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Very good, however. . . 5 stars by gullyfoyle25607 May 03, 2019 (Read all my 3 reviews)
I've been using Recuva for several years for those rare occasions of accidentally deletion. Recently, I lost some pictures on my camera SD card. Ran Recuva and it turned up. . . nothing, even though I knew they must be there. So I downloaded Puran File Recovery. I was able to recover everything as it, unlike Recuva, does support cards formatted with exFAT. show Review details
It found my deleted photos!!! saved me! 5 stars by tamiam62722 Jun 29, 2016
I'm a semi professional photographer. I had been doing baseball league pictures. Between shooting 2 teams I took pictures at a 75th birthday party of a man with his brothers and sisters that all live out of town. I downloaded the baseball teams and forgot to download the birthday pictures!!! I was skeptical anything would work because I had already formatted my SD card in my camera AND started taking new pictures on it before I discovered I hadn't downloaded the birthday pictures I needed. I read reviews on several recovery software programs and eventually decided to try this one. So glad I did! This program was super easy to use and found the photos I had deleted off my SD card. I just followed the Wizard, which at first told me there were no files on the card, but then asked if I wanted to do a deeper scan. I said yes and in less than 15 minutes it had recovered 254 deleted images, including the ones that I needed so bad! This program worked great for me, and was totally free and so far no adware or anything I've found that it slipped into my computer! show Review details
Very good, it saved me 5 stars by dorthinick681 Nov 08, 2015
Never thought that would have a day with my most precious SD broken down and i had tried at least 10 others software without success recovering the data or request a purchase. Only Recuva fully saved all corrupted files from it, highly recommanded show Review details
Has anyone seen my photos? 5 stars by regcyn9028 Oct 24, 2015
Recently accidentally deleted a few pictures from a vacation from my phone. Tried to recover pictures to no avail. Downloaded 2 supposedly free recover software, which took me thru the motions of recovering files. 1 program took over 5 hrs to scan entire phone( my phone has 32gb internal storage and a 16gb sd card installed) once scanning was done though the pictures were shown. I clicked on files i wanted and clicked recover , and next screen says to continue with recovery its 49.95!! 5hrs wasted! Other program wanted 39.95. Came across recuva after another (Hint,Hint) free search, downloaded it. Program let me chose which files I wanted program to search for, which made things easier and faster. Once I checked the photos I wanted to save, I clicked on recover button expecting to be taken to a pay screen to complete recover like other so-called free programs. I was amazed, no pay screen just files being recovered. In less than a minute I had recovered my photos I thought was gone forever. Recommend this software to anyone looking to recover files. FINALLY something that says its free, really is free!!! A+ show Review details
Many false unrecoverable file flags 3 stars by bcscheps569 Jan 06, 2015
I accidentally deleted over 100 files from a flash drive (trying to move the directory "tree" of those files). The "Recuva" program shortly found them (although most of them, Recuva had "red flagged" as being unrecoverable, due to over-writing). THAT, I found strange (since I'D CEASED USING the flash-drive immediately following the deletions and until I got "Recuva" running). Nonetheless, I "undeleted" each of those flagged files...after which, almost all of them proved to be intact and fully readable by their host program ("Word")...they were NOT "unrecoverable!" In addition to the many, just-deleted files, "Recuva" found MANY other files-deleted from over a year ago (but I wasn't interested in attempting to retrieve these, so didn't). Undeletion was a slow, painstaking process, as each file must be selected and "undeleted," individually (save them to a different drive as you go, to avoid overwriting the deleted-files-yet-to-be-retrieved). "Recuva" ultimately salvaged almost ALL my files and recreated their original folder-trees. It would be dandy if Recuva displayed the DELETION-DATES of the deleted files...BUT it does NOT. ALSO, one of the (INDEED, corrupt) files I'd retrieved to a desktop folder, defied almost all means to get rid of it - Win7 kept stating "This File Does Not Exist," EVERY time a "cut" or "delete" attempt was made on it via the GUI (graphical user interface). Its icon defiantly remained on my "desktop" screen UNTIL I DID delete it via DOS command-prompt. show Review details
I cannot thank this developer enough! 5 stars by johhanreyn206 Dec 11, 2013
