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Much improved 5 stars by babyboomer Apr 03, 2007
Having used both the previous version and the one that has just come out, I can say that the program is much improved. Still no audio restoration features, but it does everything else you need and makes light work of it. Well worth the money. show Review details
Not quite there yet 2 stars by pcs800 Feb 19, 2007 (Read all my 222 reviews)
I am a regular use of Spin It Again from Acoustica, so I though i would try this one out since it is similar. Problems for me are that it has no cleaning effects at all. Your recording is as dirty and full of crackles as it was on the LP. Also, the online lookup is nice but I still had to enter all track names manually. High quality mp3 (according to this app) is 172kbps, not my idea of high quality mp3 files. Although it will record to wave as well and I could convert to mp3 in a different program. It has no burning engine and uses IMAPI, so it will not burn a cd if you do not have Windows XP or Vista. The automatic track splitting did not work at all for the recording I did, and it was a plane jane music tape. Also, it did not warn me that my level might be too high until i was many minutes into the recording. So I just let it go anyway. The recording sounds fine, but I could have done the same thing with audacity or other freeware. show Review details
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