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Search fails with enterprise level sharepoint 3 stars by Minuet Jan 27, 2016 (Read all my 4 reviews)
I've been using X1 for several years and upgraded to 8.4.1 because of the advertised feature of being able to search SharePoint. I also added paid support. However, I am not able to search our Enterprise SharePoint. I thought there would be be a simple explanation, like it only works with some SharePoint configurations which is probably true. However, support has been very slow and unable to provide an answer. Otherwise it's a great tool, although this version doesn't seem to do anything more than the last version. In fact, I liked the interface of the older version better for viewing more results without scrolling. This version shows everything so large that I find myself scrolling a lot. Perhaps there is an option to shrink it, but I haven't found it. It does not respond to the standard windows zoom functions. If it searched SharePoint as advertised - easy 4 stars. If I could adjust the size of results - and have them persist, 5 stars. Again, X1 continues to be a great tool, the old version is a 5, this one 3 even though it does everything the old one did, but it doesn't satisfy deliver on the 'new features interface'. show Review details
Klunky, must have, ugly: but fab workhorse 4 stars by bbyers566 Jan 20, 2012
OVERALL: Good++. I haven't found anything better: this thing finds anything on your main drives, some network drives, and email. The indexing is pretty continuous, but it doesn't slow the computer much at all, and it gets deep into the files, as well, so if "IT" is there, this thing will find it, where it exists. The bad new is that it is a pain in the a to know exactly how many and exactly which drives you're searching, and the date ranges are poorly thought out,as are the restricions on how many drives it will take, and if or how to expand that. THAT is really a pain, since I don't have the time to dig into the help/how-to/documentation. They HAVE to replace the "add source" feature with something even remotely sane. You're done with the preview, guys: get back to the filters and put in a smart status display. Or even a stupid on: anthing. Provide feedback on how to adjust search, and nobel will be yours. With some careful thought, this thing could be weaponized. I's a bit of a mut as far as company aggressive updating or support, and I'll jump ship to anyone else's version of it, but would love it if these guys just sat down and addressed the problems. One thing for sure: I've been praying for this sort of thing for awhile.. The good Lord answered my prayers, but the prayers appear to have left out a little too much. Must have, but don't expect to fall deeply in love. show Review details
Good, but... 3 stars by clntbrtn Dec 18, 2006
It doesn't search network shares or removable media without jumping through a couple of inconvenient hoops. Other than that, it's a pretty good program for desktop search... show Review details
Ditch the xp find tool ! 5 stars by DavidR Dec 03, 2006
Best searcher I ever clicked. Like, wow. Note that you have to leave your puter on all night while it indexes all your files, or those file types it lets you select. (After that, it indexes while you work.) Then fire it up and type a word at the blinking cursor. Fast as you can type, it rolls a list of every file with that word in its filename, OR in its text. Type a subject you like and it shows you what you've written, or even saved from the internet with that word (or series of words). If you want to know how many times you or someone has misspelled "recieved," just type it in and watch the booboos roll down. A results pane flashes the content, whether it's words or a picture or just program code. Very customizable. I love the way it flashes a photo, an autocad drawing, a database, a text or .doc file, you name it. Utterly cool. show Review details
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