I just spent 4 hours trying to recover a PowerPoint presentation I accidentally deleted from my thumb drive... I had 6 different programs all hunting for any traces of it. That is until I found Recuva, by far the FASTEST and most EFFICIENT software that surpassed all of the others. Now I will still be getting an A in my chemistry class! THANK YOU!!! Where can I send a donation? show Review details
Excellent awesome software 5 stars by smehrotra115366 Sep 29, 2012
I got my videos back in seconds..... show Review details
Problems with interface 4 stars by vvhrukxcjf Sep 17, 2012
A deep search of a hard disk takes about 1 hour. The deep search finds all recoverable files on the dive. You can filter the results by type or location. After completing a search, you can add additional filters. However, if you remove filters after the search, you have to do the whole one-hour search all over again. Simply, it's poorly designed. show Review details
Excellent for a piece of freeware 5 stars by ianmacm Sep 16, 2012 (Read all my 174 reviews)
This is another example of a program which raises the question "Why pay when there are good freeware alternatives available?" The "deep scan" feature on this program is as good as many of the programs for which you will have to pay to recover files. It also seems to be faster than some of the ones that I have tried out. The performance on memory cards and pen drives was excellent, recovering numerous files just as long as they had not been overwritten. Hopefully there will never be a need to use this program because of accidentally deleted files, but it does also show the need to use erasing rather than deleting to ensure that files are unrecoverable. show Review details
Excellent software to get back files 5 stars by muralidhar.9e124 Jun 26, 2012
I had deleted some important documents in my PC. I searched and got this product to retrieve my deleted file from my hard disk. It successfully found and got them back in to my system. Really I am very thankful to Recuva. show Review details
A truly great product! 5 stars by psmith440586 Apr 23, 2012
I don't normally post comments or reviews but I'm so delighted because recently my laptop needed to be reformatted due to an e-virus and consequently lost about 2 months of pictures! When I discovered my SD card files (about 350 pics) had been accidentally deleted (including recent Birthday shots!!), I was not impressed, but after downloading this genuinely free and easy to use software, not only did I recover the 350 pics but nearly all of the previous 2 months and much more. DELIGHTED!! I have seen OTHER file recovery software suppliers claim to offer free downloads, but when the pics are recovered and staring at you on the screen, the message appears requiring payment for the software before you can get the pics!! I am pleased you genuinely offer a quality free product!! Thank you. show Review details
I erased a file while fixing partner computer 5 stars by conaghan313 Mar 28, 2012
Recuva to the rescue! - I found this wee application outstanding to use - it absolutely 'saved my bacon' first go.. super quick,super simple to use, a nice clear interface. Great great stuff. Recommended. show Review details
Excellent - couldn't be better or simpler. 5 stars by tim.fenelon544 Jan 28, 2012
Use 7 zip which is available here to open the downloaded program. In 4 minutes, this program recovered 3 gigs of accidentally deleted video files from a sd card (one file only was corrupted and may have been like this initially). The file names were recovered intact (but not the folder name and that is no inconvenience). Thank you Recuva team. show Review details
No file names after restore 3 stars by rembrandt Jul 15, 2011 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I deleted a huge folder on a 1Gb drive (video backup in DVD format) After waiting 14 hours the program shows a list of files with folder and file names. After choosing files to restore, the files are restored wih no folder name or file name to associate which videos (movies) are which. I now have hundred of unnamed DVD files, only hundreds of VOB's, IFO's, and BUP files not knowing what goes where. I tried another file restore app available on Snapfiles and it restored the files and folders as they were on my HD, complete with file and folder names. I will write comments/review under the name of that program. (not sure if I should say which program here). show Review details
Excellent digital camera file recovery (sony) 5 stars by Kris_Self May 16, 2011
Used this to recover video files I had deleted from my Memory Stick Pro Duo. Installation was quick and easy, and the user interface was intuitive and self explanatory. A light scan for my specified file type (i.e video files) took about 10 seconds (on a 4Gb card), and provided stats on health of each file. Recovery of the files I selected took another 10 seconds or so. Quick, painless, and free ! Excellent. show Review details
