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AutoIt AutoIt

I love it, highly recommended! 5 stars
One of the best things i've downloaded, you know why? because I can actually make my own programs, my first program ever! with a nice interface, and I get it to do what exactly I want! it can also do macros, and I can also give it out to friends by making it executable, and best of all it's free! and not limited at all, there's not really a interface it's more of a scripting language.. first of all if you have experience with coding, then this should prove alot of worth, but if you have little, or none then it can be hard to figure out, just open up notepad and name a text file *.au3, and check out the help file, it took me a couple of days to get the basics, I read the help file which is good, also got the editor for it "scite" that really helped alot, and i checked out their forum, I got things running, highly recommended Price: Free
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Bulk Rename Utility Bulk Rename Utility

Highly recommended.. 5 stars
This is great, while it takes a little while to figure out because its so expansive, but once you've figured it out, you'll be amazed like i was, and it's much much better than windows file rename, because BRU can remove/change for example extensions of files, while preserving there files names, windows does not, BRU has mass renaming and is easily configurable, and very powerful for what it does, another must have, it's very useful. Price: Free
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Magnifier Magnifier

Much better than windows version.. 5 stars
This is powerful, this can be used for graphics, and for seeing things up close and personal, can be dragged around as an eye glass, or work as windows magnifier, only it doesnt take half the screen, it's resizable, and it can magnify up to 32x, also can take screen caps of a certain parts, it doesn't show the mouse, but does provide a box like thing to navigate more precise, its not over the top fancy looking, requires no install, so it can be run from thumbdrive, which is wonderful, it just works and its free. Price: Free
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Iconize Iconize

Awesome just what i needed. 5 stars
I was in desperate need for something to close all windows, google searches, various look ups, i tried writing commands but none what i was looking for, recently i found this and it was just what i was looking for, and more!! it includes a simple task manager via right click which minimizes windows to system tray, maximize all, minimize all, restore all, close all of course, double left click minimizes all, but i wish it would restore If I double click it again, it uses little memory 3 mb's at most, all thats missing I think is a hotkey, and it doesnt have any way to configure it, thats okay but maybe in next version? this is differently a must have. Price: Free
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PowerClick PowerClick

Surperb. 5 stars
Power click, is a handy utility that sits in the system tray waiting to be used, no installation required,so it can be run from thumb drive, it offers alot of features, countdown, ability to cancel actions before countdown ends, quick actions, but it's missing a timer to set for example windows to shutdown at 11:30 pm, or after a program as stopped, If it had this feature it would be near perfect, I've tested a bunch of other shutdown utilities some really pissed me off because I accidentally pressed shutdown, and they would immediately shutdown windows without confirmation, or countdown. definitely worth a try, and more than two stars... Price: Free
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Mouse Emulator Mouse Emulator

I could of used this! 5 stars
I had a ballmouse, and it was a mess because it would skip when i moved it fast, and it would drag you know sometimes skip right to the little [x] button and close out windows, and it mysteriously got broken.. until i got an optical mouse I had to use the keyboard to navigate, which is a total pain just to do the simplest tasks, keyboard shortcuts are very shortcoming, Microsoft developed a keyboard pad, and nothing for the mouse, Mouse emulator, is a life saver and perfect solution to no mouse at all, it actually moves the mouse arrow with numkey, a few minutes of use i find it very uncomplicated, and intuitive, also no installation required. and i recommend it even if you have a mouse, because you never know.. just try it out. Price: Free
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StrokeIt StrokeIt

