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Amazingly the best partition tool 5 stars by busybusy Jan 31, 2019 (Read all my 262 reviews)
I had a need to redo some partitions on a drive and looked around and came across MiniTool Partition Wizard. I was amazed how easy it was to use along with all the features that are in the FREE version. In the pinch I was in I was able to complete my project. I have since upgraded because I needed the additional features. But for general partition manipulation this does a lot for the FREE version. show Review details
Great free tool, especially for ssd drives 5 stars by mikesantana Nov 18, 2015 (Read all my 25 reviews)
There are many fine free partition tools out there, and I have used several. One thing I noticed about this one is that the free version has a fully functional "align" feature, which will correctly optimize partition alignment for maximum performance. Worth doing, especially on SSD drives, because Windows installers and Disk Management don't take care of this. Helps with performance, space usage and life-time on SSDs. This tool does many operations much quicker that some others, it doesn't insist on moving data about unless essential, and can do most changes without re-booting - EaseUS and many others take a brute-force attitude to almost everything. About the only handy feature the free version lacks is partition merge. I can live with that! show Review details
Saved my files - many thanks 5 stars by rwgrandcolas809 Nov 02, 2015
I accidentally un-allocated a hard drive that was left in a PC when I installed windows 7 on a separate hard drive. I thought I had lost all the data on the hard drive. Partition Wizard re-alocated the hard drive and assigned it a letter and I recovered 100 of the files. The software is incredibly user friendly and a self explanatory operation. I did not need instructions and had all my data back with in a few minutes. Awesome stuff. Thanks! show Review details
Highly recommended and reliable software. 5 stars by kathy025 Feb 18, 2015 (Read all my 17 reviews)
There was excess space that was not being used in my other partition, so I needed to resize my partitions without having to reformat my HDD. PartWiz Home did that just that without hassle and for free. The interface is very easy to use and if you still need help, their official website both has written and video tutorials which are very easy to follow. It also has the "Using Enhanced Data Protecting Mode", which protects data during the resizing process. PartWiz Home delivers! show Review details
One of the best, seriously! 5 stars by realbull2009250 Sep 01, 2014 (Read all my 60 reviews)
Some several years ago I was using a laptop with Vista OS installed on it. The laptop had a 250G HD in it but for some reason, MS likes to hog up a considerable amount of HD space for their OS which I think is unnecessary. Since there was no installation CD included, I couldn't reinstall the program without all the "junk" that was hidden with the OS. So I decided to use Minitools PW to migrate the partition to a new 500G HD. At that time I was pretty experienced with a PC, but I had never used partition software nor did I have any experience. To my relief the process was as easy as copy and paste. You can't get any easier than that! And that is the way it should be. Easy to understand interface and terms for novices and very easy to use. show Review details
Excellent software 5 stars by AmitKB Apr 15, 2013 (Read all my 8 reviews)
This is an excellent software if you are looking for disk management. I re-sized the hard drive partion very easily, it was even easier than Acronis Disk Director. This software can compete with Acronis Disk Director. show Review details
Partition wizard is great! 5 stars by robertthurman62050 Mar 21, 2013
Without even using any help files, I was able to to use the interface within about ten minutes. The graphical interface made working with Partition Wizard a snap. It moved and divided partitions without a fuss. changing drive clusters and file systems along with formatting made drive management and customizing un-intimidating. I give it a Thumbs-up! five star. show Review details
Easy to use and it works 5 stars by pak8hoster957 Oct 13, 2012
I am not a technician but I found this program so easy to understand and use that I was amazed. It is truly excellent and would recommend it highly! show Review details
Prior not good 4 stars by gimpguy Jul 20, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I had an old review on this that wasn't good at all, and for whatever reason, didn't show in the comments section which is fine since I've now tried this again and it's much better than it was before. It's actually doing a great job at detecting, deletion, creation and such of partitions, near good as others. I am actually pleased with how this works now but there are still better freebies out there. Still, would not tell anyone to NOT use this. Nice job. show Review details
Best partition manager, period. 5 stars by cmonster Jan 06, 2012 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Other tools both free and paid cannot compare to the ease of use, quickness or effectiveness of this program. On its first use you will second guess yourself that it couldn't be as simple as it appears. However after applying the changes and rebooting, you are pleasantly surprised that everything has been applied and working perfectly. show Review details
Easiest to use 5 stars by marrjam Sep 05, 2011 (Read all my 3 reviews)
I used to use BootIt NG, Easeus Partition Manager, but this one has an easier to use interface. Thanks for the great software! show Review details
Bootable version 5 stars by armaggedon51 Aug 27, 2010 (Read all my 7 reviews)
Excellent software. I suggest the bootable cd which is even more potent. Thanks developers. show Review details
Wow 5 stars by Netplus Aug 22, 2010
Wow forget all those paid for or complicated free app this is the business, excellent prog. I have now used it on a couple of machines and found it to be flawless. Thanks guys for a great piece of free software. show Review details
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