the interface logic. As a result, I found the program easy to tweek to meet my needs. Great program and one that I will keep. A heart-felt thanks to the developers. You've done a great job! Price: Free
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Funny Photo Maker Funny Photo Maker

Lots of fun, easy to do 5 stars
Great program that's extremely easy to use. I can't add any more than what the Snapfile review has already stated, other than you'll enjoy this wonderful program that has a very affordable price: Free! Price: Free
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DVD Author Plus DVD Author Plus

Simple and excellent 5 stars
I've been using the program for some time now and have made it my default CD/DVD burner based upon its ease of working. The interface is easy to navigate and the tools presented cover all the basics of what one would need. It's possible that a user might be in need of a few minor tweaks, but such things would add to the learning curve and diminish the simplicity of the program. Again, my 5 star rating is based upon ease of use with a good set of tools offered. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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Any Video Converter Free Any Video Converter Free

Exactly what i needed 5 stars
I've used several converters over the years, with each one working reasonabily well. Each one, however, seemed to be lacking exactly what I wanted. This program does it all. The free version will give you lots of options, the paid version does a little more. The interface is nicely laid out leaving little need for detailed instructions. Very pleased to have found this one. It's a keeper. Price: Free
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FairStars CD Ripper FairStars CD Ripper

Sure and simple 5 stars
This was just what I was looking for: an easy to do CD burning program. The interface is simple and logical. The burning is fast with satisfactory results each time. Price: Free
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InfraRecorder InfraRecorder

Simple, but good 5 stars
I like programs that are simple. This is simple. It does a good job and does it quickly. Just unzip the file and it's ready to run. No installation required. It does come with a detailed help file, but I haven't had a need for it yet. It's fairly intuitive. Price: Free
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Daniusoft MP3 WAV Converter Daniusoft MP3 WAV Converter

Just what I needed 5 stars
I like the ease of using this converter. It works like a breeze. Everything you need to do is self explanatory. Attractive interface, as well. Price: Free
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WYSIWYG Web Builder WYSIWYG Web Builder

Easy to learn and easy to use 5 stars
I've used WYSIWYG Web Builder for several months now. During that time I've designed and uploaded three web pages with this program. I can't say enough good things about it. It's loaded with every utility you would ever need in designing a web page, plus many other features. The interface is comfortable to work in and the FTP program is a breeze to use. Price: Free Trial ($59.95)
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Pazera Free Audio Extractor Pazera Free Audio Extractor

Wonderful program 5 stars
The simple interface is easy to work with and the extraction of audio files is done quickly. I can't think of anything else that another program could offer that this one doesn't do. I'll keep it. My thanks to the developer for sharing it. Price: Free
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So easy 5 stars
The program does exactly what it's suppose to do. Simply open the photo you want and the program does everything else automatically. You don't do a thing. I like the fact there is no installation required. Price: Free
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Inkscape Inkscape

Excellent! 5 stars
This outstanding program can easily take its place along side many of the high end graphic design programs and, in many instances, out distance them in some applications. The ease of use, along with numerous online tutorials make Inkscape a breeze to learn. The interface is comfortably laid out, numerous keyboard shortcuts are made available and the help files are loaded with lots of info. Thankfully the numerous developers were not motivated by greed, but wanted to pursue this development out of the pure satisfaction of presenting to others a marvelous program. My sincere thanks to all. Price: Free
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TreePad Lite TreePad Lite

Outstanding program 5 stars
I've used TreePad Lite for several years, with good results. Very simple in operation and very good in organizing just about any data type entry. With me, it's indispensable. Price: Free
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FotoMix FotoMix

Nice effects and easy to use 5 stars
Easy to use program to unleash your creativity with many special effects. The ads that accompany the program are on the top and side of the interface and don't interfere with the program's use. Still, on one occasion I was some how directed to the Double Click web site (a notorious parasite) with no effort on my part. I suppose that's a small price to pay for this marvelous program. Again, I recommend it and pleased to have found it. My thanks to the developer. Price: Free
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Skype Skype

Simple to use 4 stars
For the most part, I've had good results with the software. Ive only lost connection once during a video chat. It's very easy to set up and make camera adjustments, etc. The sound and video came over well, with full screen viewing looking good. Give it a try. If you don't like it, don't gripe. Just take it off and move on. It's free. Price: Free
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Spider Player Pro Spider Player Pro

