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XL Essential PDF Splitter XL Essential PDF Splitter

Does what it says... 5 stars
... and does it quickly. Price: Free
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WhatsApp WhatsApp

It's ok but preferred skype 2 stars
Skype has become too buggy for me to use anymore, so I looked for an alternative. Yes, these guys do want your mobile number which I am not a fan of. The desktop app has very few options. I'd like to be able to change the font size and minimize to tray like every other IM app. Other than lacking those; it's ok. Price: Free
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PicPick PicPick

Picpick is the best for making instructables. 5 stars
... I have mine set to auto-save to my Dropbox and then it's ready to share. My only complaint(?) is that is does not offer a propriety editable format to make changes to an edited image after closing the program. Once it's saved and closed it's permanent. Good job guys at NGWIN. Excellent job! Price: Free
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Spider Player Pro Spider Player Pro

Nice player but... 3 stars
Winamp 2.95 is faster and has all the same features... except the lyrics won't disappear after one minute. Price: Free
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SyncBack Free SyncBack Free

This is the freeware version? 5 stars
I echo the sediments of the other 5-star users. THE best backup software out there. I use the Pro version at my job for a few extra bells and whistles. I'd take the free version over Symantec corporate backup... as a matter of fact I did (but upgraded for business use). Syncback has proven reliable for me since 2003... and saved my butt a few times. Nice job 2BrightSparks! Price: Free
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Drive SnapShot Drive SnapShot

By far the best imager out there 5 stars
I'm surprised I'm the first user to review this one. To start:
- It's small (355KB).
- It's portable (single executable file) once registered.
- Works in DOS.
- Works well in Windows PE.
- Simple GUI.
- Built-in disk management tools (+MBR check).
- Diff images.
- Lots and lots of command line options which makes it ideal in DOS or automating your backup in a batch file, which I use.
- VERY RELIABLE! I only wish it did direct disk-to-disk also. Hands down the best overall imaging program out there!! This German team knows their stuff... well worth the 50 dollars. Price: Free Trial ($52.00)
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DeskPins DeskPins

Great tinyware! 5 stars
And it works great with Win7-64. Why is this feature not built-in to Windows yet? Price: Free
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UK`s Kalender UK`s Kalender

Very nice calendar program 4 stars
PROS: Packed with all the features you could want and highly customizable. CONS: The only thing I don't like is that it uses a proprietary calendar file (.DAT data file in this case) format and one cannot import their standard calendar file format to the program. I'm staying away from it for now but plan on checking back on it from time to time. Well done Ulrich! Price: Free
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MP3 Quality Modifier MP3 Quality Modifier

Excellent piece of freeware 5 stars
Says what it does and does what it says. I'd be happy to contribute. Nice job Kevin! Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Mar 01, 2011: I m glad that you like MQM!

Stardock Fences Stardock Fences

Excellent desktop organizer but... 4 stars
I ended up having to uninstall it from Windows XP 32-bit because it kept crashing windows explorer(.exe) when the control panel was launched. Very unfortunate. Try it. It works fine on my Windows7 unit at work. Price: Free Trial ($19.99)
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CubicExplorer CubicExplorer

Best file manager out there but... 4 stars
... it's a little buggy still. Intermittent (recoverable) freeze-ups for me on both XP-pro and Win7 machines. Hope they can get the bugs worked out because I simply love the layout of this manager! Price: Free
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Comodo Internet Security Comodo Internet Security

Loved it... then hated it 5 stars
As you can see, I rated this firewall high in all criterion. However, it has major network issue with my computer after a "wake". It would lose the LAN connection with the router every time and it could not be rectified through a software setting or changing connection type (DHCP or static). Had to restart to restore my internet connection. It's a bummer because it really is a well written application otherwise. Price: Free
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BurnAware Free BurnAware Free

Version 1.3 was perfect but... 4 stars
... version 2 has only created coasters for me. It's unfortunate because it WAS a great program. Price: Free
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myTimeZone for eBay myTimeZone for eBay

Wow! 5 stars
If you shop Ebay and use Firefox... download this, it's a must! Very well written extension. Price: Free
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ZipGenius ZipGenius

Not worth the download 3 stars
Way too over-complicated... download ... instead. Price: Free
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