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Easiest photo sticher, ever 5 stars by HonestJohn Dec 14, 2013 (Read all my 10 reviews)
This is THE easiest program I've ever used (and I'm shocked this came from Microsoft, but there you have it). Not just easiest photo stitcher, but easiest of any, ever. You look for photos, preferably ones you shot with stitching in mind, drag them in, and the program takes over and outputs a stitched image; quite fast too. After that you can further crop and manipulate in the program, then output the results and also save the project. It is totally automatic and was very robust, but I could get bad results if the back ground changed a lot or I was sloppy in taking the pictures. Hint: pan and tilt only, don't move position at all, and a tripod is your tool to make this work like a champ every time. Overall a perfect product, and it has changed the way I shoot nature and other back grounds now. It even extracts panoramas from video! The only issue (very minor) is if I had poor fits between images, I could not blend or alter it. A very minor complaint. If everything worked like this it'd be a whole different world. show Review details
Very simpel 4 stars by ipin4u Nov 08, 2011 (Read all my 2 reviews)
You must try this simplest stitching software. Work just fine with hand-held photos. show Review details
I am very impressed 5 stars by choggle Nov 07, 2011
I needed a piece of software that could stitch together 6 separate scanned image of a large old broadsheet with very small print. Loads of overlap on scans and not all to the same alignment. I imagined hours of trying to match up each bit of text to get it even remotely looking ok. With ICE I merely dragged all 6 files in and sat back as it created the original page with barely any hint of a stitch. This is a great tool! show Review details
Best panorama maker I've tried 5 stars by natgild Sep 16, 2011
I have tried several panorama makers and this is the best of those. You don't have to arrange your original photos. You just drag the photos from your panorama into ICE and click. I have done several nice panoramas from a series of hand held photos. Best of all. It's free. show Review details
Could have been better 2 stars by gimpguy Apr 08, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Well, I went in thinking this was just another panoramic application, and unfortunately I was right. For one, it's far too picky on the images, I have numerous takes from a panoramic type shooting on camera, it still said the images were not close enough. Drag and drop? Not for me obviously, I tried and it would not work unless it was automatically refusing due to the images, don't know. All in all, I was not impressed with it. My images were as stated, taken specifically with a panoramic shot and should have loaded just fine. Any images I tried that were panoramic type to be put together did not work, once again, stating the pictures were not able to be put together due to differences or so I would assume by the message. Maybe others will have luck with this. show Review details
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