Best yet 5 stars by MrCyberdoc Mar 30, 2011
I've used several recovery programs and this is the best yet in recovering jpg files on my SD card. The files had been deleted a month ago and new photos written to the card, yet it recovered hundreds of long deleted pictures. I would highly recommend using this program show Review details
Nice for standard recovery 4 stars by gimpguy Mar 24, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Recuva is definitely a great recovery software and does a good job if things haven't gotten too badly written over, just as with any software. It's quick, easy to use, and does get user data back to an extent. I use the free Pandora recovery tool for the deep digging and recovery but I'm never without Recuva. I use Recuva for USB or memory devices and found it to do a good job and again, for standard recovery, it's a great software and I recommend it highly. show Review details
A necessary tool for every PC that works 5 stars by mrboots Feb 21, 2011
I just recovered all my cousin's nursing school files she deleted by accident. A very easy to use software tool. show Review details
Works well 4 stars by Irritated Feb 18, 2011 (Read all my 12 reviews)
There are many "undeleters" out there ... is Recuva the best? I don't know, but I do know that it has worked well for me for some time. Easy to use, light on resources, and effective. Good enough for me! show Review details
Gets the job done 5 stars by dc1234 Jan 22, 2011
It would be perfect if the user can choose multiple file formats to recover at once. show Review details
It just works. 5 stars by oteotd Jan 15, 2011 (Read all my 50 reviews)
I downloaded this program hoping it would work. I had a different program years ago that worked but wanted something newer that worked on NTFS. I knew before trying that not all files would be recoverable this program did the trick, did not get all but got many of what I wanted. Recovered some pictures for a friend that was not recreatable. show Review details
Fantastic software 5 stars by acshijil Dec 15, 2010
Very easily I recovered my deleted Excel files using this software. This software is very user friendly. show Review details
Love Recuva! 5 stars by pazza3564 Dec 13, 2010
Love Recuva, it`s the best recovery program found, even against paid programs. External Hard Drive with damaged MBR, did a deep scan, stopped after 5 min, and pressed recover. All File directories restored to their original location. Highly recommended Product. show Review details
Lost 6 photos at work today 5 stars by miskairal Oct 29, 2010 (Read all my 29 reviews)
I lost 6 photos at work today. Gone from the camera, gone from my c drive and gone from the USB drive. Brought home the SD card and used Recuva and hey presto I can now enjoy my weekend instead of feeling sick. I just wish I could check all the files found in one go eg. Select All although I have an old version I downloaded from here years ago and that may well have changed. show Review details
Recovered corrupted flash disk 4 stars by zidewa Oct 27, 2010
Very good, it worked to recover my corrupted flash disk. show Review details
Does the job, but poorly 3 stars by Arcady Oct 03, 2010
Acquired this to pull files from a drive that windows mysteriously stopped reading (two of them in fact, from any computer, strange). The scan progress got to 151% before I canceled it, and was stating it would take ~20 days to finish. Canceling did allow me to see what it found though, and I could still pull what I needed. By far, the biggest problem with this software is that it's unable (or unwilling) to rebuild the directory structure, so good look with all your sorting. While I'm glad I can at least retrieve things, I have no interest in manually sorting 300+ gigs of data so I'm looking elsewhere. show Review details
Well done 5 stars by Spammerhammer Jul 28, 2010
Some time ago I mistakenly deleted an image off an XD card. I found this software and worked perfect. It was just recently that I made the mistake again and once again the software worked flawless. Highly recommended and stable. It's quick and easy. I found an older card and few moments ago, again it found a deleted image. Well done. show Review details
Lifesaver! 5 stars by wildgoosespeeder Jun 13, 2010 (Read all my 52 reviews)
My mom got a new computer a little while ago and when I attached her old HDD of her old computer to her new computer, she was salvaging files from it. When doing so, she thought she permanently deleted her e-mails from Outlook Express. She started to panic. She had a lot of valuable e-mails. That's when I remembered Recuva and boy did it recover all of her e-mails, and in perfect condition. She got her life back thanks to Recuva! Highly recommended for anyone who needs to recover something valuable! show Review details