Makes life easier 5 stars
Very powerful program, uses little to no memory, quickly resize, minimize, close programs, right to go forward, left to go back, and open programs by drawing such a w for web browser, and c for close.. etc, and it's very customizable all without lifting a finger on the keyboard, or looking up, down, whatever also it's very much like firefox's mouse gestures, but i disabled it on firefox so it wouldnt override mouse gestures, this is a definite try.. Price: Free
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Awesome, cant be without it 5 stars
Quickly (in seconds) makes complete backups of registry for easy restoration and comes with NTRegOpt that optimizes the registry, actually made my computer more reliable. I've heard thats its better than system restore, and similar tools. it's worth keeping backups with it but hopefully wont need to use it.. Price: Free
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Wonderful to have around! 5 stars
Back in my windows 98 days, my computer would crash randomly, and my computer was extremely slow, i didn't know why.. well it was because i had hardly any ram available i usually only had 23 free mb's out of 145 mb's of ram for applications. i tried out freeram, and it bumped my ram to 103-7 mb's free, thats an extreme increase, it made my system more stable.. but now i have windows xp and lot more ram to through around, this is well worth having, it does a good of monitoring/freeing the ram, offers plenty of options, and is easy to use, free, the best ram freeing utility yet! Price: Free
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Emsisoft HiJackFree Emsisoft HiJackFree

Um.. missing something? 3 stars
I dont know If I downloaded the wrong version but the registry startups, have checkboxes/ context menu to disable/delete/add the entries, but further on down, it has no further options to disable startups and doesnt even offer a context menu, and most options are grayed out (disabled) such as (delete/edit reg/stop service/ etc) if those dont even work why have them in their in the first place? this does offer comprehensive start up manifest which is impressive but if the only way is to locate it with a2 and manually add a parameter to the reg file, then is differently not for users who arent into editing the registry.. autoruns is a a lot more easier to use, and more powerful as of features, but it doesn't have port watch/ who needs it when another piece of software from the same authors that did autoruns is available (free), starter, and winpatrol work too. a2 is alright but where did all the obvious, or what should be features go? Price: Free
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MacroMaker MacroMaker

Totally awesome! 5 stars
I've heard of macros but didn't know what uses the were for until I tried macromaker, and this is a really neat program, it can watch the mouse and keyboard, and then it can playback everything, and saved the macros then can be assigned hotkeys, schedules, even phrase words! to start playback if you use the record function on the right side first (recordings), and then go to the left side (macros) and assign a key, or functions, playback recording for the recording u did, it will make things alot easier to figure out, one thing though if you move a window that was recorded just a bit, the macro will do everything anyways, no matter where the windows has moved, so i've found some of my icons reranged, and a whole bunch of tabs in firefox that were open, besides that, it can be very useful for multiple operations, and it can be played as a prank as well:) this awesome! its free! Price: Free
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SmartClose SmartClose

Really great.. 5 stars
This is perfect for closing down apps that are not needed to run, freeing up memory for inatallating, copying, or whatever, or just killing resource hoggs i.e. windowsblinds, it makes the computer feel naked. I thought exact opposite when i first downloaded and installed i thought little app that ran in the background when i pressed it it'd close all programs, so i uninstalled it (uninstalls just fine) but then later reinstalled it, because it has its uses, anyways it did miss a few apps (hotkeys) thats the only one.. and i had too manually add my antivirus and spyware apps, and firewall not to be closed, but it comes with a restore feature for quickly opening up apps again, i've found that it can be used as a quicklaunch for programs too, before i was using a batch file which is pretty cool, a must try and it does not really need a help file, it's pretty self explanatory add programs you dont want closed, follow the steps in my opinion. give it a try. Price: Free
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TweakUI TweakUI

Interesting powertool.. 5 stars
This is really worth a try, and differently a thumbs up on windows part, the developers at Microsoft did a great deal on this because the default set up of windows is not very good.., one feature, mouse-x is really neat, it can shift windows by hovering, instead of click although it's kind of a nuisance if theres alot of windows open, or your not very coordinate with the mouse so to avoid this.. (325 ms) delay is a recommended setting. although i wish it would shift from the task bar as an option too, which would be even a million times better. others setting are autologin, and command keys, taskbar grouping cust. ect etc.. pretty much a powertool that should be on windows by default. Price: Free
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HotKeys HotKeys