Outstanding 5 stars
My search to replace my outdated music player ended when I found this gem. The interface is pleasing to the eye, working with the various functions is easy, and it has all the features I would ever want in an audio player. Outstanding program. My thanks to the author(s) for making this freeware! Price: Free
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RealWorld Paint RealWorld Paint

Good program on XP 5 stars
I like this program, as the interface is a little easier to understand than some high-end graphic programs. I had originally installed this on my Vista machine, only to encounter some limitations on some of the tools (i.e. "configure layer effect" didn't work). On XP, I haven't found any problems as of yet. Several video tutorials are included to get you started. Good program on XP. Price: Free
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PicPick PicPick

Nice and easy 4 stars
I've got a multitude of graphic art programs. The thing I like about this one is the simplicity...not a real steep learning curve. It gives you a collect of basic tools and effects without overwhelming you. Now I have something to recommend to my friends who need a niffy art/photo program without me having to answer a lot of questions. Price: Free
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Fast and reliable 5 stars
After using WS_FTP for years, I was happy to find a replacement that followed the same simple steps for uploading to my web site. The plain interface makes little difference to me, as the ease of use is what really counts. I haven't had any problems with it. I'm very pleased to have found it. Price: Free
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PhotoFiltre PhotoFiltre

An absolute keeper! 5 stars
An incredible program that's easy to use. It ranks right up there with commercial products that demand a hefty price. Yet, the author(s) were gracious enough to share this gem freely. My sincere thanks to you. I can only ditto the rave remarks everyone else has made. Don't have it? Get it! Price: Free
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Pixifex Pixifex

Pretty nifty, but..... 4 stars
First of all, it's free. You can't go too bad with that. The program has it's limitations with basically being just a collection of transition effects to insert between two photos. The downside is that all the transitions are somewhat similar in appearance. The effects are easily controlled with an intuitive interface, thus little need for tutorials or help files. The program is fun to play around with, although I'm not too sure what to do with it in a practical sense. Price: Free
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S10 WebAlbums S10 WebAlbums

Easy as pie 5 stars
I've never used this type of program before, so I can't honestly make any comparisons with any others, but I found it very intuitive in operation. The photo editing is limited, which should be expected, as this is not the purpose of this particular program. The added FTP interface is a plus, with three easy to follow steps for uploading, although I haven't used it yet. The options for many background textures, photo display transitions and display settings are good. An excellent program, well thought out with numerous perks. I'm not sure what more a person would want in this type of program. I'll be putting this to good use. Price: Free
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Shrink Pic Shrink Pic

Great little program 5 stars
It doesn't get much easier than this, folks. So simple, so easy, a real handy program to have on hand. If you send photos by email, you need this little gem. Price: Free
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Simple to use 5 stars
The simplicity of the program is its most attractive feature. I like it and will use it. Price: Free
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Multimedia Fusion Multimedia Fusion

Outstanding! 5 stars
This is, without a doubt, my favorite program for releasing my computer creativity. The things you can do with this will exceed your imagination. While the program is primarily marketed towards game design, it can easily be utilized for interactive presentations, screen savers, data entry, etc. No programing skill is required, as it relies on the simple logic of each of the many tools the program contains. The program, at first, may seem slightly overwhelming, but if you follow the tutorials on their web page you will see that the functions follow a simple logic. I had purchased this program about a year ago and have never once been disappointed with it. Also, there are numerous web sites that offer excellent support. Highly recommended? You bet! Price: Free Trial ($119.00)
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icon sushi icon sushi

Easy icons 5 stars
Easy and simple icons with little to learn in using the program. Simply click on File and open an image of your choice. Then, save it as an icon. You're done. The program has other features, as well. There's no installation required, which is always a plus to me. Price: Free
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PosteRazor PosteRazor

Simple and easy to use 5 stars
It doesn't get much easier than this. This intuitive program leads you through a simple five step selection process to configure the final layout of your image. Then you simply print it. The program stands alone, with no installation needed. Price: Free
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Cartoonist Cartoonist

Easy and enjoyable 4 stars
The program is so easy to use to produce humorous photos. Absolutely little to learn...just open a photo in the program and then click and drag on different areas of it to manipulate it to your liking. I'm sure there's little practical use for the program other than just having some fun. Enjoy it. Price: Free
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Flash Movie Player Flash Movie Player

