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Very good 4 stars by mistrmagoo May 25, 2015
Simple and works, why a "always on top feature" isn't made available in Windows baffles me. Good job developer and thanks for the freebie. show Review details
At last Skype behaves the way I want 5 stars by psamson491 Apr 14, 2015
Well done. A useful app, well executed. While is shouldn't have been necessary to augment Windows with such a key feature, I am grateful you did. Also happy to contribute a few bucks to keep up the good work if there is a way. show Review details
Great 5 stars by wesamadola1151 Dec 26, 2012
Great product very easy and so efficient Thanks for the programmer if there is any donating ID on paypal I'd be very pleased to help. Great. Thank you for that. show Review details
Perfect. 5 stars by we_pop390 Jul 07, 2012
Just what i was looking for- simple, useful. Thank you! show Review details
Simply awesome. 5 stars by dave12 Apr 29, 2012
Just wanted to say thanks a ton for making this simple, effective program. Now I can pin any reference photo I want above my canvas or viewport and work in it without having to go back and forth! show Review details
Does what it says on the tin 5 stars by Denyer Nov 19, 2011 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Still working well in the Windows 7 era. (The reason always-on-top functionality hasn't been added directly to Windows is probably that it'd make support calls more complicated.) show Review details
Great tinyware! 5 stars by smoozdog Oct 20, 2011 (Read all my 17 reviews)
And it works great with Win7-64. Why is this feature not built-in to Windows yet? show Review details
Awesome! no more missed meetings. 5 stars by MonkeyMissle Jul 06, 2011
Outlook reminder dialogs got changed to no longer be the foreground window. That's great since it means I no longer accidentally click the "dismiss all" button when it comes up unexpectedly but it causes me to frequently miss meetings since it goes into the background as soon as I click the window that is behind it and then I dont see it at all. Now the dialog stays up in front where I cant possibly miss it. show Review details
Copy-paste heaven! 5 stars by ArmchairGuppy Feb 11, 2010
Do you feel like you're always "bending down to pick up" your window that self-minimized? Then DeskPins is for you! Great for copying and pasting without your window minimizing. I tried Focus Genie, but it was quirky, cumbersome, confusing and unreliable. DeskPins is user-friendly and fun. It works great in Vista. show Review details
A must have for XP 5 stars by Powerpins Jul 18, 2009
The author of this program meant business--he made it so that you can literally pin a window in its place! Don't hesitate to get this if you've ever wanted to keep a Microsoft IE window exactly in place--and position. This makes it possible to read and at the same time follow simple computer instructions on the web! There's a Microsoft ad that says "Life without walls?", but DeskPins finds Microsoft's wall and allows you to nail what you want to it! show Review details
Nice! 5 stars by jextuens Mar 27, 2009 (Read all my 38 reviews)
It does what you need, fantastically!! show Review details
Fantastic 5 stars by Barney Jan 28, 2009 (Read all my 4 reviews)
I was so impressed with the author's OverDisk product, it prompted me to see what else he had. A good developer/programmer is worth his weight in gold. That's how I found DeskPins. It seemed like a good option to have and I have installed and checked it out. What a great little program. Really handy versus minimizing different windows to see both. I highly recommend it. Thank you Elias for such quality programs. :-) show Review details
Fantastic! 5 stars by CarbonDudeoxide Jan 23, 2009 (Read all my 26 reviews)
A must have! Keep a window (pin a window) on top of all other windows. Very useful when taking notes or copying from one document to the other. Absolutely wonderful! One trick I like to do with it is get a movie or video, restore it down and drag its size to a small square, drag it to the right side of the screen, and start working on my word document. This way, when you click on the word document, the movie is still in front and you can continue watching the movie whilst working without worrying about it disappearing behind the word document. show Review details
My sanity is intact! 5 stars by ChrisP Jul 05, 2008
Finally, I've found an application allowing me to keep my current working window on top while other windows open! The amount of times I have inadvertently clicked on something because a new window opened and took over was frustrating the hell out of me. This application is easy, straightforward and FANTASTIC!! Highly recommended. 5 stars! show Review details
Great idea 5 stars by Tantalus Mar 05, 2008 (Read all my 7 reviews)
Installed without problem on Windows XP Pro system. (I haven't tried it yet with Vista.) I find myself using this nifty little program more all the time. Kudos to the developer! show Review details
Very good program!! 5 stars by pcjunkie181 Nov 19, 2006
This a great program for those windows that you want to keep on top of everything else. And couldn't be anymore simple to use. show Review details
Really good. 5 stars by Ghost_grey Jan 18, 2006 (Read all my 56 reviews)
I get this popups such as "open files" that will stay above all screens, easily with this i can make the window i'm concentrating for the moment be above it. until i need to get it great. or just do simple task that can be repetitive with multiple clicking. give this a try. show Review details
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