Just what i was looking for.. 5 stars
Simply put this is pretty awesome hotkey program, its much much easier to use than hotkeys since it has an interface but i think it used more resources at most 6 mbs, accordingly it just works, comes with predefined hotkeys, and supports all the keys on the keyboard, and programs and commands mainly got it so i can assigned a hotkey for starter (also available on snapfiles) but now i found more uses, it's worth a try, it's free. Price: Free
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ShellExView ShellExView

Really essential! easy to use. 5 stars
Shellexview (shell context extension view) does what its was made for, no installation required, quickly disables/enables/remove shell context menus, it even comes color coded so non windows shellext are highlighted in pink, so they are easy to distinguish and it also red highlights suspicious shell extensions (useless), disabled items are colored in grey, and it has a quick find for quickly finding items, very good descriptions all this for free, I cant believe i've gone this long without having this! this person (Nir sofer) who makes all these tools is really an innovator. Price: Free
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Resource Hacker Resource Hacker

Sweet. easy to use. 5 stars
This is pretty interesting for what it does, I have some programs that i use that has pretty bad icons, resource hacker makes effortless to change the icons, or extracting icons, and it also can change table strings such as the programs description, so if i wanted to i can make firefox look like internet explorer, or vice versa, i think. or just check out how things run in a program, it's pretty advanced too, and free ;) but if you visit the authors website he's not actively developing it anymore, but theres an open source one too. Price: Free
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icon sushi icon sushi

Excellent! 5 stars
This is one of the best icon makers i've tried, it didnt require installation, and was easy to use, supported a wide range of files (.ico, bmp, .png, .dll, .exe, icl, psd,) except .xpm :( and can make, transparency and it saved output as .bmp, .ico, .png, or .icl, which is pretty good, but iconsushi cant make icons from scratch, or resize them, it opens existing images sizes of (1- 128), and converts them into icons, edits them it's a great quick conversion tool/editing, but not a standard for making icons. i used photofiltre to make icons, and this to edit transparency, and convert Price: Free
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qs Hotkeys qs Hotkeys

Read the description 4 stars
I installed this, and got it confused with "hotkeys" it's called "qs hotkeys", anyways theres not really a configuration window that accessible through the mouse, and the only to get to it is holding down the windows key, for 2 seconds, but keep pressing, my complaint is that it's using 24 MB, but it'd probably go down once it's settles in I hope, another complaint is that i almost got a headache trying to figure this out.. i figured it out because i read the description! the keyboard interface is nice though, Price: Free
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OuttaSight OuttaSight

Pretty cool. 5 stars
Features include hiding taskbar, sys tray, icons and all windows, includes hotkeys, and open files can be sent to tray too,this great for quickly hiding window that shouldnt be seen by others as a boss key, or locking the desktop so people can't snoop, or just making more room, i wish the hotkeys were more supported like alt-x, or ctrl-[windows] key, but at any rate its well done. free, and it does work on win xp. Price: Free
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Mp3Tag Mp3Tag

Quick and easy to use. 5 stars
I was looking for a tag editor, that has the usability, and quickness like this, I was using audacity to make tags, and trim music, and then convert to mp3 so I can play on my mp3 player but it was a really slow process, audacity is a nice converter/editor, i also used switch to convert wav to mp3, and now Mp3tag to make the ID3 tags, if the music didnt require being trimmed, anyways i like this, one thing i dont like is that you to press save to save the id3 tags, and then press okay, i'd rather it saved the id3 on the fly, and i wish it would remember what i saved such as the artist that way i wouldnt have to keep typing anyways, this is exactly what i needed, sped things up, and it's free! Price: Free
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WinRoll WinRoll