A full feature player 5 stars
While most stand alone players seem to share common attributes, I found the interface of this one more to my liking. This one gives you the option of listing a number of movies in a convenient play list to view from, rather than search and click on each movie individually. In addition, you can easily toggle from regular viewing to full screen by pushing the Function Key, F11. A tip: associate your flash files to automatically open with this player by right clicking on the movie file and choosing "properties" > "open with". This player also supports "drag and drop" from Windows Explorer. Price: Free
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Clickster Clickster

Excellent and easy to use 5 stars
It doesn't get much easier than this. Simply type in the song title or artist and click on the find button. In a few seconds you'll have a listing of titles to select from. You'll like this program! Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Sep 05, 2007: Thanks Sam for your really positive review and I am glad you you enjoy using Clickster. I am currently working on an upgrade which will be available to Snapfiles visitors towards the end of October 07. The next version (1.60). I have re-written large parts of the program, making the mp3 listings much clearer. The new Deep Search feature returns even more quality mp3 s to download. The download process has been totally re-written so that it will be possible to download multiple mp3 s at the same time and, you will no longer have to stop the search process when downloading. In addition, where a mp3 is located on more than one sever, Clickster will download the file from multiple locations making for supersonic download speeds. As I say, you ll have to wait a few more weeks to get your hands on this update, but I am really pleased with how this version is shaping up. Thanks again for your review Sam. Best wishes Rob

QuickMonth Calendar QuickMonth Calendar

Simple, but useful 4 stars
I was looking for a simple calendar without a bunch of "mouse clicking" features. This program does exactly what it says it will easily gives you the date without taking up desk top space. Sometimes simple is better. Price: Free
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Photoscape Photoscape

A delightful program 5 stars
This well thought out tool is a delight to use. Very intuitive with a multitude of extra features assembled into one program. This is a definite "keeper". The ability to easily edit and be creative with photos and animations make this program a real joy to use. I'm grateful that the author(s) released this as freeware. It could have easily been justifiably sold at a nice price. Highly recommended. Price: Free
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Powerbullet Presenter Powerbullet Presenter

Easy and versatile 4 stars
A fairly easy program to learn and use. The features of this program may be slightly limited to other flash design programs, but considering the price (free), how can one complain. Personally, I will use this one until my needs exceed its limitations. Recommended program. Price: Free
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Amara Flash Photo Animation Amara Flash Photo Animation

Easy to use 4 stars
I like this program, as it's simple in operation. Its simplicity is based on it's limited features, which, in my opinion, makes it a little steep in price for what you get. Still, it does what it says it will do. Price: Free Trial ($49.95)
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3D Flash Animator 3D Flash Animator

A lot of good features 4 stars
The program is fairly intuitive in learning the basic features, such as text animation. I would have appreciated, however, a graphical tutorial in attempting to learn the more complex features of the program. Neither the help files nor any internet postings offer much assistance. Still, I found the program worthy of purchase, which I may do soon. Price: Free Trial ($40.00)
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Color Cop Color Cop

So easy, so simple 5 stars
What a delightful program to use for extracting the correct color from anything on your computer. Absolutely no learning curve to use this tool. To view a demo animation of the program in action, visit the developer's web site. Highly recommended. Price: Free
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Kurlo Kurlo

An easy interface 5 stars
While the features are similar to those of my Outlook Express address book, I found the interface of this program as having more eye appeal. Kurlo is very easy to set up and navigate. It's obvious that considerable thought for the end user went into the development of this program. Price: Free
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Wink Wink

Outstanding program 5 stars
A perfect gem for sharing information (i.e. tutorials, advertising, etc.) in a creative, animated manner. The two tutorials provided with the program, which are actually a demonstration of the program itself, plus a detailed manual make it easy to grasp the various functions of this outstanding program. Highly recommended. Price: Free
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MaxSplitter Free Edition MaxSplitter Free Edition

Great program, easy to use 5 stars
Simplicity is the bottomline to this program. It installs easily, splits your files easily with a supportive interface to let you know all relative information, and connects all the "pieces" together with no problems. I've tried three other file splitting programs (all with a few bugs and error messages) prior to using this program. This is the one I'm keeping. Works well and recommended. Price: Free
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