Beyond expectations...excellent all around! 5 stars by ronniewhatshisname Apr 10, 2010 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Tested on Win7, 64bit, 3ghz. Took less than 15 minutes to find and recover 106 files; mix of avi videos, jpg's and mp3's. downside; about 80% was worthy quality of restoring. could be due to corrupted files and/or file formats unknown. overall, I highly recommend this one! And it's free! show Review details
Easy to use and works! 5 stars by maceyr Jan 22, 2010 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Tried quite a number of those here at Snapfiles and elsewhere and some couldn't find the files. Some recovered it but took hours. Recuva works and is quick. Try this before you search, download and install tons of software that won't do it. show Review details
It rocks. 5 stars by D_Struktion Dec 10, 2009
My SSD crashed on my laptop, and I thought I'd lost the lot. [...] found that I could get stuff off it, but wanted $65 for the privilege. Talk about kick you while you're down! This little beauty did it for nothing. All my email, documents, everything. It's awesome. I hope I can track down Piriform on the web 'cos they definitely deserve a donation! show Review details
Recovered my career 5 stars by cherelynd Oct 08, 2009
I had lost 8GB of data from a USB that wasn't safely removed. This program was fantastic. It really works and I'll be emailing all my friends to let them know it's out there. Thank you so much, you were my savior. show Review details
It works true and free 5 stars by HEXJUMPER Sep 04, 2009
By accident I formatted my photo camera sd memory card after I had copied some of the files (but NOT all of them) to my hard disk. D amned! that sucked. I googled for a freeware program that could rescue my files, even when I had formatted the memory card, then RECUVA came up and I downloaded the file and did set up. In less than 6 minutes I had recovered my missing files 100% o.k. I used the ADVANCED modus as step 2 after the normal scan step 1 did not produce anything. Anyway...I am very satisfied of the easy way to recover files on a SD memory card. This program does what it promised and is 100% FREEware. show Review details
Excellent for a few files 5 stars by filesuser Aug 26, 2009 (Read all my 2 reviews)
This is the most effective when recovering a few or a small amount of files, but when trying to recover a couple thousand files, it can still recover most of them. show Review details
Nice tool 5 stars by volga_ Jun 07, 2009
Nice and very easy to use tool, thank you! show Review details
Very fast and easy 4 stars by jan_vdm Apr 24, 2009
This is a nice and easy tool, simple and extremely fast. lost some pictures, made the hero of the day in my family. I used only the wizard that guides you easily through some simple steps, great product, great idea, well done. show Review details
Brillant 4 stars by Jayday Apr 19, 2009 (Read all my 7 reviews)
Just used this program to recover files from a damaged HDD. Thanks Piriform. In fact Recuva recovered more files than a leading 'paid for' program. I would highly recommend this program. show Review details
Recovery 5 stars by malik4007 Apr 18, 2009
My final essay for a junior level college english class became corrupted and could not be recovered. i looked for recovery freeware and only found demos that never did anything. This baby actually did it for FREE! i got my entire essay back with nothing lost. i just want to say thank you to the creators of this program because they have saved me. so Thank you. show Review details
Fast, easy, smart, and free 5 stars by SERGITO Mar 14, 2009 (Read all my 6 reviews)
There are nice restoration app out there, some nice standalones, buy they lack to be smart enough to help you find what you need, not offering very technical options, neither beeing so minimalistic. With this software in less than 3 minutes, I install, I search, I found and restore what I lost (some file images deleted automatically by a download manager, so they were not in the recycle bin).[for nice standalone try "DiskDigger" also here] Thanks again webattack!!! show Review details
Ultimate free software for recovering photos 5 stars by Vojko629 Feb 28, 2009
My hard drive failed in a moment when all data from last photo session was uploaded from SD card and card was erased. I tried to recover files with a dozen programs from Only a few showed these files - and were quite expensive. Other freeware was not successful. RECUVA did it immediately and effectively, better. This was no test, this was reality. Thank you guys from RECUVA. Wish you success in your business and private life. Vojko show Review details
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