Another awesome peice of software! 5 stars
This is awesome, if you want full blown power-user machine, also get Deskpins, Trayit, Launchtab, Stick, Dexpot, Rerange Task, and Hotkeys, winroll hides the window so only the titlebar shows, which is way better than sending to taskbar for a simple task.. i think windowblinds offer this in some of the themes but winroll is not bloat, and very low on resources My two complaints are that it only does standard windows e.g. not fully customized like Spyware Sweeper, or Artrage, ect. because they will either do nothing or freeze up as minized state. And another thing is that when i winroll a window that is in background and un-winroll it becomes foreground in front of a window i was working on i guess that is windows, and not winroll, that's all. Despite that.. this is definitely worth it, and it's free.. cant go wrong with that. Price: Free
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HijackThis HijackThis

Definitely worth it 5 stars
This is power! and only if you know what is good and what is not this is really simple to use.. all it does is gather values such of startup programs, programs running, homepage, and toolbars in IE, with opens to remove them if you got hijacked or a stupid useless third party toolbar got installed.. it also has a rollback system so you can rollback if you deleted something that "you" wanted, and comes with accessories such as delete file on restart, process explorer, this is good.. i used it on my friends computer also you can get your hijackthis log analyzed... Price: Free
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Spamihilator Spamihilator

Easier ways to prevent spam.. 5 stars
Good this program is free, new user and older users would benefit, if you are like me, you dont have a personal email address, okay so you do but you'd never tell anyone what it was except your family members. there's plenty of services to prevent spam, free email addresses e.g. yahoo, gmail, msn.. there temp email address just for the occasion e.g. etc.. I even made an email addresses that i use "just for spam" i like to occasionally read... if your dumb enough to sign up to weird websites using an email address that you dont want spammed, or just a popular guy/girl, than you'll probably need a spam filter.. or something. Price: Free
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ClocX ClocX

Its okay. for a clock fan. 4 stars
I tried it for a couple of seconds seems fine, looks pretty good, also i think it's easy to make themes for it! :) but not what i was looking for. so i tried to uninstall, and it didnt do a good job had to manually delete reg keys, but i still couldn't delete the clocx folder for some reason.. so i installed it again, i'll give it a second chance since i was so quick to uninstall.. you never know. Price: Free
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DeskPins DeskPins

Really good. 5 stars
I get this popups such as "open files" that will stay above all screens, easily with this i can make the window i'm concentrating for the moment be above it. until i need to get it great. or just do simple task that can be repetitive with multiple clicking. give this a try. Price: Free
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Desktop Sidebar Desktop Sidebar

Try it out. 4 stars
I did and it was okay, the reason i didn't really like it was when i move it like say to the left hand side, my HD would make noises and my icons would get rearange! and that's kind of intrusive. also dont like preinstalled shortcuts.. maybe because i've never tried anything like this before.. I like what it does, and all the features it has, but it's just not for me. I use YZdock for my sidebar/desk-dockin' needs.. it's EXTREMELY light on resources and on my desktop, and no install! and anything can be added to it. google it! ;) Price: Free
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AutoRuns AutoRuns

For more advanced users! 5 stars
Very awesome piece of software, and very powerful, although intimidating for new users and you can screw up your machine with it. this is good to learn what is running but it is for more advanced users. I suggest enabling "hide microsoft entries" and restart it if you are button mashing happy or dont know what your doing. Of course with this u can manually delete spyware and browser hijacks from system, and startup, i also recommend starter and hijackthis, which are similar in a way. Price: Free
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Dexpot Dexpot

Never seem something like this before. 5 stars
I still dont even know what this is but it is really awesome. Never seem something like this before, but i'm really starting to like it. I can have multiple windows open in a single virtual desktop, and it doesnt even use that much memory. has really good options, a high level config! and seems like a new toy for windows. I kind of thought up of uses for it ;) so everything is virtual in this virtual world of ours? Price: Free
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XnView XnView

Very nice. my new viewer! 5 stars
I think i'll stick this this, since it is free, and i really like that it is filled with features, and tools, customization, and is easy to use, and uses middle mouse scroll for zooming images/closes out images/ preview ect.. it's multitabed (like Firefox),and very intuitive interface, also views most files types (alot of obscure ones I've never heard of before ;) Too bad it doesn't view .art images. Out of 200 file types supported, and some images on my computer being .art images! that is a disappointment. another miss is that is doesnt do screensavers the way i like, (animated gif images, with mp3 background music)thats all really i'm going to recommended it anyways, i also recommend irfanview, it's not as pretty/clean but just as powerful! Price: Free
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ArtRage (Starter Edition) ArtRage (Starter Edition)

Wow! 5 stars
The things that are possible, i can paint/draw (no not ms paint) on my computer now!, (where was the eula?) anyways i'm amazed, even the colors blend like real paint if you mix them, and it has a water to clean the brush (that changes color like the real thing), and the interface is just fantastic!! it really hides when you move mouse over them and provides many brushes to choose from, also it has an undo/redo feature.. beat that picaso! this is cool, i kind of wish i had a pin-mouse, i'd probably achieve better results! try it out. you'll like it. Price: Free
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TaskArrange TaskArrange

Feel the burn. 5 stars
The author, obviously knows his/her stuff, because i use all the programs they made, because their so genius, i always wanted to rearrange the task on the task bar. but i kind of wish it would rearrange automatically them without having to press apply every time. maybe even rearrange them straight from the task bask. (similar to Firefox 1.5) which would be a plus. ok Price: Free
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Sqirlz Morph Sqirlz Morph

Fun 5 stars
I had fun with this the results didnt turn out as expected but of course there is always room to get better at it though, (i guess the images werent the same size) i like that i can save the results as gif, avi, or swf which is thoughtful. Price: Free
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ZipGenius ZipGenius

Impressive! 5 stars
This is pretty nice, hard to believe it's not as popular as [..] or similar i can now open .jar files! and create zips, jar, gzip, 7zip ect. the compression is pretty good, i tried compressing some images, and i didnt notice much difference in compression, but with txt, (like my Firefox profile) i noticed very big difference! but when creating a zip with password protection anyone can just delete the file, and say goodbye to those files, (i dont know if this was fixed, or this is just a huge bug in windows.. whatever) it should ask for password before deleting anyways. but at any rate i could just use the encryption/decryption tool which is nice, also it is not just a zipper, but a multi purpose tool it can make zips into and .exe, create a slideshow, cut big files in half, has a backup tool (even for Firefox profiles, etc), scan and zip(for images is really nice, after minutes of looking at i just realized how powerful this tool is, its easy to use too. for the price get it. Price: Free
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RK Launcher RK Launcher

If u tried yzdock or mac u should try this! 5 stars
This is rather cool, it's just like yz dock but it is more complete, and being actively developed. Can someone clarify what happened to yz dock? anyways, this is better than many programs that do the same things I guess since it is freeware ;) and easily configurable, i like it. My only quiff (is that a word?) is that it needs configuration, because it doesn't detect default email, web browser, address book, audio player, etc (i use Firefox btw) and another thing is that it doesn't handle dragging items from the start menu like "run", or whatever.. i would like a menu bar anyways Price: Free
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CCleaner CCleaner

Cleans throroughly 5 stars
It thoroughly cleans junk files, and it is free, and it is updated regularly! cool Price: Free
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Paint.NET Paint.NET

Pretty rad 5 stars
At first i thought it was a photoshop clone.. nope it's just a replacement for ms paint.. it's got it's +'s and -'s but it is much easier to use than Photoshop, and i can do simple tasks which PS makes merely impossible, is worth a try. i like it for it's intuitiveness, also try the gimp and PhotoFiltre. Price: Free
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Spybot  Search and Destroy (Free) Spybot Search and Destroy (Free)

Another must have! 5 stars
Everybody who has a computer with internet connection or installs software should use this just to be safe Price: Free
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Ad-Aware Free Antivirus Ad-Aware Free Antivirus

Another must have! 5 stars
Every computer that has internet or installs software such have this! Price: Free
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SpywareBlaster SpywareBlaster

Another must have! 5 stars
Every computer that has internet or installs software should have this.. such a nice tool. Price: Free
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LaunchTab LaunchTab

Really cool! 5 stars
I am pleased to say this is very handy piece of software and it is very well made, i can launch programs with this easily, and add anything my only quiff is that i can't open folders, and it doesn't have too many features.. but get ready for the new age because 2.0 is (hopefully still) in development with even better features! Price: Free
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Pivot Stickfigure Animator Pivot Stickfigure Animator

Too much fun 5 stars
I get alot of fun out of this, very intuitive animation and the results are hilarious, i do matrix when i use it.. Price: Free
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Disk Cleaner Disk Cleaner

Nicely done software, cleans the utter mess 5 stars
It cleans the utter mess that windows leaves behind, and does a better job than many commercial. also it's small, and easy to use, not to mention free :) Price: Free
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Stick Stick

Sweet, pimp my computer! 5 stars
After months of customizing my browser "firefox" i'm going for a bigger project like my puter I downloaded this and this does serve a purpose and that is being useful! i can access folders in seconds that would take 5 seconds, and write down quick notes, and add any folder or whatever in a tab, and just point and click. (i disabled slide because it was kind of lagging) what i kind of dont like is when i select and open a tab window the window would cover up the other tabs, that's my only real complaint.. and a question is how do i get rss news feeds to load? anyways i got it to start up when i start my computer with starter. this program is essential for me now, nice job! Price: Free
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Switch Switch

This is a nice piece of software.. 5 stars
Nice conversion tool, I have alot of files that needed to be converted, and it does a nice job at that. (fast too!) for some reason i installed it but removed it because there was "switchdialer" that was caught by spysweeper, and then reinstalled it a few months later because i needed it, and again spysweeper found a "switchdialer".. i dont know if this is a false positive or this has adware it, i hope it's just an fp because i like it. maybe because the title says "switch" or something.. Price: Free Trial ($40.00)
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PhotoFiltre PhotoFiltre

Love it. 5 stars
This my friend is a sweet little tool, perfect for printing pictures, resizing them, cropping, checking out the image via mouse scroll, adding affects, making icons,converting images files to another format, also does a good job with the quality and compression and has multi view so this is sweet, especially it's free!! Price: Free
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Gimp Gimp

I love open source! 5 stars
I used photoshop a while back it was hard but i got used to it, so now i'm using the gimp, which is just as powerful, also the learning curve isn't bad for me unlike other tools, nice. i love open source, free, open to everyone to make better open source is so much better than priority. much better. Price: Free
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The Regex Coach The Regex Coach

Dont understand.. 3 stars
My expression works but this thing doesn't tell what is catching particular, it just complains about invalid for example... Price: Free
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Audacity Audacity

Very very nice, and free! 5 stars
Great for just converting files to different format, recording music :), or editing music, very nice, and it's free! Price: Free
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Restoration Restoration

Small, easy to use, free! 5 stars
The bad thing about it is i deleted an .asf movie file and it cant find it. :( but it seems to find other stuff quite well, also alot lot lot better than some others, just missing key features, but for the size (90 kb), speed and price it's just nice, should never be with out it. To the author please add support for .asf files this is great tool. sadly i still am not recover my movies :( Price: Free
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Firefox Browser Firefox Browser

The best of the best. 5 stars
Firefox is the best browser around, simple, clean, and easy to use, but Firefox really is a beast, Just look under the hood and you've got superior browsing power with an extremely flexible extension system, customizable, and very well built for the web But It's still a baby so handle it with care. Firefox is Easily my favorite browser. Although I recommend sticking with Internet Explorer, or whatever your stuck with because you probably wont like Firefox. Price: Free
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